Google Meet: All You Need To Know About This App

Google Hangout Meet is a video conferencing app that is launched by Google. One can easily use this app on the android phone as well as on the desktop. This app is also known as a business-oriented video conferencing app. Its reason is that with the help of this app, it is easy for the businessmen to manage meetings and to schedule conferences.

The features of Google Hangout Meet are similar to Google Hangout. Anyhow, the main focus of this app is on the video chats. More than 25% of the G Suite basic users are using this app. Here, the experts from The Academic Papers UK will discuss this app’s features that you want to know.

Features of Google Hangout Meet

Google Hangout Meet is helpful for the businessmen to arrange the large meetings. Some essential features of this app are given below;

1) Touch Screen

Google Hangout Meet provides an opportunity for a touch screen controller to the users. With the help of a touch screen controller, one can easily schedule events from the calendar just with the help of a single click. It will also allow the administrator to control the camera and to mute the members. It also allows the administrator to share the video content with other users.

2) Asus ChromeBox

In the hardware kit of the Google Hangout Meet, you will also get a hardware video accelerator. Moreover, you can also get an Intel Core i7. This hardware gets automatic updates from the Google hangouts. It means that the features of this kit will be revised and updated automatically.

3) Speaker mic

While conducting video conferences and meetings, the background noise creates lots of problems for the participants. With the help of this device, you can also remove the background noises. It means that you can easily conduct distraction-free conferences and meetings.

4) Camera

Along with this kit, you will also get a 4k sensor camera. With the help of this camera, you can get a 120-degree view and you can also crop and zoom the participants. With the help of zoom in and zoom out capturing of the camera, you can easily detect the face of the participants.

Author: Albert Barkley

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