Is College Essay Writing Difficult? Steps from Experts

Writing an essay is a very challenging task, whether for a scholarship, a contest or a class. College essay writing needs a lot of research and time. It is a large project; college essay writing involves many steps. A college essay is the same as writing any other essay. If you want to write a meaningful and good essay, you need to follow the following steps.

Pick A Topic

You may have been assigned a topic or given the right to choose a subject. If you are not given a topic, you have to make a little more effort to choose a topic yourself. It would be best if you chose a topic that interests you. First, define the purpose and why you want this topic. Once you have determined your purpose, choose a topic for college essay writing that should be interesting so that you do not write your essay boring.

Outline Ideas

After choosing a topic for college essay writing, you need to draw a sketch or diagram of how you will write your essay. Organizing your ideas will make it easy for you to be on the right track. The structure of the topic is like the foundation of your essay. Once you have a map in your hand and you know how you are going to reach your destination, the journey will not be easy but entertaining


Once you have developed the topic and structure of your essay, the next step is an introduction. The introduction should be very attractive and meaningful. It should attract your readers and encourage them to read your full essay. It should be clearly defined in the introduction what the focus of your essay is. Start with dialogue, quote or summary of your essay, whichever suits you best.

The Body

The body is the main part of the essay where you describe your ideas in detail. Each main idea you have determined in the structure will become a separate section in the body of your essay. There could be many headings and paragraphs in the body of the essay. The structure of the body will be the same as in the essay. You will start each paragraph with an introduction, the body (description), and the conclusion.


In conclusion, you close your essay. There are four to five strong sentences in conclusion. You have to summarize your ideas, the findings in conclusion, and your statement regarding the topic.

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Final Thought:

If you think that your college essay writing task is complete with writing a conclusion, then you might be right. You have to check all the details of your essay. You should pay close attention to the order of paragraphs in the body of the essay. The paragraphs with the strongest points and ideas should be placed at the start and end. An order is very important, especially when you are describing a process. The format of the essay plays a very important role, and you should be aware of the format. Every university and institute has its own format, and you should use their style and format before submitting an essay. Review what you have written and make the necessary changes accordingly.

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