Dissertation Abstract Chapter

Tips To Keep In Mind While Writing A Dissertation Abstract Chapter

May 16, 2017
Albert Barkley

The purpose of the dissertation abstract chapter is to help readers know what is inside your dissertation. It’s a summary of your dissertation so that they know if your dissertation has what they are looking for! If you know how to write an abstract, you can give the reader of your dissertation a clear idea about the dissertation. So writing it is a significant amount of work. You can take help from the dissertation writing services.

Tips to keep in mind

When writing the dissertation abstract chapter, make sure you know the following things.

Please do not confuse it with an introduction. 

First of all, you should not mix it up with an introduction. The introduction of your dissertation is a separate part of your thesis writing. Its job is to introduce the dissertation. On the other hand, the abstract is more of a summary of your dissertation.

Summarise the dissertation, not explain it

It should not be very long, and it should summarize your dissertation. The structure of the abstract should mirror your dissertation. The important components of your dissertation are the important components of your abstract. For example, you should briefly discuss the purpose of the study, methodology, results, and findings of your dissertation.

Write it at the end

You can write it at the end of the dissertation. Logically, if you don’t have something written, how will you summarize it? Also, if you write the abstract after writing the dissertation, you will find it very easy to write. You have done the entire work, and you know what is inside the dissertation.

Keep it short

The length of a dissertation abstract chapter varies from university to university. Most of the time, it ranges from 150 words to 350 words.

Remember your research questions.

While you are writing your dissertation abstract chapter, you should remember the dissertation questions. The abstract of a dissertation must restate the dissertation questions. It should include the answers to all the dissertation questions. It will help if you do it when you are concluding the abstract.

Other Things You Should Consider

There are several other things you should remember when writing a dissertation abstract. You should look for the abstract samples and study them in detail. Those samples and examples also give you an idea about the general structure of an abstract. You should note things like how the authors of that abstract have concluded the topic. How has he presented the information meaningfully? All these things help you format a good dissertation abstract.


A dissertation abstract chapter is a crucial element of a dissertation. It summarises all the information presented in the dissertation in merely two to three paragraphs. Doing so is not a child’s play. The author has to be very careful about the word count and keywords. Hitting the right keywords play an important role in crafting a successful abstract. The author must follow the tips mentioned above to write a good abstract.