Discursive Writing Made Easy: A Guide by The Academic Papers UK

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    Discursive Writing Made Easy: A Guide by The Academic Papers UK

    Post By Admin On 25, Mar

    Discursive text is important for discussing a variety of ideas and subjects within the framework of an essay. It includes intro, main body, reference, etc. In this informative post, the expert essay writer from our team has discussed in detail the type, format, topics and do's, don'ts of discursive writing.

    Discursive writing is when you discuss a contentious subject in an impartial way. In the reader, you have to stimulate reflection to get them to formulate their own views on the basis of the points you make. The arguments FOR and the arguments AGAINST should be discussed with fair weighting.

    There are two essential forms of discursive writing; persuasive and argumentative. To be able to tailor your writing to the chosen audience, it's important to discern the difference.

    Discursive Essay Definition And Examples

    By analyzing all views and facets of discursive essay writing you have to think more objectively and more thoroughly. Furthermore, check out these three key styles of essay writing:

    Opinion essay:

    It includes the opinion of the author on a matter that is set out in the introductory paragraph. Reasons and facts supporting this should be clearly articulated and followed. Also, there should be an opposing argument in this essay paper that comes before the conclusion. The writer will clarify why the above statement is considered unconvincing to readers. In addition, the opinion of the writer should be restated/summarized.

    With the aid of opposing perspectives, For and Against Essay provides readers with a detailed debate on the subject. Every argument should be critically discussed and explained in detail. The introductory paragraph tackles the issue. This essay paper's main body will provide examples, explanations, and arguments backed by justifications. The author's own opinion should only be expressed in conclusion, with balanced reflections on the subject.

    Essay Suggesting a Problem Solution:

    It addresses issues and identifies crucial solutions. The introduction paragraph states a question clearly and analyzes its causes and implications. The essay's main body will give some ideas for a potential solution to the issue and possible implications for the situation or planned outcomes. In addition, the opinion of the reviewer should be summed up separately.

    It's a bit like the argumentative essay! Yeah, but in the form and intent of those two types of assignments there is a distinction between a discursive essay and an argumentative essay:

    • The object of the discursive essay is to provide a credible and objective evaluation of a question. Similar to the argumentative essay, the subject of the essay may be contentious, but the discursive essay attempts to present a more rational debate. And you don't have to be absolutely impartial in your discursive prose. To show all sides of the problem you should write it using the evidence and analysis reports.
    • You should bear in mind when writing a discursive essay that the style is more impersonal and formal compared with other styles of assignments. Start the subject with an introduction. Address every issue of the essay in a single paragraph. Begin each article with a powerful sentence for the question. Paragraphs are normally followed by a counterargument paragraph with one point.

    Discursive Writing Topics

    It's just safer to have the right to shape your own idea. When working on a convincing essay, a student must gather all reliable and time-tested references in order to demonstrate his knowledge of the specific topic.

    Also if you are an expert in a particular area, don't hesitate to use external sources and reference them. This will point to your ability to collect only the most important sources and to pick them. In addition, you need direct and indirect quotes to help your academic writing style skills.

    Discursive writing topics can include topics like sports, health, and education to name a few. Let us discuss some important discursive writing topics:

    • Anything can be done to help teens keep their weights healthy?
    • Within the school system, physical education?
    • What is the true link between food, health, and weight?
    • Which are the Dietary detrimental effects?
    • Will society fight against anorexia?
    • Tobacco manufacturing and distribution must be made illegal.
    • The death penalty will be allowed in all countries around the world.
    • There needs to be a ban on smoking in public areas.
    • Alcohol usage should be tracked.
    • The use of animal species for study and cruel experiments should be banned
    • Should the degradation of the rainforests be punished?
    • To what degree are electric cars a Global Pollution Solution?
    • What are the pros and drawbacks of globalization?
    • Are contemporary people too technologically dependent?
    • Is it more powerful than imaginary online friends?
    • Is Internet censorship necessary?

    Discursive Essay Examples Higher English

    In today's world learning Shakespeare is outdated. Discussion.

    Although modern-day scholars have praised Shakespeare's works, writing styles are so obscure that one might claim that many of his works are only over-hyped boring stories. Others would strongly object, arguing that these plays tell timeless tales of human existence's more everlasting facets, such as vengeance, retribution, hope, love, and victory. Please clarify.

    Speech and listening are the most critical aspects of learning any foreign language: the least critical is writing.

    Basically speaking and listening skills is what empowers you to go out into the world with your own foreign language skills— to some degree of success. Writing is the least significant, with the advent of voice dictation on smartphones in particular. Many linguists disagree with the claim that writing is the exact capacity that helps link speech and listening. Explore.

    Slang, including slang from the song lyrics, should be included in advanced English classes. Discussion.

    Some may argue that slang is temporary, and while it is hip and loved by the young, it is not necessary for English language mastery. Others would disagree, saying that knowledge of the new slang is exactly what makes or destroys the advanced English abilities of someone.

    English is one of the most difficult or favorable languages to master. Discussion.

    Some learners of English argue that while English is written in Latin, its host of borrowed words means that it has irregular verb tenses and odd spelling rules. However, English is simple compared to so many other languages: there are no cases, there are no genders and it is always the subject-verb agreement to pick up. Explore the question.

    Discursive essay format

    Ike every essay article, a discursive essay follows a basic structure of essay writings that mainly includes an introduction, main body, conclusion & proper quotation.

    Part 1–Discursive Essay Introduction:

    Introduce a hook sentence at the very starting point-something that would sound interesting to the readers. Where you can provide a brief explanation of the issue, or use a quote or rhetorical question. Then pose the arguments on both sides, and summarize. The introduction should be brief where the knowledge needs to be explained specifically. The introductory part must be used in a discursive essay style.

    Part 2–Body part of the discursive essay:

    The next step follows the introduction section, which is the body part where you defined in detail the causes of the events. Because the main body paragraph is the key feature of discursive essay style, some important points must be considered when writing a body portion of the discursive essay including: Evaluate all aspects of the even carefully.

    1. Build 2-3 proof, argument, and logic in a separate paragraph to support your viewpoints.
    2. First, have the best evidence.
    3. Verify that you do not make any bias claims in this section.
    4. You can present the facts in a different way, which means that in the first paragraph there is evidence that supports your question of thesis and in the second paragraph there is evidence that is the opposite.
    5. Such a mixture of endorsing the essay and opposing it will make the essay clear.

    PART 3–Discursive Essay Conclusion:

    This is the last discursive essay. Each segment sets out the description of the key points that are raised in the body portion. You need to take your personal position on the matter here.

    You need to summarize the evidence presented and persuade the reader with your stance, without providing any new evidence. The closure is also the key point of discursive essay style so that the part of the conclusion will be transparent.

    Part 4-Citation:

    Ultimately, when you write a discursive essay, providing the referencing list is the most critical aspect of the discursive essay format. The quotation and ideas from previous works must have been included; you must reference them all. And after you have paraphrased those thoughts, then consider their key source. To write a simple shot referencing list, it's easier to mark down the details in a document by the time you've used those tools, saving a lot of time.

    Some important do’s and don’ts are as follows;

    • Using a formal but striking expression.
    • Provide proper headings and sub-headings.
    • Provide details in a sequence as needed.
    • To link, each paragraph uses the transition terms.
    • Provide correct referencing in accordance with the university guidelines.
    • Do not use any of the casual or informal languages.
    • Only use a term in any shorts.
    • Do not pretend to be an artist when writing; do not forget that a structured paper is being written.
    • Don't bring your personal experience into sentences.
    • Don't seek to show your personal opinion if it's not appropriate.