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How Depression Impacts

How Depression Impacts The Immune System?

April 22, 2019
Albert Barkley

A serious medical illness which can affect your way of feeling, thinking and acting are known as depression. The depression of a person is treatable. Due to the depression, a person feels sadness and lack of interest in those activities which were enjoyable for him. The depression can also become lots of physical and emotional problems for someone. The symptoms of depression can be mild as well as severe. Some symptoms of depression are changes in appetite, lack of interest in daily life tasks, lack of interest in studies and some thoughts of suicide. The depression can affect the immune system of a person in the following ways;

  • Insomnia, headaches and fatigue

Due to depression, people are not able to complete their sleep. As a result, they feel headaches and fatigue. Insomnia, headache and fatigue can also last some adverse impacts on the immune system. Therefore, a person can face lots of risks in the form of heart disease, heart attack, heart failure and diabetes. There are also some impacts of lack of sleep on the sex drive of a person. The metabolism system of a human is also slowed down due to insomnia and fatigue.

  • Weight loss or weight gain

Due to depression, some people loss their weight and some people gain their weight. The weight loss or weight gain can also last some adverse impacts on the immune system of a person. Due to obesity, lots of functions of our immune system are unable to work properly. In these immune functions, there comes a decrease in the cytokine production, reduce functions of the detritus cells and decreased the function of the nitrogen stimulation. Under such a situation, if we want to improve our immune system, we have to do exercise.

  • Chronic pain

Any pain in our body that lasts more than 12 weeks is known as chronic pain. The depression can also become a cause of chronic pain. Chronic pain can also last some adverse impacts on our immune system. Chronic pain can reduce the ability of a person to perform some essential activities. As a result, you will feel pain in your body while working, playing or performing some other physical activities. In order to get rid of chronic pain, we have to develop coping skills and find out the right medication. We can also get rid of chronic pain by doing some essential exercises.

  • Inflammation

The response of a body to injury is known as inflammation. The inflammation can play an essential role in some chronic diseases. The depression can also become a cause of inflammation for the people. The inflammation can also last some adverse impacts on the immune system of a body. Some adverse impacts of the chronic inflammation are fatigue, fever, rashes and chest pain etc. Abdominal pain is also an essential impact of inflammation on our body. In order to cure the chronic inflammation, we have to clearly understand it.

Loss of libido and constipation are also some other causes of depression that can impact our immune system.