Types Of Discursive Writing

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    Types Of Discursive Writing

    Post By Admin On 29, May

    It is an essential type of academic paper that is assigned to the students. In the discursive writing, there involves discussion on a specific topic.  In this informative post, the writers from The Academic Papers UK offer a brief definition and types of discursive writing.

    For example, if you are asked to write assignments, according to discursive writing you are free to provide arguments against or in the support of the main issue. You can also provide arguments to both sides of the issue. There is also a possibility that you can provide prejudiced arguments. The nature of discursive writing is just like an argumentative essay.

    The essential types of discursive writing are explained below;

    For and against discursive writing

    In this type of writing, a specific topic is assigned to the students and the students are asked to give supporting and opposing ideas regarding this topic. In other words, the students have to write positive and negative aspects of this topic. No doubt, to write this kind of academic paper requires hard work and practice from the students. For example, if you are asked to write for and against discursive essay, you will have to divide the essay into three parts. The first part is known as an introduction and you have to provide significance of the topic in this part. The second part is known as the body and you have to write your own opposing and supporting point of views about the topic. The last part is known as the conclusion and you have to summarize your topic in this section.

    Opinionated discursive writing

    In this type of essay, the students are asked to present their own theory. While presenting their own theory, they provide the opinions of famous writers. The main aim of this kind of writing is to support your own point of views with the help of the point of views of the expert persons. To write an academic paper by adopting this kind of writing, it is necessary for the students to conduct effective research and work.

    Argumentative discursive writing

    As we know that there are two main sides of an issue. While writing an argumentative essay, it is necessary for the students to provide arguments on these two sides of the issue. In some cases, it is necessary for the students to keep a balance in both of these two sides. On the other hand, there are also some cases in which the students are asked to present more force to a specific side of the issue than another side. Two main models of the argumentative writing are Toulmin and Regrian models.

    Descriptive discursive writing

    The main aim of descriptive writing is to describe a person, place or a thing. A person, place or a thing is described in such a way that the picture of this place, person or a thing is formed into the minds of the readers. If you are going to capture an event with the help of descriptive writing, you will have to provide close attention to the details of this event by using your five senses. This kind of writing is helpful for the students to create interest in their academic papers.