Sex Education

How Is Sex Education More Stressful To Teachers Than Students?

March 03, 2018
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Albert Barkley


A set of instructions provided to the students to guide them about the problems regarding human sexuality is known as sex education. There are a lot of things that sex education covers. Some of them are to understand the power of touch and get an idea about the sexual preferences of different people. It also includes trying to get an idea about the intrinsic values of humans and understanding the best gender approaches. Understanding sexual identities also come under this education. Teaching the subject of sex education is not an easy task for teachers. They have to consider a lot of things before delivering a lecture on this. It happens because sex is very personal, and teachers need to keep it in mind while teaching. Hence, it becomes difficult for teachers to cope with this subject while addressing the topic and considering how it will be perceived.

However, today’s topic is all about this. It will discuss what teachers must keep in mind while teaching sex education. So, let’s begin our discussion with the question below.

What are the things to keep in mind?

Studying sexual health is the most important component of sex education. In sexual health education, the teachers must teach their students the different body parts. They tell them their correct names. Below are some of the things that teachers must consider while delivering a lecture on sex education.

Use inclusive language

People deserve to see their identities represented. The teachers, while teaching sex education, must use inclusive language. It means that they should talk about each gender identity. This includes LGBTQ, transgender, gay, heterosexual people, and straight people. By incorporating inclusive language, the students will understand that making fun of peers based on gender identity is harmful and unethical. It is necessary because if teachers do not use inclusive language, LGBTQ youth are at risk in their schools.

Broaden the conversation from just sex

Teachers teach students that sex education is not only about having sex; it is more than that. It is about how to build healthy relationships and connections with others. The teachers must stress the importance of healthy relationships. The National Sexual Education Standards define a healthy relationship consisting of mutual respect, honesty, trust, and good communication. Therefore, teachers need to broaden the conversation from just sex.

Emphasize pleasure

The majority of the sex education curriculum revolves around pregnancy and HIV. It is instead a very wrong approach toward sex education. The teachers must emphasize the pleasure of having sex. UNESCO also recommends teaching students about the satisfaction of having sex. It says that sexual feelings, desires, and fantasies are natural, not shameful. Therefore, teachers must emphasize healthy relationships while taking precautions.

Priorities the consent

Sex education also teaches the students about consent. As a teacher, you must also emphasize to students that sex is mutual. You must tell your students to take their partner’s consent before having sex. Tell your students that sex without consent is sexual assault.


Awareness about this education has become important more than ever. Teenagers nowadays are indulging in adult activities without knowing the practical implications. The teachers play a significant role in teaching the students about sex and the importance of having good relationships. Teachers must also keep in mind that sex is a private matter. They must be careful while delivering a lecture on this education.