Academic Achievement

Is Your Carelessness a Hurdle in Academic Achievement?

April 21, 2018
Albert Barkley

The focus is the key to success. Success is sure when you are devoted and put your energy and time into doing something. Without being focused, it is impossible to do anything, whether it’s your studies, job or business. When you are not serious in your studies and do not pay attention, it is obvious you will not be able to achieve good grades. So, students need to be careful and do things that can contribute to their academic achievement. The problem is many students do not know about those things. If you are one of them, then stop worrying. Today’s article has all the necessary tips for you to achieve academic success. Let’s start our discussion with the following question.

How can students identify they are careless?

Students often do things that make them careless about their studies, but they are unaware of them. When done in excess, such things become hurdles in their academic success. You must be thinking about those things that make students careless about their studies. You can find a brief description of them below.

  • Overuse of social media. Today’s generation is indulging more and more in social media. You should track down your usage of social media. If you are overusing it, it means you are becoming careless about your studies, unknowingly.
  • Overcommitting the deadlines. This is very common among students. Almost every student overcommits the deadline. If you also postpone your work to the next day, know that you are careless.
  • Night outs with friends. Late night parties with friends are becoming the new normal. Students spend the night outside the campus and sleep the whole day. It is also causing carelessness in students.

How is carelessness affecting students?

A careless student is never interested in studies. Rather he finds everything interesting other than studies, like the ones mentioned above. He would bunk classes due to the tiredness of the late-night party. Their work will remain pending as they don’t make time for it. He will mostly overcommit to the deadlines of his assignments. He will not be attentive in class and will not participate in class discussions. All these things create huge hurdles in academic achievement. It affects students in the following ways;

  • Students do not perform well in their exams.
  • It reduces the short-term performance of students.
  • It changes the attitudes of students towards their studies. They do not enjoy their studies anymore because other things intrigue them greatly.

How to overcome carelessness?

If you want to become successful and overcome carelessness, set goals for yourself. Be focused and work hard to achieve your academic goals. If you feel you are losing your focus and interest, you need to work on it and figure out the reasons. All you need to do is develop good study habits.

Tips to Develop good study habits

Certainly, careless students need guidance to study effectively and develop good study habits. The tips below can prove to be helpful for such students. Hence, let’s explain the tips one by one.

Realistic study goals

Having goals is very important to achieving academic success. The goals keep you motivated and energetic. They allow you to work on your academic tasks effectively. An important thing here is that your objectives must be realistic. Realistic goals are those that are measurable and achievable. For example, you set a goal of earning an A grade in the Tunnelling subject. This is a realistic study goal that will keep you motivated all the time. You will study the subject mentioned above by heart and eventually get an A.

Daily routine

Making a daily schedule for your studies is also a good thing. This schedule reminds you of what you have to do daily to achieve academic success. Studying your lessons also contribute a lot to your academic achievement. Students who set a daily routine for themselves achieve more success than others because they do their work with care. Daily study routine also reduces the burden, and you don’t feel stressed about your exams.

Take notes in the class

Taking notes in class is a healthy practice because it keeps you awake. Note-taking activity forces you to be active in the class. Studies show that active listening and note-taking help students understand the topic better. One benefit of note-taking is reviewing and studying them whenever you want. If you find any difficulty solving a problem, you can take help from your notes.

Study groups

If you cannot study alone and face difficulty solving problems and questions, joining study groups will be wise. You can either join your college or school study groups or join an online group on social networking sites. Study groups are very useful and can help you in many ways. You can take the help and advice of seniors and experts of coursework writing services.

Study zone

Identify and establish your study zone—some people like quiet places, and some like a bit noisy places like background music. If you like a quiet place, then the library is the best place for you, or you can study in your room. If you don’t prefer quiet places, group studies are good for you.

Take sleep

Sleep is an essential function that recharges the human body and mind. Therefore, Taking enough sleep is very important. It keeps you energetic and fresh and helps you to develop your focus.


Carelessness directly affects your academic achievement. You must avoid being lazy and careless during your class. To avoid this, you must develop good study habits yourself. The tips mentioned above can help you develop those habits.