How to Write Aims and Objectives in 10000 Words Dissertation

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    How to Write Aims and Objectives in 10000 Words Dissertation

    Post By Admin On 18, May

    One of the most critical aspects of your dissertation is to articulate dissertation goals and objectives acceptably for 10000 words dissertation. This is because the purpose and objectives of research decide the research's reach, breadth, and overall direction. The research question is the study's main question, to be addressed based on research results. Study target aims to offer answers to the study query. Dissertation priorities split research purpose into multiple parts and answer each part separately. Besides, the study target determines WHAT needs to be explored, and the research goals provide a set of steps that will resolve the purpose of HOW to research. What is the difference in an academic sense between an aim and an objective? A detailed review is given hereby by a dissertation writing service.


    • A purpose or aspiration; what it hopes you will accomplish.
    • Aims are statements of intent, written generally.
    • Aims set out what you are planning to achieve at the project end.


    • Objectives employ unique assumptions that describe observable outcomes. For example: What steps are you going to take to get the desired result?
    • Aims to explain what you intend to do. Objectives explain how you can accomplish those goals. Here is how you will write aim and objectives for 1000 words dissertation:

    Dissertation Aim for 10000 Words Dissertation:

    1. The response to the problem is your dissertation aims: 'what are you doing? ’.
    2. You have to explain clearly what your goals are, and what you think you can achieve. Those are the targets.
    3. You may want to test the theory in a new scientific environment, extract entirely new theory, construct a new data set, replicate existing research, challenge existing ideology, etc. No matter what they are, express them simply, and do so early. Have them probably in your introduction and if you are smart you can write them in your abstract.
    4. Be clear. In the opening paragraphs, say in plain terms, 'the object of this study is to....'
    5. Then think of your goals as a statement of intent. They are a promise to the reader that you will do something about it. You are using the next two hundred pages or so to make the dream come true. If you're not making the promise, then the reader will not understand your follow-through. Simple as it would. As they act as the starting point for the analysis, there needs to be a flow from your goals to your research questions and inputs through your goals (more on this below) and then into the analysis itself. If you've completed your research and find that you answered another (not that uncommon) question, make sure your original objectives are still true. When they aren't, make them improve.

    There are a variety of things to keep in mind when writing up your aims for 10000 words dissertation:

    • Never mention too many. Your dissertation isn't as long as you think it's and you're not going to have more than about two or three times space.
    • Let be very precise when you write them up. Don't leave things so vague that you leave the reader uncertain or unclear about what you are aiming to achieve.
    • Verify that there is a reasonable flow between each of the goals. Together they should make sense and should each be separate components that, when put together, are greater than the sum of their parts.

    Dissertation Objectives for 10000 Words Dissertation:

    Your priorities satisfy the 'what are you doing' questions. The targets are the answer to the question 'how do you do it?' Research goals apply to the goals or actions you'll take to accomplish the targets. Only make sure they're SMART when you write them for your 10000 words dissertation:

    • Specific: Think about precisely and specifically what you are going to do
    • Measurable: How do you know when you have your goal achieved?
    • Achievable: Make sure you’re not too ambitious.
    • Realistic: Accept the time and cost limitations that come with doing a PhD and don't push too hard.
    • Time-constrained: Decide when to complete each target.

    Here you must be as clear as possible. Leave no doubt to the reader as to what you are going to do to accomplish your goals. Step by step. Don't leave ambiguity. At the same time be careful not to repeat your chapter on methods here. The only hint at the tools you use to frame the news. You will have plenty of space to fill out the detail in your discussion of methods. You'll probably have to talk in a complex language and juggle complicated concepts elsewhere in your dissertation. You don't do that here. You can write them in simple, concise sentences.