A Guide to Writing and Publishing A Research Paper

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    A Guide to Writing and Publishing A Research Paper

    Post By Admin On 1, Feb

    A research paper is a protracted and official piece of writing based on the author’s original research. By researching, evaluating, organizing and composing a research topic, you can interpret the original information to the reader. The foremost purpose of writing and publishing a research paper is to delineate a unique issue and offer new rules and regulations to solve it.

    Importance of Writing a Research Paper  

    A research paper is a medium to acquire knowledge and progress on a dilemma, ailment, disarray and confusion. Research is the easiest and fastest way to obtain the solution of the tribulations. A research paper can envelop a topic properly and develops major quandary. Writing a research paper is incredibly imperative and advantageous to augment research skills.

    By writing a research paper, students can build their own opinions and ideas about a subject. It improves students’ critical thinking. Creating and exchanging ideas can be possible through writing. Basically, research paper involves a lot of research, consequently, students get deep knowledge about a particular subject. A research paper is a simple opportunity to build your skills and fulfill your wishes. Writing a research paper can be an intimidating mission for the students, yet it makes able to learn about the process of researching and collecting relevant information. By writing a research paper topic, you will talented to innovate and identify tribulations.

    Basically, writing a research paper similar to brain exercise, because, it improves students’ mental abilities. Enhancing students’ communication skills and abilities depends on their research papers. Student tries to conduct deep research in order to present clarity of writing, in this way, he develops his logical thinking.  To conclude, writing a research paper is most imperative for the students to build their career, improve research skills, increase critical thinking and improve communication skills.

    How to Write a Research Paper for Journal Publication

    A research paper must begin with a definite research question. You need to conduct a plan and know the structure and approach before writing a research paper for journal publication. You need to prepare the figures and tables and write the methods. Write the results section after the discussion and introduction. After writing an abstract, compose a concise and descriptive title. If you are writing a research paper for journal publication, you must follow some components of a research paper.

    Title Page:

    Don’t write a lengthy title paper if you are writing a research paper for journal publication. Keep it short and concise. Inscribe title of the research paper and writer association. Here, you must clarify that journal which the manuscript is being proposed. For example, you are writing your research paper for the international journal then you should indicate here. Approximately, 5 keywords should be written about your title. At the end of title pages, furnish the entire contact information of the writer.


    The abstract section of research paper for journal publication should consist of a single paragraph. Comprehend that abstract is an independent document, because, its material will not be included in the body of a research paper. In the first sentence of the abstract, you should write the objects of writing a research paper. Write subsequent sentences and define the method of research. An abstract is a perfect place to describe your experiments and results. In the last sentence of the paragraph, you should write the results of your research.


    Introduction is a mainly indispensable section of the research paper. Indeed, it is a short review of your research paper. For Constructing a descriptive funnel and describing your topic broadly in the introduction can increase the value of your research. Write the introduction of section three to four paragraphs. In the first paragraph, describe the major objects of your topic. In the second paragraph, write how an aspect of this field can be covered and improved. State your critical thinking in the last paragraph and present hypothesis. An introduction is all about a short summary of your topic as well as work.


    The method section is an uncomplicated explanation of the methods that you have applied in your research paper. Don’t create a mess while you are describing research methods, indeed, describe each method separately. Don’t forget to write a statement of the material in each section. Along with that, provide vendor contact detail for each material. Providing contact information is most important, because, a reader can revisit and respect the work if you want some changes. At this juncture, describe the research procedure as well as techniques that you have used to accumulate material for your topic. For writing details, use epigrammatic and concise style. Provide statistical analysis of your results and recommend more appropriate methods of research.


    Describe experimental data in the result section. Presenting experimental data in the tables and figures will maintain a quality of writing. You should define each data in the tables as well as figures. Using tables and figures will indicate the speciality of the points. State the index of dispersion and index of the central tendency. If you have made any statistical analysis then indicate in the results sections.


    Students often find difficult to write a discussion section of the research paper due to brief paragraphs. Here, you have to present a brief summary of the findings. If you want to reject hypothesis then a discussion is the perfect place. The discussion section should be relevant to the previous suggestion that you had presented in the introduction part. Don’t forget to identify indispensable, interesting and noteworthy findings of your topic. Discussion chapter should be informative and highlight the weakness of the research. Discuss all the important points of your research paper in this section. Describe potential weakness as well as strengths of your topic. Highlight the main object of choosing this research topic for journal publication.


    Describe your work and highlight your major results in the conclusion again. It is the short summary of the discussion chapter so highlight main points. Define how your work will contribute to the overall field of study. The conclusion section should consist of 2 or 3 paragraphs. It should be written in the epigrammatic and pithy style.


    Write a detailed summary of your efforts. Clear the guidelines that you have received from your institution. Present labors and hard work of your consultant.


    Illustrate the references that have been cited in the text. For writing references, use format that is selected by your institute. Don’t include unnecessary references. Figures and figure caption is considering separate part from the references. At this time, add images and labels according to your university rules and regulations.

    How to Publish a Research Paper in an International Journal

    Review your research paper accurately. Before publishing a research paper in an international journal, ask a professor to evaluate your written paper. Edit it in order to remove typos and grammatical mistakes. Make sure that your research paper is error-free and high quality.  If a professor and colleague have suggested some changes, revise your paper based on your reviewers’ recommendations. Spend time to make it perfect, clear and valuable. Make sure that your research format is organized.  After proofreading and editing, submit your research paper to an international journal.

    The process of publishing a research paper in an international journal is quite similar to a national journal. For publishing your research paper in an international journal, follow some steps that are given below:

    • Find a basic issue in your research paper
    • Keep working until you find good results
    • Select the best journal. Don’t publish your research paper until you find an appropriate journal. Using Google metrics is the best way to select a good journal. Before selecting a journal, you should read its scope and value. Targeting high factor journals in IEEE, Springer, and Wiley is the best way to get high results.
    • Download the format of research paper and convert it into the journal selected format
    • Write a paper about the chosen journal then publish your manuscripts. Don’t forget the specifications of each journal. If you have chosen a journal then you should prepare a manuscript based on the journal’s instructions.
    • After publishing, wait for reviews and their good comments. Your research paper will be accepted due to quality of search, quality of preparation as well as presentation.

    Best Journals to Publish a Paper

    Here, we have presented a list of the best journal to publish a paper.

    1. IJARIIT Journal
    2. International Journal Of Computer Vision
    3. Artificial Intelligence Research Journal
    4. Journal Of Cryptology
    5. Functional Programming Of Journal
    6. Journal Of Machine Learning Research
    7. Journal Of The ACM
    8. IEEE, Springer, and Wiley Journals
    9. International Journal Of Environmental Research
    10. Journal Of Zoology Journal Of Neurochemistry
    11. Journal Of Allergy And Clinical Immunology

    Publishing Research Paper Online Free

    AIJR is the best journal that offers free paper publication. It allows you access to publish your research paper and read it. There are no hidden charges.  Along with that, you can conduct deep research to find free publishing service. If you want to get further information, contact with TheAcademicPapers.co.uk.