Top 10 Questions You Should Ask When Hiring A Professional Writer To Assist You in Thesis Research and Writing Task

Top 10 Questions to Ask Before Hiring A Thesis Writer

November 27, 2018
Albert Barkley

Thesis research and writing have the same characteristics as a thesis for a non-research essay. In the thesis research, you collect information for your project. The students often find it challenging to write a thesis research task. Many students hire a professional writer for their writing tasks. Hiring a professional writer is not exactly like hiring a new employee. It seems like going on a first date. An interview is a formal conversation to find out the person who is suitable for the job or a course of study. When we hire a writer, we should keep in mind the main points:

  1. Ask only those questions that help you in getting information about the writer
  2. Ask a question that helps you in the hiring decision
  3. Questions related to your writing task.

Here are the top 10 questions you should ask when hiring a professional writer to assist you in thesis research and writing.

What is the highest level of education you have received?

It would be best to ask about the professional writer’s qualifications when hiring a writer for your writing task. You must ask about the educational background of the professional writer. You must know the institution’s name from which he/she got each degree and the field of study. Check the information about the writer using their LinkedIn profile or other social media platforms. The education of the writer will confirm his skills. The professional writer should be a subject specialist.

How do you write, and what measures do you take into account while writing A Thesis?

If you hire a writer for your thesis research and writing task, you should know about their writing skills. Every professional writer adopts some techniques in his writings style. The use of different methods makes the writing skill more effective and informative. The writing style is essential because the high-quality content improves your grades. The professional writer should have the ability to handle problems during the writing task. You must keep in mind the experience of the professional writer about the research thesis. A research thesis is not an easy task for the writer, so understand the quality of their writing. Ask them to provide a sample of their samples to get an idea of the writer’s style. Also, look at the reviews of the writer on the web portal.

Will you edit your work on request?

It would be best to ask about the revision of the work from the writer, as proofreading will give you an idea about what must be included. It will be best if the writer is willing to work with you to ensure your satisfaction.

What is included in your fee?

The amount that the writer will charge is a critical question to ask. It would be best to ask about the affordable rates of the research thesis. While the money is important, find out what you are getting for your money. You should ask if the writer makes edits or revisions as a part of their fee. What kind of research will they conduct? When a writer charges a higher price, it is not only for the skills but also for the work required to complete the research thesis. You can contact a professional UK writer for your writing task at an affordable price.

When will you complete the thesis research?

“When will the writer complete the work?” is the most crucial question. It would be best to ask about the timeline within which the writer completes thesis research. A professional writer gives a feasible timeline depending on the writing task you are hiring them to do. If you ask for one chapter in a week or a month, they should send it to you by an agreed time. You may decide to ask for last-minute thesis research as well. Their deadlines and time management will give you an idea about their services.

What is the table of contents in the research thesis?

If you hire a professional writer for your research thesis, you should ask about the table of contents in the writing task. A good table of contents can improve your grades. It will also give you an idea bout how the writer will be working on your thesis. So it would be best if you asked about the table of contents, which the professional writer will use in the writing task. Ask about the introduction, subheads, methods, results, discussion, conclusion, references, and appendices.

What are the recommendations in the thesis research?

Recommendations are an essential part of your research project. If you are hiring a professional writer for your thesis research, you should ask about the recommendation in the thesis research. It would be best to ask what to include in the recommendations in the thesis research when appropriate, like:

  • You can ask for remedial action to solve the problem.
  • It would be best if you asked for further research to fill in gaps in our understanding.
  • You can ask about the directions for future investigations on this or related topics.

What other services do you provide?

The most professional writer can do much more than the project you hire them to complete. You might need blog posts today and a case study tomorrow. Finding a good writer who can offer different content types will save you time. A good and professional writer can do more than one thing like copywriting, scriptwriting, interviews, newsletters, social media management, etc.

What are your working hours?

A professional writer often has flexible timelines. They work when it fits your schedule. It would be best if you asked about their hours and time. You need to know the exact time that they can answer your queries. Generally, they are prompt in addressing the questions you have.


Writing a thesis alone while working a 9-5 job can be very tiring. So why not take the help of the writing services to get an edge and a much-needed break. The above article addresses some questions that can guide you in hiring a professional writer for your thesis. You can also avail the help of our writers.