Undergraduate Dissertation Writing Guide: A-Z Process

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Undergraduate Dissertation Writing Guide: A-Z Process
Post By tapaflcouk On 2, Feb

An undergraduate dissertation is also known as a bachelor’s dissertation. An undergraduate dissertation is an essential piece of research about a single subject. Usually, it is written in the final year of a bachelor’s degree and the students are free to choose a topic according to their area of interest. The students should try to select a narrow topic and try to explore it in more depth rather than in traditional mode. The students will have to select a supervisor for their dissertation from the faculty members. A supervisor acts as a guide during the dissertation writing task. The length of an undergraduate dissertation is considerably short than a master’s dissertation. Students face a lot of difficulties while writing an undergraduate dissertation. The best resource to get dissertation help is the dissertation writing service.

A complete guide to writing an undergraduate dissertation is given below;

Select an interesting topic

The first and most important step to write an undergraduate dissertation is to select an interesting topic. Its reason is that after selecting an interesting topic, one can feel it easy to complete the dissertation writing task. On the other hand, if a student selects an odd topic, he can't create a monument of an undergraduate dissertation before the deadline. The essential characteristics of an interesting topic are given below;

  1. Your topic should be unique and original
  2. Your topic should be clear and researchable
  3. Your topic should be memorable

To select such an interesting topic, first of all, the students should check the requirements of the dissertation. Secondly, the students should get an idea about the type of research methodology. Thirdly, they should select a global research discipline and try to look for the current articles and papers in this global research discipline. Fourthly, the students should try to prepare a list of at least three topic ideas and try to select one of them after getting the views of the supervisor, fellows and other experts.

Prepare a plan, an outline and a timetable

After selecting an interesting topic for your dissertation, the next step is to create an effective plan and outline to write an undergraduate dissertation. While creating a plan and an outline, first of all, the students should try to define their dissertation writing goals. Secondly, they should determine all the tasks which are necessary to achieve these writing goals. Thirdly, they should organize these tasks and try to develop a strategic plan. At last, they should make sure that their detailed plan should suit their lifestyle. Now, it’s time to prepare a timetable to write a dissertation before the deadline. For example, if you are going to write a dissertation just within a month, you should divide the whole undergraduate dissertation writing task into four parts. These four parts will provide you with a weekly plan. Moreover, you should also try to further divide each part into seven days. This thing will provide you with a daily timetable. You should follow this timetable strictly and try to fulfil your daily goals.

Conduct effective research

To write a dissertation, we require 10,000 to 15,000 words and the only way to gather such a huge amount of data is to conduct effective research. The outline provides us with a roadmap to conduct effective research. Students must gather data from academic and authentic resources rather than ordinary resources. Its reason is that the authenticity of a dissertation depends upon the authenticity of these resources. Some authentic resources to gather the data for a dissertation are library books, academic catalogues, journal articles, research papers, and authentic websites etc.

Analyze the data

After gathering such a huge amount of data from different resources, the students should try to analyze the data and try to keep only that data relevant to the objectives of their dissertation. On the other hand, if you include some irrelevant data in your dissertation, it will not be interesting to the audience members because this irrelevant information will become a cause of distraction for the audience members.

Write the first draft

After analyzing the data, we should try to prepare the first draft of our dissertation. While preparing the first draft of our dissertation, we should include the information without taking care the mistakes. The reason is that these mistakes will be removed while proofreading and editing.

Follow the professional structure and format

It is one of the most essential requirements of an undergraduate dissertation that it should be written by following a professional structure and format. You should also try to read out the requirements and guidelines of your advisor regarding the professional structure and format of a dissertation. In the professional structure and format of a dissertation, first of all, we have to write some preliminary pages. These preliminary pages are a title page, acknowledgement, abstract, table of contents, list of figures, glossary etc. You can also include some other pages according to the requirements and guidelines of your advisor. After the preliminary pages, there come the chapters of a dissertation. The main chapters of an undergraduate dissertation are an introduction, theoretical framework, research design, research results, discussion, conclusion, recommendations, references list and appendices.

Proofreading and editing

There is no need to submit a dissertation without proofreading and editing. The reason is that a dissertation is a lengthy piece of writing and there is a possibility of some mistakes in a dissertation. Due to these mistakes, you will not be able to get the required grades from your advisor. Therefore, before submitting a dissertation, the students should try to proofread and edit it. During proofreading and editing, the students can take an overview of the grammar, spelling, punctuation, consistency, structure and formatting mistakes of a dissertation. After self-proofreading and editing, the students should also try to get help from experts in dissertation writing services. These experts can easily remove all the mistakes from your dissertation. Moreover, they also provide feedback about the quality of your dissertation.

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