How much does the choice of college and majors contribute to a student’s success?

No doubt those educational institutions play an important part in student’s personality development but if a student is hard work and devoted, he can be successful, no matter where he is studying. But in today’s developing world, the competition is intense. Students do not have to compete in studies only but there are many other things, that are considered vital to student’s success. Not every institute provides students with all these things. Parents have to make a wise decision while selecting an educational institute for their child.

Educational institutes play a major role in student’s development and success. A good institute will understand the needs of children and will develop its plans accordingly

A Complete Package

A good institute will not only focus on students academics but will equal importance to extracurricular activities.

Teachers have great influence on students, if the teacher is hard working and nice to his students, he can make a great contribution to their personal development. Especially in early years of child’s life, there will be a great and lasting influence of a teacher. In a college and university, the teacher becomes a hero for his students; students follow the footsteps of their teacher consciously or unconsciously. A good institute will be very careful about the choice of the teacher as they are well aware of the fact that teacher is the foundation of child’s development and contributes to child’s success and development

Not only teachers but the environments also play an important role on student’s mental and physical health.  In a good environment, students will feel fresh and comfortable and they will be able to focus on their studies. When the environment is not suitable, it can cause many problems to student’s health. Students can refuse to come to institute; they can lose interest in their studies.

Extracurricular activities are also very important for student’s development. In a good institute, there are many activities being done by the students, where they participate in different things. It helps them to improve their skills other than studies. Extracurricular activities determine the career of the students because most student realizes in these activities, which thing interests them more. For example, some students will be good in painting, some will play football well, and others will be good in singing. Apart from career, it is also good for student’s mental health and after taking a break they will return to studies with more motivation.

When a student selects majors of his own choice, he will feel more motivated and dedicated towards his studies. He will be enthusiastic to do and achieve something. When a student selects the subjects of his own choice, he already has planned what he has to do in his life and he chooses his subjects accordingly. when a students is forced to take majors against his will, this can cause him harm in many ways. He will lose interest in studies; can develop a rebellious attitude, which can lead to failure. So it is very important to know the interest of children for their success.

Author: Albert Barkley

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