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Difference Between Paper Format Styles You Should Know


There are four main styles that are used when the students are assigned formal assigned such as thesis or dissertations in their academic careers. The students are required to use one of them as specified by their teachers to format their papers and given the particular style to them. Thus, it becomes important for the students to know these writing styles well so that they can use them the right way without making any mistakes as these styles matter a lot when the students need to present their research papers to their teachers.

The four main styles are:

  • Modern Language Association (MLA)
  • American Psychological Association (APA)
  • Chicago / Turabian
  • Council of Science Editors Style (CSE)

Writing styles differ across the disciplines as well across various educational institutes. Academic curriculums such as social sciences, humanities and history require different writing styles with help of dissertation writing service as instructional tools for properly documenting the research reports which help students and their instructors in differentiating one type of writing from another. Depending on the genre of courses the students are taking, they are required to use American Psychological Association, Modern Language Association, Chicago Manual of Style or Council of Scientific Editors, which are obvious by the placement of details and by emphasising specific areas of documentation within the text of a research paper.

American Psychological Association:

This style of formatting is used in social and behavioral sciences such as psychology, sociology and criminology and the academic areas that aim to study, interpret and analyze human behavior in social relationships. Authors are named by their surname followed by their initials. For electronic sources, the students must include a URL and a title page with a running head and page number is also needed in this style of formatting.

Modern Language Association:

This formatting style is used to document sources in research papers when students write a dissertation for humanities disciplines such as history, philosophy and literature, study human culture and experiences for better understanding of how people connect. The author’s surname is cited in the text and the full name listed on a “Works Cited” page.

Chicago Manual of Style:

This style is meant to provide source documentation for social sciences and humanities, particularly history and it makes use of two types of systems for documentation which are notes and bibliography or author-date.

Council of Science Editors:

This style of formatting is used in biological and other scientific fields and it has three sub-styles for documentation, which vary in format for citations and reference lists. The author’s surname is used in the text with the publication year in parenthesis for the name-year system. A title page and header with a page number are also given with each sub-style.

There is considerable difference in each format style when it comes to writing an academic paper with help of assignment writing services and it is necessary for the students to understand these differences and write the papers accordingly so as to achieve success in their assignments and do well in their class as papers without right formatting are not accepted by the teachers.

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