50 Interesting Argumentative Topics 2021

An essay in which you will have to present arguments on both sides of the issue is an argumentative essay. While writing an argumentative essay, you should make sure that you have presented both sides of the essay equally balanced. In some cases, you can explain one side more forcefully than the other side. It depends upon the writers. He can support any side of the essay. The writers should try to write an argumentative essay by following a straightforward structure. The readers can easily understand the straightforward structure of an argumentative essay. When you are writing an argumentative essay, you should present your point of views, reasoning and evidence. While writing an argumentative essay, you will have to select a topic idea. Here, experts of The Academic Papers UK will discuss 50 interesting argumentative topics.

  1. What is the effectiveness of the current taxation system?
  2. Should we pay more to men than women in the corporate sector?
  3. Is it good to check the competency of the students with their test scores?
  4. Is life is incomplete without faith?
  5. Are teenagers feeling more comfortable on social media rather than face to face interactions?
  6. Is it important for girls to select STEM subjects?
  7. Why are standardized tests important for the students?
  8. Is reading necessary to become a smart person?
  9. Importance of homeschooling and public school education system for students
  10. Are hate crimes growing in the high schools?
  11. Is reality TV close to real life?
  12. Teachers are playing more role in shaping the children than parents
  13. Can we improve our mood by eating chocolate?
  14. Is there a need for uniform language in the world?
  15. Should governments allow human cloning?
  16. Online dating is destroying the essence of the old school dating
  17. Are video gamers true athletes?
  18. Should we broadcast alcohol and tobacco ads on sports events?
  19. We should ban hunting for fun and sport
  20. Can we reduce the risks of diseases by owning pets?
  21. Are emotional support animals helping lonely people?
  22. Should we enforce stronger laws against animal cruelty?
  23. Can we make a difference with LED lights?
  24. We should allow the teenager marriages in society
  25. Technology is important for the education system
  26. We should make programming compulsory for the students
  27. The government should allow the schools to test their students against drugs
  28. Effectiveness of the death penalty punishment for the criminals
  29. Is it ethical to use animals for performing experiments?
  30. It was easy to live 100 years ago than today
  31. Should corporate sectors provide paternity leaves to their male workers?
  32. Role of the age in the success or failure of the relationships
  33. Can we allow torture under specific circumstances?
  34. Is cheating increasing every day?
  35. Social media is increasing the employment rate in society
  36. Is it possible to create easiness in business by using social media sites?
  37. Can artificial technology replace doctors in the future?
  38. Literate people can become better parents
  39. Can we learn the Spanish language easily?
  40. Is fast food making the people fat?
  41. Should we remove the grading system in the modern education system?
  42. Should rich people do more tax than poor people?
  43. Is it true to ban all the energy drinks?
  44. Should companies copy the strategies of their competitors?
  45. Is it dangerous to use cell phones?
  46. Should we ban cigarette smoking at the government level?
  47. Athletes should have high moral values
  48. Are self-driving cars legal?
  49. Is it legal to replace human workers with robots?
  50. Should we pay the college athletes in the colleges?

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