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Structured Interview Questions

Examples of Structured Interview Questions in Qualitative Research

July 18, 2020
Research Papers
Albert Barkley

The qualitative research method is the market research method. Its main aim is to gather qualitative data from open-ended and conversational communication. While gathering data about a specific topic by qualitative research, you should try to know what and why people are thinking about a specific aspect. To conduct qualitative research, we have to design interview questions. For example, in a specific store, if the number of men visitors are more than the number of women visitors, you will have to design the interview questions to know this fact. Some examples of the interview questions in the qualitative research are given below;

For example, if you try to gather data about the persons who are feeling low back pain, you should design the following interview questions for them;

  1. What are your feelings when you experience low back pain?
  2. This question will provide you with an idea about the meaning of the pain.
  3. What are the impacts of daily life activities due to low back pain?
  4. This is the best question to get an idea about the daily life activities of the different people who are suffering from low back pain.
  5. How low back pain is affecting your relationships with your friends and family members?
  6. This is the best question to get an idea about the social relations of the people who are suffering from low back pain.
  7. What are the impacts of the low back pain in your relations with your partner?
  8. This is the best question to get an idea about their relationships with their partners.
  9. How are you trying to control low back pain?
  10. By getting an answer to this question, you will get an idea about strategies of the different people to overcome the low back pain.
  11. Which factors are influencing the low back pain?
  12. By getting an answer to this question, you will get an idea about the elements which are influencing or modulating the low back pain.

Similarly, if you want to gather the data about the behaviour of the under-16 shoplifters, you should ask the following questions from the interviewer;

  1. Why most of the people are engaged in the systematic shoplifting?
  2. How shoplifters justify their needs of shoplifting?
  3. What are the main causes of shoplifting in society?
  4. What are the impacts of shoplifting in society?
  5. What are the experiences of the shoplifters about the shoplifting?
  6. What is the role of advertising in increasing or decreasing the impacts of the shoplifting?
  7. What are the main influencers of shoplifting among young people?
  8. What are the views of the common people about the shoplifting?
  9. What are the views of the shoplifters about shoplifting?
  10. What are the impacts of the shoplifting on society?

To ask these questions, you will have to select such interviewer who has enough idea about the shoplifting. On the other hand, if you are selecting such interviewer who doesn’t have enough experience about the shoplifting, you can’t get satisfying answers to your questions. If a person has started a specific program, you can also conduct qualitative research from him by asking some questions as shared hereby by a dissertation help firm. The sample questions of this program are given below;

  1. What is your experience with this program?
  2. What are the strengths of this program?
  3. What are the weaknesses of this program?
  4. How this program has changed your way of life?
  5. What are the impacts of this program in your daily life activities?
  6. How to gain information form this program?
  7. How to use the information after gaining it from this program?
  8. What are the benefits of this program for your personal life?
  9. How are you providing benefits to other people from this program?
  10. How have you built this successful program?

If you want to know about the successes of the medical students, you should ask the following questions from them;

  1. How medical schools are improving your characters?
  2. What are your hobbies?
  3. What are the impacts of the hobbies or interests of a person on the success of a person?
  4. What are the most valued achievements of medical students?
  5. Why have you selected this field to serve the community?
  6. What key events have shaped your life?
  7. Who are the important persons in your life?
  8. Are you enjoying happy relationships with your family members?
  9. How different people have contributed to your success?
  10. What are your relationships with your parents and grandparents?

If you want to know the experiences of the students who have completed the Install course, you should ask the following questions from them:

  1. Is Install training experience was better or worse to you?
  2. What are the strengths of the Install training course?
  3. What are the weaknesses of the Install training experience?
  4. Which modules of the Install training experience are most important to you?
  5. What are the effects of the Install training experience on your life?
  6. After completing the Install training experience, how it has changed your university life?
  7. What are the thoughts of other people about this course?
  8. How Install training course is playing a vital role in improving your life skills?
  9. How Install training course has changed your emotions and thoughts?
  10. How Install training course has improved your learning performance?

You should be very careful while selecting the interview questions for qualitative research. For this reason, first of all, you should create a list of the points that you want to cover in your interview. After getting an idea about these points, you should prepare a list of the questions accordingly. While preparing this list of the questions, you should be very careful. It means that you should maintain the sequence of the questions. Before conducting the interview, you should also send the list of the questions to the interviewer. If he knows the questions, he can provide better answers to these questions. While conducting an interview, you should write down the main points of the interview. The use of a tape recorder is the best technique to get better answers to your questions.