The SEND Success and Achievements – An Overview from Start

SEND is the shorten form of Special Education Needs and Disability. A person who is facing learning disabilities is known as a special person. In order to support special persons, some organizations are created and these organizations are known as SEND. These organizations are responsible for the health, social care and education of the special children. If you have a child who requires special education and special health care facilities, you can submit an application in your local council. This local council will refer your child to a nearby SEND organization. Here, of a dissertation proposal writing service will discuss the success and achievements of SEND.

Working Successes and Achievements of SEND:

The SEND organizations are not supporting special children by working alone because some other organizations are also providing support to SEND. Some other departments that are working for the success of SEND are CCGs (Clinical Commissioning Groups), DfE (Department for Education) and DH (Department of Health and Social care). All of these departments and organizations are working for the success of the SEND because;

  1. These organizations and departments know that every young child is the backbone of the nation and to provide the best educational and health care facilities means that you are strengthening the backbone of your nation.
  2. If we are educating special children in the local schools, we will not be able to create the best learning environment for them in these local schools. Therefore, to educate special children in special schools is helpful for them to improve their care and support.
  3. Another success and achievement of the SEND are that it is providing such level of care and support to the special children that they require.
  4. The people who are preparing the plans of the SEND activities are specialized people. Therefore, we can say that SEND is implementing the best plans for taking care of special children.

Group Success and Achievements of SEND:

It is not only SEND which is working for the betterment of the special children but there are also some other departments and organizations that are helpful for the SEND to provide the best facilities to the special children. That’s why we can also say that SEND has also got some successes and achievements at the group levels. These successes and achievements are given below;

  1. No doubt, SEND is providing the best educational and health care facilities to the students who need special needs and health care facilities. In order to improve the performance of SEND, there is also a team of other organizations and departments that take an overview of the policies of SEND. After taking an overview of the policies of SEND, they prepare a report. According to this report, SEND is providing the best educational and health care facilities.
  2. There are also some assurance sub-groups of SEND. With the help of these sub-groups, SEND is trying to support policies and strategies of other departments.
  3. SEND has also prepared some sub-groups for children and young people. These sub-groups are helpful for the SEND to take a record of the data and evidence. Moreover, these sub-groups also identify the needs and find out the best working opportunities for these people.
  4. There is also a communication group within the SEND. With the help of this communication group, it is helpful for the SEND to improve the communication level between SEND and other organizations. Moreover, these communication groups have up-to-date information about the SEND. These communication groups are helpful for this organization to develop the best practices for the children.

SEND also supports such young children who have ages from 0 to 25 years. In order to provide the best educational practices, SEND also provides the best EHC (Education, Health and Care) plan. There is also a team of coordinators within the SEND that is helpful for them to work closely with the families, schools and practitioners. The majority of the students who are studying in these special schools are getting an education by following the EHC plan. On the other hand, other special education institutions don’t study the students by following the EHC plan. In order to get support from the SEND, they have also provided the complaint cell. With the help of this complaint cell, it is easy for the parents to get an idea about the educational condition of the students.

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