Writing an Annotated Bibliography: A Comprehensive Guide

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An annotated bibliography is a type of document that provides a short summary of each reference. This summary relates the research topic and research references. When you are conducting research on a topic, you provide a complete list of references. These are the references that helped you throughout your research. If you fail to provide references, you might end up submitting the plagiarised work. Therefore, it is important for a researcher to add each reference in the bibliography. This will … Continue reading “Writing an Annotated Bibliography: A Comprehensive Guide”

What is Content Analysis? Advantages and Disadvantages

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Content analysis is a method that identifies certain themes and concepts in the data. The thematic analysis quantifies the data available in a qualitative form. This technique uses different types of data, including speeches, conversations, text, and others. Different types of data may also analyze in a single study. To analyze the data, researchers create different codes. These codes help in analyzing the data. The researchers use this technique to find the objectives and effects of the content. It also … Continue reading “What is Content Analysis? Advantages and Disadvantages”

What is Thematic Analysis? Advantages and Disadvantages

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Thematic analysis is a technique to identify, analyse, and interpret patterns. Especially those generated through qualitative data. Thematic analysis is a very useful technique for conducting research on qualitative data. Researchers use this method for taking a more in-depth understanding of the data. It is used for the understanding of experiences, perspectives and behaviours of the people. The researchers use thematic analysis on an extensive level for conducting qualitative research. Most of the time, only those themes are preferred that … Continue reading “What is Thematic Analysis? Advantages and Disadvantages”

Comprehensive Guidelines to Complete Your Dissertation in 2021

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A dissertation is a lengthy piece of academic writing. The prime focus of writing a dissertation is to explore a new angle in the relevant study. It is a part of the study that a student has to submit in an undergraduate and postgraduate degree. There are several guidelines regarding the conducting of research. These guidelines usually depend upon your educational background. A dissertation has four or five chapters. A dissertation structure of social sciences is different from that of … Continue reading “Comprehensive Guidelines to Complete Your Dissertation in 2021”

What is a Pictorial Essay? How to Write It Effectively?

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A pictorial essay is a creative and unique way to convey your message. It is unique in the sense that pictures are incorporated into the content to disseminate the message. You may have heard the phrase that a picture is worth thousands of words. It is a befitting depiction in the case of the pictorial essay. Traditionally, you write to convey your sentiments, events, ideas, and thoughts to others. However, you can also use pictures in your traditional essay, but … Continue reading “What is a Pictorial Essay? How to Write It Effectively?”

A Case Study On Women Empowerment in South Asian Countries

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South Asia is consisting of eight countries namely Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Nepal. Maldives, Bhutan and Sri Lanka.  It is a region of diverse cultures and ethnicity. It is inextricably intertwined with different cultures, religions and societies. Furthermore, it is one of the most populated regions of the world. However, women are in a dismal condition in this region. Women are more than 48% of the total population in this region (World Bank). Nevertheless, women empowerment is an elusive dream … Continue reading “A Case Study On Women Empowerment in South Asian Countries”

Social Work Dissertation Topics That You May Choose

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A practice-based profession in which we have to promote social change and development for the people and communities is social work. While working as social workers, we have to understand the behaviour and social interaction of the people. Sometimes, the social workers have to work with families and institutions for lasting social impacts. To complete social work degree, you will have to write a dissertation. The first step to write the dissertation is to select the best social work dissertation … Continue reading “Social Work Dissertation Topics That You May Choose”

How to Articulate a Dissertation? A Complete Guide

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A thesis or dissertation is a part of academic writings. It is a long piece of writing based on the original research. Students from all education levels have to submit this work at the end of their degree. Students especially, from undergraduate and postgraduate degrees are supposed to submit their dissertation before completing their degree. The articulation and structure of the dissertation are completely based on the discipline or the field of your study. It is divided into different parts. … Continue reading “How to Articulate a Dissertation? A Complete Guide”