Interrogative Sentences: Practical Guide To Using These Sentences In Writing

A sentence in which a direct question is asked is known as an interrogative sentence. At the end of an interrogative sentence, a question mark is placed. The interrogative sentences are considered as the most important type of the sentences. There are numerous benefits of interrogative sentences. First of all, these sentences are helpful to gather information. Secondly, these sentences can clear up the confusion. Thirdly, with the help of interrogative sentences, we can engage themselves in the interesting conversation. If you are not able to understand these interrogative sentences, then you can get help from experts in dissertation writing services. A practical guide to using these sentences in writing is given below;

  • Direct and indirect interrogative sentences

We can use interrogative sentences in our writing in numerous ways. First of all, we discuss direct interrogative sentences. These sentences are usually used with the help of the inverted order of the words and we place a question mark at the end of these sentences. An example of a direct interrogative sentence is given below;

Where is he going for dinner?

After the direct interrogative sentences, there come indirect interrogative sentences. In these sentences, there is no need to invert the order of the words and these interrogative sentences are also written without question marks. An example of an indirect interrogative sentence is given below;

I wonder where he is going for dinner.

  • Interrogative with the auxiliary verb

We can use both auxiliary and normal verbs in the interrogative sentences. If we are going to use auxiliary verbs in the interrogative sentences, then there is no need to use do, does or did. Its example is given below;

Can I help you?

On the other hand, if you are using a normal verb in an interrogative sentence, then you will have to add do, does or did. Its example is given below;

Is she talking?

The interesting thing about these interrogative sentences is that we will have to invert the order of words and to add the question mark in both cases.

  • W-H interrogative

To make the W-H interrogative sentences, first of all, we will have to include W-H. Secondly, there comes an auxiliary verb. Thirdly, there comes subject and at last, there comes the main verb. An example of this kind of interrogative sentence is given below;

When is he going?

  • How

We can use ‘How’ in numerous ways to prepare the interrogative sentences. Some of them are given below;

  • We can use it to ask something about a person. i.e.

How do you prepare for the exam?

  • If we want to ask the degree of an attribute, then we can use it with the help of a degree. i.e.

How old is your car?

  • If we want to ask about quantity, then we can use ‘much’ or ‘many’ with ‘how’. i.e.

How many people are in the park?

How much water do we need?

  • If we want to inquire about the frequency of an object, then we can use ‘how’ in the following way;

How quickly can you drive the bike?

Author: Albert Barkley

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