PhD Thesis Writing: a General Guide to Writing

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A PhD thesis is an important academic paper that presents the research and findings of an author and it is submitted by a student to avail the doctoral degree. The complexity of the research to gather the data for a PhD thesis varies from one country to another country or from one university to another university. A PhD thesis is a lengthy piece of writing and most of the students are not able to complete it before the deadline and … Continue reading “PhD Thesis Writing: a General Guide to Writing”

7000 Words Dissertation Structure

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Before commencing the dissertation writing task, the expert writers should have enough idea about the structure and word count of different chapters of the dissertation. Here, the professional writer from our dissertation writing services will discuss how to structure the 7000 words dissertation. 7000 Words Dissertation Structure A dissertation is a lengthy piece of writing and it is divided into several components like introduction, literature review, research methodology, results, discussions, and conclusion. The arrangement of the dissertation content in these … Continue reading “7000 Words Dissertation Structure”

Learn Case Study Writing Like a Pro

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The case study is usually written in the social sciences and life sciences. It is a research method that involves in-depth research about a subject. The contextual conditions of this subject are also discussed in the case study. We can easily formulate a case study by following the formal research method. That’s why most of the case studies appear in formal research venues like journals and professional conferences. While writing the case study, you will have to study a case. … Continue reading “Learn Case Study Writing Like a Pro”