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Month: October 2021

5 Reasons to Use Dissertation Writing Services

October 18, 2021
Albert Barkley

A dissertation is also termed as a thesis. In different countries, it is used for different educational levels. For example, some countries use the term of dissertation at graduation levels. While others use this term for the post-graduation level. The purpose of a dissertation is to develop research skills within the students. An advisor always […]

Top 10 AI Marketing Topics for Your Dissertation

October 16, 2021
Albert Barkley
AI Marketing

Artificial Intelligence (AI) usually deals with developing machines, robots, and software. The prime focus of this process is to act like human beings. The future of the world will be brighter with the help of AI. It will be the era where machines and robots will be as knowledgeable as humans. They will perform different […]

Writing an Annotated Bibliography: A Comprehensive Guide

October 08, 2021
Research Papers
Albert Barkley
Guide for Annotated Bibliography

An annotated bibliography is a type of document that provides a short summary of each reference. This summary relates the research topic and research references. When you are conducting research on a topic, you provide a complete list of references. These are the references that helped you throughout your research. If you fail to provide […]

What is Content Analysis? Advantages and Disadvantages

October 06, 2021
Albert Barkley
Content Analysis

Content analysis is a method that identifies certain themes and concepts in the data. The thematic analysis quantifies the data available in a qualitative form. This technique uses different types of data, including speeches, conversations, text, and others. Different types of data may also analyze in a single study. To analyze the data, researchers create […]

What is Thematic Analysis? Advantages and Disadvantages

October 02, 2021
Albert Barkley
Thematic Analysis

What is Thematic Analysis? Thematic analysis is a technique to identify, analyse, and interpret patterns. Especially those generated through qualitative data. Thematic analysis is a very useful technique for conducting research on qualitative data. Researchers use this method for taking a more in-depth understanding of the data. It is used for the understanding of experiences, […]