How Google Education Has Changed the Concept of Online Education

Google Education

Google education is the unique service of Google. With the help of an app, we can form an online Google classroom. This way, it will help you to continue the educational activities. Google Apps for education are free. Google offers the same amount of storage as Google Apps for Work accounts. Further, Google provides educational apps which are free from ads. In this way, Google is not scanning your data for advertisements. And Google has no plans to change this in the future. In this way, we will not see any ads while using the Google apps for education purposes. Google education has changed the concept of online education in the following ways.

Google G-suit:

With lots of innovations, Google has provided the Google G-suit for Google education. This Google G-suit includes Gmail, Drive, Calendar, Classroom, Docs, Sheets, Slides and Sites. This Google G-suit has given us the power to make a classroom of his own choice. In this classroom, we can invite our students for education. In this classroom, we are not required to bring books with us. There is a facility of chrome books in this Google education app. The teacher can add the documents here for their students. Moreover, there is also a facility of Google docs. With the help of Google docs, we have the authority to create any documents and spreadsheets.

Google docs also provide us with the facility of editing the documents. In this, we work together as a team. We create and share ideas, and in this way, we can enhance the learning process. This online Google classroom is easy for the admin to manage. Its reason is that everything is available on a single page. The admin doesn’t feel any difficulty managing this classroom. There are several pros of Google education classroom. It is free from age, race, and caste discrimination. Students from all parts of the world can get an education from this platform.

Google Email for the Universities:

Google has provided its product Gmail to universities for educational purposes. This product of Google is free of cost for the universities who use it for educational purposes. This is a great contribution of Google to online education. With the help of this product, the universities can contact the students. They can get in touch with them by making their Gmail accounts. The universities can send important documents to the students on their Gmail.

Students can use their Gmail account for several purposes. They can use it for the submission of their assignments and other coursework. Even the university management can use this platform for multiple purposes. They can use it for sharing some important announcements like an emergency vacation. The universities can also make the account of the student’s parents. This way, they can provide them with the progress report of his son/daughter.

Collaboration with Students:

With the help of Google education, we can create an environment of collaboration. By making Google education school, students can help each other. It will help them to overcome their education-related problems. For example, in it, a teacher gives students an assignment. If there are 50 students and among these 50 students, only 20 have completed the assignment. The remaining students can contact those students who have completed their assignments. This way, they can help each other in the best way possible. It will help students to create an environment of collaboration.

It will also help teachers and students to create an environment of collaboration. As we know that there is a product of Google docs in Google education school. By using this, a teacher can share important education-related documents with his students. In this way, communication between the teacher and student will occur. Later on, they will end up creating a state of collaboration where they can help each other. This collaboration is also independent of any discrimination in this. A large number of students and teachers of different races, colors and countries can join it. They can assist each other without discrimination and create collaboration.

Google Scholar:

Google has also given the students the facility of different academic and dissertation researchers. This facility is available in the form of research papers and literary documents. The authors of these papers are highly experienced scholars of their particular field. Google has provided a lot of research papers, courses and other educational material. Most of the time, this educational material is from different universities. All this material is available free of cost. You can get this educational material from Google without any payment. In this way, we can say that Google contributes a lot to education.

Moreover, it also has a large number of educational scholars of different subjects. You just need to join it to get help from these scholars. These Google scholars will help you in all aspects of your education. To sum up, we cannot deny the contribution of Google to the education field. Google has decided to show no ads on educational apps. It’s reason is that the Google doesn’t want to scan the educational data from these apps for advertisement. Google education school provides a high quality of security. It is important to note that only the admin can make the changes in it. If any other wants to make the change, then he will have to contact the admin in this regard.

Google Funding for Education and Research:

Google provides a huge amount of funding for education and research. As we know that PhD level research requires a lot of money. There are many scholars who want to do the research, but due to the lack of money, they don’t manage it. In this regard, they apply for scholarships from different countries. In this way, they will be able to research their PhD degree. Google also provide a huge amount of fund in this regard. Google also provides scholarships to students for their educational purposes.

Further, Google also provides fund to the developing countries for education. To flourish global education, Google has started the Google education school. It is also important for those students who want to go abroad in the case of studies, but they don’t have enough money. By using it, they will be able to get education from foreign. This education will be affordable for him. All these things show Google’s help in the education field.

To sum up, we can say that Google education has the concept of online education. We can use it on our favorite device, and there is no restriction. We can use it either by using android mobile, laptop or tablet. Before it, the concept of online education was very costly and was not affordable by anyone. But with the help of Google education, this concept has changed, and now it is also affordable. All this discussion was about the contribution of Google towards education.

Author: Albert Barkley

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