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First Day at New Job

Way to Make your First Day Successful at New Job

October 22, 2016
Albert Barkley

When you get into a professional new job, remember that the first impression is the last impression, so make sure to have a good and professional impression. Be enthusiastic about it, make sure that your coworkers see the energy you have in yourself and make sure that you keep a positive attitude towards everyone. Meet and greet everyone warmly, give a short introduction about yourself and try making a conversation. Blend in with your co-workers; stay humble and down to earth while keeping a positive personality. Follow the given dress code; make sure your clothes are ironed and clean.

Learn co-worker’s names and use their name when having a conversation with them. Show them that you are a team player and that you get along very well in a team and are able to make decisions. This little gesture will go a very long way along your career. If you are confused about something, ask a coworker for help with it because they will not only help you but also tell you other important things you will later find helpful. The next thing is to show that you are organized, make to do lists, get yourself a small notebook and note everything new down. Another useful thing to do is to talk less and paying more attention to listening to what others has to say. Be very polite and keep a smile on your face. Show acceptance to co-workers, make them feel comfortable around you. Always avoid politics and topics that might provoke an argument.

Make sure that you know your boss. Keeping up with him should be your top priority, get to know him quick and make an energetic introduction, tell him that you are honored to be working under him, Make sure that he feels respected from your side and keep him informed about all your office matters. These things will make him remember you in good words and he will look at you in a good way from that day onwards. Keep a neutral stance about everyone in your work space. Getting the people known, keeping a positive attitude and a smile will go a very long way on your first day at your new job.

This will help you in making a strong foundation in your office. Being resourceful will also help you in making an amazing first impression. If you think you can be of assistance to something other than your job without disturbing your own, go for it and make sure you are seen doing it. Make it look easy and simple, get it done quickly. Ask your boss for any more help you can be and respond accordingly. Learn as much as you can about the company on your first day and make sure that you know your boss. Use the break to get to know your way around the office, get your food and ask coworkers who come across to join in, show them that you are of friendly nature and are okay with socializing.

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