Dissertation Milestones

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A dissertation is a well-organized piece of writing and there are some steps that are necessary for us to follow while writing a dissertation. These steps are known as dissertation milestones. It is also necessary for the students to cover these milestones of dissertation writing before the deadline. If a student doesn’t cover this dissertation writing milestones in an effective way, there is a possibility that these milestones may affect the quality of the dissertation. There are some students who … Continue reading “Dissertation Milestones”

The Definition, importance of Intellectual Property and IP Laws UK

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The main purpose of IP is to encourage those people who are the creators of intellectual goods. With the help of IP law, it is also possible for people to get information about these intellectual goods. Intellectual property is abbreviated as IP. It is a type of property in which there include the intangible creations relevant to the human intellect. Two types of laws are related to intellectual property. First is known as industrial property rights and the second is … Continue reading “The Definition, importance of Intellectual Property and IP Laws UK”

Copyright Designs And Patents Act 1988

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According to the new Copyright law in the UK, the work of an individual will automatically be copyrighted without getting any kind of permission, approval and registration. Therefore, there is no need to worry about the copyright of your material and there is no need to get any kind of permission from any kind of government organization.   The United Kingdom is known as the birthplace for the new laws of the copyright. The United Kingdom has commenced the copyright … Continue reading “Copyright Designs And Patents Act 1988”

Thesis-Antithesis And Synthesis Is Associated With Which Theory In Sociology

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In the 19th century, a German philosopher Georg W.F Hegel is well known for his system of inquiry. He has inquired lots of philosophies in the field of nature of reality. This system of inquiring the nature of reality is known as dialectic. The notions that form the historical movements become a cause of conflicting opposites.

Step by Step Guide to Formulate a Research Problem

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A research problem is also known as a research question. In both natural and social sciences, it is known as the methodological point of departure in scholarly research. While conducting effective research, it is necessary for you to provide an answer to this question. This informative post by The Academic Papers UK, discusses the research problem and tips to formulate a research problem. If you are going to write a research paper at the undergraduate level, the answer to the … Continue reading “Step by Step Guide to Formulate a Research Problem”