A Call For Educating Our Youngsters to Tackle Prejudice and Develop Tolerance

Call For Educating Our Youngsters

A state of being extreme is known as extremism. First of all, this term was used only in the religious or political sense but nowadays, this term is widened outside the mainstream attitudes of a society. Nowadays, some firms are also using this essential term in the economic sense too. We can also use this term in pure academic as well as non-academic senses. Nowadays, most of the youngsters are showing prejudice by adopting this term. Here, experts of cheap dissertation writing services will discuss how we can educate the youngsters to tackle prejudice.

  • Challenge your biases

There are some youngsters who don’t have enough idea about their biases. As a result, they are not able to combat with their biases. In the field of social psychology, there are some tools that are used to implicit the feelings and beliefs of the individuals. This is known as IAT. IAT will be helpful for the youngsters to test the level of inherent biases towards a particular group of the people. There are also some universities which have devised these tests for the youngsters. The youngsters should try to take IAT tests of these universities. Secondly, the youngsters should try to keep themselves accountable in order to get an idea about the perspectives of their prejudices. Thirdly, they should get an idea about the negative impacts of these prejudices. At last, they should try to find out the best ways to reduce their self-stigma.

  • Increase social connection to reduce your biases

After getting an idea about their biases, the youngsters should try to adopt some essential techniques to reduce their biases. For this reason, first of all, the students should try to surround themselves with a variety of people. This is the best technique to get an idea about the diversity that can enable someone to cope with prejudice. Secondly, the youngsters should try to be around those people whom they like. This technique will be helpful for youngsters to change their negative prejudices. Thirdly, the youngsters should try to avoid justifying stereotypes while interacting with other people. Its reason is that most of the prejudices occur when you try to justify the previously held ideas.

  • Cope with the prejudice of others

No doubt, another essential technique to get rid of prejudice is to cope with the prejudice of others. For this reason, the youngsters should try to be open and try to accept themselves. This is possible if you try to accept yourself regardless of thinking what people will think about you and try to share your information open-minded. Secondly, you should try to join a group. The solidity of the group will enable you to show resilient against your prejudices and try to protect the mental health issues. Thirdly, you should try to get family support in order to cope with prejudice. Fourthly, you should think that if you will leave a prejudice, you will be able to get a positive or neutral outcome. At last, you should try to cope with prejudice with the help of some creative acts.

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