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Thesis-Antithesis And Synthesis Is Associated With Which Theory In Sociology

June 10, 2019
Albert Barkley

In the 19th century, a German philosopher Georg W.F Hegel is well known for his system of inquiry. He has inquired lots of philosophies in the field of nature of reality. This system of inquiring the nature of reality is known as dialectic. The notions that form the historical movements become a cause of conflicting opposites. Hegel has divided his thoughts into three components. The first component is known as a thesis. The second component is known as antithesis and the third component is known as synthesis. Therefore, we can say that thesis, antithesis and synthesis are associated with the philosophy of history.

According to Hegel, the possible conflicts that we see in the world are the result of the struggle between the actual and potential worlds. First of all, we discuss the thesis. A thesis can be a single idea because it is a form of incompleteness. This form of incompleteness gives rise to the second component that is known as an antithesis. Antithesis is also known as a conflicting idea. Now, there comes the third component that is known as synthesis and this third point arises from this conflicting idea. The synthesis is also helpful for us to overcome the conflicts that are created by the thesis and antithesis. The synthesis itself is a new thesis and it can generate new antithesis. This cycle of thesis, antithesis and synthesis continue until we reach the truth.

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It is also a fact that Hegel never tried to use these terms for himself. That’s why thesis, antithesis and synthesis are originated with the Johann Fichte. There is a triad among these three terms. This triad is concrete, abstract and absolute. A relationship that we get by integrating these three terms in the triad is also known as the dialectical method. This dialectical method is also summarized in the same way in the Encyclopedia of sciences and religions. Nowadays, the concepts of thesis, antithesis and synthesis are used to organize the expositional writing. That’s why we can see that in French schools, this concept is taught as a basic organizing principle. Its basic reason is that the French people want to teach the values of eloquence to the students from a very young age. Their students are able to plan their own compositions and their schools award them some grades on the basis of these compositions.

In order to organize writing in the English language, we are also using the concepts of thesis, antithesis and synthesis. is one of the most famous sites to prepare for MCAT exams. This website is also advocating the students that if they want to write the best essays in the MCAT exams, it is necessary for the students to use the techniques of the thesis, antithesis and synthesis. Its reason is that with the help of these techniques, it is easy for the students to drive their thoughts in a well-organized manner. Due to this writing technique, it is also easy for the students to satisfy the audience members. In other words, we can say that if we want to recoil common truths, it is also necessary for us to use these techniques.