How to Articulate a Dissertation? A Complete Guide

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A thesis or dissertation is a part of academic writings. It is a long piece of writing based on the original research. Students from all education levels have to submit this work at the end of their degree. Students especially, from undergraduate and postgraduate degrees are supposed to submit their dissertation before completing their degree. The articulation and structure of the dissertation are completely based on the discipline or the field of your study. It is divided into different parts. … Continue reading “How to Articulate a Dissertation? A Complete Guide”

Understanding OSI Reference Model with In-Depth Detail

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The OSI Model stands for Open System Interconnection Model. This reference model is a conceptual and logical framework that is used to explain the functions of a networking system. This model is also used to describe the packet transfer of computers by using different layers of protocols and defines a logical network regarding these protocols. The OSI reference model is characterized by certain points like You can only create a layer when you need a definite level of abstraction, each … Continue reading “Understanding OSI Reference Model with In-Depth Detail”