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What Is Discriminant Analysis? An Overview With Guidelines?

June 27, 2022
Jonathan Naylor
Discriminant Analysis

Researchers throughout the world employ discriminant analysis. It is a crucial statistical method. Its usage is common in pattern recognition and classification of variables. As the name implies, it is a technique for categorising or discriminating the results. It is a multivariate technique for isolating the factors that set certain groups apart. The method identifies […]

A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing a Dissertation Topic

June 24, 2022
Jonathan Naylor
Dissertation Topic

Do you face difficulty choosing an impressive dissertation topic that can take your dissertation to the next level? Well, you are not the only one. It is common among students to face difficulty in brainstorming good dissertation topic ideas. Deciding the right topic is the very first step of your dissertation project. Not only does […]

Top 8 World History Research Paper Topics To Start Research

June 23, 2022
Jonathan Naylor
History Research Paper Topics

History is a broad subject, and the scope of world history is vast. Choosing history research paper topics to start research is difficult for students. Sometimes the instructors assign the research topics to students, making it easier for them to start research. However, the instructors often expect the students to find an appropriate topic. It […]

Learn To Write A Realistic Research Paper: A Complete Guide For New Researchers

May 25, 2022
Research Papers
Jonathan Naylor
Realistic Research Paper

Writing a research paper is difficult, especially for new researchers who are not familiar with the process. Research-based writing is an academic endeavour that seeks to discuss a research problem through analysis and interpretations. It requires extensive research and supporting evidence to support the claims and opinions. Research papers follow a similar pattern of academic […]

Types of Probability Sampling You Can Use in Statistics Assignment

May 20, 2022
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Jonathan Naylor
Probability Sampling

Probability sampling is one of the tools of statistics. It helps researchers identify the representatives among the large population segments. The researcher may not be able to include the whole population segment in the study. Therefore, it is essential to identify the representatives among them. The researcher in the study must avoid biasness in the […]