All About Sibling Rivalry That You Should Know

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    All About Sibling Rivalry That You Should Know

    Post By Admin On 23, Jun

    All the acts of jealousy, competition and fighting between the brothers and sisters are known as sibling rivalry. Almost all the parents who have two or more than two kids are facing this kind of problem from their children. The problem of the sibling rivalry starts just after the birth of the second kid. The impacts of the sibling rivalry will remain throughout the childhood of the children. The impacts of sibling rivalry are stressful and painful for the parents. The parents should try to play their positive role in overcoming the sibling rivalry between their children. For this reason, they should try to develop some essential skills like coordination among the children.

    Main Causes Of Sibling Rivalry:

    There are many causes of sibling rivalry. These causes are explained below;

    • All the children desire to show their talents, interests and activities. As a result, they try to compare these individual talents, interests and activities with their brothers and sisters. When they want to compete with them, this thing becomes a cause of it.
    • The children want to get an equal amount of attention from their parents. If parents fail to provide an equal amount of attention to their children, this thing also becomes a cause of it.
    • With the arrival of the new child, other children feel that their relationships with the parents are threatened. As a result, they have to face its issues just after the birth of a new child.
    • The individual habits of a child can also become a cause of sibling rivalry. For example, if a child feels tired or bored, he will be frustrated. Due to this frustration, he tries to fight with their brothers and sisters.
    • If parents show aggressive behaviour at home, their children will also fight with each other. This thing also become a cause of sibling rivalry. There is no solution to this kind of sibling rivalry.
    • If your children have to face stress issues, they have to face the problem of shortening fuses. As a result, their ability to tolerate the frustration will be decreased.

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    Tips To Solve Its Issues:

    The parents should take it seriously. Some essential tips to solve its issues are given below;

    • The parents should try to provide equal importance to their children. They should not give importance to one child over the other.
    • You should not compare the abilities of your children. For example, if your one child is getting good grades in mathematics, you should degrade the other children by showing her performance in mathematics. Its reason is that this thing will become a cause of conflicts between the children.
    • You should give importance to the individual talents and successes of your children. The best way to give importance to their talents and successes is to celebrate their successes.
    • You should try to create a sense of cooperation among your children. On the other hand, if you create a sense of completeness among the children, you will create conflicts among your children.
    • You should try to give enough time for your children. If you are giving enough time for your children, your children will not find enough time for the conflicts.
    • You should create plans for family activities. While creating plans for the family activities, you should consider the abilities and interests of all the children. It means that you should not show bias.

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    Effects Of Sibling Rivalry:

    There are some effects of the sibling rivalry. These effects can be negative as well as positive. These effects are given below;

    • It can become a cause of division among the parents. Its reason is that due to conflicts among the children, one parent takes the side of one child and other parent takes the side of the other child.
    • It can also become a cause of self-identity crisis among the children. Its reason is that due to sibling rivalry, the older children think that their parents are giving more importance to their younger brothers and sisters. They think that they don’t have value in the family.
    • Due to it, if you are not taking care of your children, this thing can also become a cause of violence. Due to violence, they can hit each other and they can create the problems of physical and mental damage.
    • It has also some positive impacts. Due to it, the children can also prepare themselves for the future.
    • It can also create a sense of competition among children. To compete with each other, they do more hard work.

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