Tips On Writing Dissertation Literature Review Chapter The Right Way


A dissertation is a lengthy written document whose main chapters are the introduction, literature review, research methodology, results, conclusions, and recommendations. There is a specific aim to write each chapter of a dissertation. There is a particular objective in writing a literature review chapter.

The primary objective of writing a literature review chapter is to summarize the published information. The information in the review relates to the dissertation topic. Many students face difficulties in writing the review chapter. If you cannot write down the best quality literature review chapter, you can get help from writing services. Moreover, this article will discuss some essential tips to write a dissertation literature review. Before discussing the tips, let’s answer some of the questions related to this chapter.
Tips On Writing Dissertation Literature Review Chapter The Right Way

What is the purpose of the literature review chapter?

First, you should try to understand the primary purpose of writing a literature review chapter. Reading, evaluating, summarizing, and comparing the original research provides a solid starting point for the literature review. The previous knowledge that you read must be relevant to the subject area. It also provides an idea to the students about the research gaps. Moreover, it also tells students about different approaches that other researchers have used. Knowing the purpose will help students structure a good literature review.

What comes in the literature review?

The content of a literature review chapter is divided into three important sections. The first section of a literature review is known as an introduction. In the introduction, you establish the importance of the subject by focusing on the dissertation topic idea. It is also necessary for you to provide a background history on the topic idea.

In the second section, there comes the body of the literature review. The body of a literature review is divided into headings and sub-headings. In the body of a literature review, you will have to summarize and evaluate the current state of the knowledge. The third section is about the conclusion of the literature review. After the literature review, you will have to summarize all the evidence and its significance in the conclusion.

Tips on writing the literature review chapter the right way

The most important steps involved in writing the literature review chapter the right way are explained below:

  • The first step in writing a literature review is finding a workable topic. It would be best to choose a topic that is easy to research. There must be some work on the subject you chose for your dissertation.
  • Many students do not have any idea about the literature review chapter. Such students should study the sample reviews first. Analyzing the samples help students in getting an idea of what to discuss and what to not.
  • Students must also pay attention to the structure of the literature review. There usually are three approaches to writing a review. The structure of the review depends on the approach you use. Therefore, you must also be careful about that.
  • Now you should plan about conducting effective research. Effective research means collecting only the relevant material. To do this, you should use keywords and phrases while searching.
  • Choose a particular subject area as you advance further in your research. The more narrow it will be, the more relevant information you will get.
  • After narrowing down the topic, you must have collected relevant research papers. It is time to read those papers and conduct an in-depth study.
  • Another tip is the writing itself of the literature you have gathered. After conducting the in-depth study, you know which literature is relevant to your topic and which is not. So writing the literature review becomes very easy. You need to adopt chronological, methodological, or thematic approaches and start writing.


A literature review is the backbone of a dissertation. Writing it in the right way is not an easy task. It takes a lot of effort and time to search for the relevant literature, so you should only use the appropriate keywords during the research. The tips mentioned above can also help you write a literature review.

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