5 Top Science Journals Where You Should Publish Research

Top Science Journals

A journal keeps a record of everything relevant to a specific subject. There are also some general journals. These journals keep a record of all the subjects. In the journals, you will find the best quality articles. Its reason is that articles are published in these journals after peer review. No doubt, the peer review and editing process of a journal are very difficult. After publishing your article in the journal, you can get lots of benefits. It is the best way to improve your writing and research skills. It is also the best way to experience the scholarly publication process. After publishing an article in the journal, you can connect with other researchers. Here, experts of a dissertation help firm will discuss the top five science journals that are suitable for you to publish research.

  • Science Mag:

Science Mag is offering the best platform for the students to publish their research. You can easily publish your article in this journal. Your article should be relevant to their requirements and its quality should be impressive. On this journal, you can find various opportunities to publish your research paper. First, you can publish the science articles in the ‘Science’ portion of this journal. Secondly, if you have written an article about the advancements in the scientific field, you can publish it in the ‘Science Advances’. Thirdly, you can also publish your articles relevant to robotics. You can publish these articles in the ‘Science Robotics’. You can also find out the science partner journal.

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  • PLOS One:

It is a peer-reviewed open access scientific journal. It is published by PLOS. PLOS (Public Library of Science) has been publishing the articles in this journal since 2006. On this journal, you will find the articles that are based on the primary research relevant to science and medicine. They are accepting the articles from the students. As a student, if you want to publish an article in this journal, you will have to meet their guidelines. When you will send an article for publication, they will send it to the board of academic editors. They will review your article. After reviewing your article, they will share their views about the article. If your article meets their guidelines, they will allow you to publish this article.

  • Journal of Food Science and Technology:

This important journal is accepting the peer-reviewed articles of all the branches of science, technology and food products. Anyhow, the most emphasis of this journal is on the fundamental and enhanced qualities of the food and technology. It is also the best journal that we can use to improve process efficiency. If you are going to publish an article in this journal, you should make sure that it should be relevant to the fundamental and applied research findings. You can also take an overview of the major areas of this journal. The major areas of this journal are biotechnological aspects of food, food and material engineering, food quality & safety and emerging technologies. If your article is relevant to one of these areas, you can publish it on this journal.

  • Journal of Chemical Sciences:

It is also the best platform for science students to publish original articles and rapid communications of various researchers. Anyhow, if you want to get quick acceptance of your research article, you should make sure that it should be relevant to the chemical sciences. If you want to publish an article in this journal, you will have to subscribe to this journal. The most important feature of this journal is that it is discussing some special issues relevant to the chemical sciences. When you are going to publish an article in this journal, you should read out the responsibilities and ethics of the authors.

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  • Journal of Biomedical Sciences:

On this journal, you can publish high quality and peer-reviewed articles. These high quality and peer-reviewed articles are published within the science, technology and engineering. Another important feature of this journal is that they will provide necessary support and assistance to the publishers. With the help of this support and assistance, you can easily overcome all the mistakes in your journal. When you will publish the research articles on this journal, you can easily get access to your articles from anywhere in the world. While publishing an article on this journal, you don’t need to wait for months. They will peer-review your articles quickly and try to provide instant comments on your articles. Anyhow, while publishing your article, you should make sure that the quality of your articles should be impressive. Its reason is that during the peer review, they reject the poor quality research papers.

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