A List To Check Whether Dissertation Company is Genuine or Not

Genuine Dissertation Company

The biggest fear that students face when ordering their dissertations from an online dissertation writing company is whether the service provider is genuine or not. It is necessary to ensure that the dissertation providing service you are dealing with is reliable and genuine because if it is a fraud and scamming company, it will not only charge you money but fail to deliver a paper that can help students in passing their assessment.

Dissertation writing is not an easy task and needs lots of hard work and concentration. It is only because of lack of time and energy that students are unable to complete their assignments on their own and seek professional help. Thus, getting the best dissertation company that is genuine is reliable is important for their class and future.

There are a lot of factors that can be taken into consideration when it comes to checking if the dissertation writing company you are dealing with is genuine or not.  You just need to be vigilant and careful enough to know which company is genuine and which is not. Here is a checklist that will help you know if the dissertation writing service you are dealing with is genuine or not:

  • Find a dissertation writing service that delivers unique work because the teacher will not accept copied or plagiarised paper no matter how good it is. Check out the website of the dissertation writing company and read their samples, you will get an idea if they are offering unique content or not by checking those articles on plagiarism checking software.
  • There are numerous dissertation services that are not so genuine when it comes to quality work and offers plagiarized papers to students. The best way to check them is to read reviews and talk to your fellow students who have consulted dissertation writing services for getting their papers. There are review websites available on the internet and you can check from there if the dissertation writing service you are dealing with is genuine or fake.
  • The dissertation writing service you are choosing should offer several deadline alternatives and must deliver the complete work on the given deadline. The genuine writing companies only hire the most professional and qualified writers in team due to which they can provide high quality papers on time. Make sure to ask about the qualification of the writers to know if you are dealing with a genuine company.
  • A dissertation writing company’s customer service department is extremely important when it comes to communication and correspondence and you need to talk to the custom support executives to see how they deal with you. You can easily find out whether or not the representatives are responsive 24/7 by actually checking their services out and reading reviews that have been written by customers.


The above mentioned checklist will help students in knowing if they are dealing with a genuine dissertation company. It is necessary to ensure that they dissertation writing service they are working with is professional and reliable and provides the best paper without conning them.

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