Top 10 AI Marketing Topics for Your Dissertation

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    Top 10 AI Marketing Topics for Your Dissertation

    Post By Admin On 16, Oct

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) usually deals with developing machines, robots, and software. The prime focus of this process is to act like human beings. The future of the world will be brighter with the help of AI. It will be the era where machines and robots will be as knowledgeable as humans. They will perform different works like humans too. Once they are completely functional, they will replace humans at key positions. Here comes the most crucial question. Are these machines capable of replacing humans? Will they be able to perform daily tasks as efficiently as humans? This article by The Academic Papers UK aims to discuss the top 10 topics for a dissertation in AI marketing. It will also help you in grasping the research aims of these topics. Let’s discuss them in detail;

    Topic 1:

    The Role of Machine Learning and AI for The Next Generation Wearable Devices.

    Research Aims:

    The prime focus of this research topic is to analyse the role of machine learning. It will also interlink this role with big data in the future devices. This research aims to focus on the health and wellbeing of humans. These machines will help improve health with the help of AI. You can divide this study into different parts. At first, it will focus on machine learning and its role. Later on, you can focus on machine learning through wearable devices.

    Topic 2:

    Automation, Machine Learning, and AI Marketing for The Medical Field.

    Research Aims:

    This research topic aims to analyse the role of machine learning with the help of AI in medical field. It is interesting to know that AI plays an important role in the medical field. It will help the medical specialist in diagnosing, and later on prescribing the treatment. So this study aims to provide valuable insights to doctors for the proper treatment. These machines will also help doctors in conducting a test before the occurrence of any disease.

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    Topic 3:

    Robotics, AI, and its Impacts on a Business.

    Research Aims:

    Nowadays, the business world is highly competitive. The nature of business is changing very fast because of advancements in technology. In this regard, AI and robotics are also playing an important role. The prime focus of this research topic is to analyse the impacts of AI on businesses. Apart from this, once it is fully functional, it will replace humans too. So it is crucial to analyse the future of AI within the business world.

    Topic 4:

    AI Marketing Governance: Ethical and Social Challenges.

    Research Aims:

    This research topic aims to analyse the ethical and social challenges of AI. With every passing day, AI is taking over the world. In this regard, many people have reservations. People think that the advancement of technology keeps an eye on daily activities. They are demanding a fair and transparent use of AI. It will analyse legal, and social challenges that might impact the lives of human beings. This qualitative research will also provide solutions about the fair usage of AI.

    Topic 5:

    Quantum Computing (QC) and its Impacts on Improving AI.

    Research Aims:

    QC is revolutionising the field of AI. If these two fields start working together, it will change the face of various other fields. Fields like medicine, business, and the economy are the major ones that will change. This research will also explain the application of QC. It will also explain how powerful it is when it works with AI.

    Topic 6:

    Developing Intelligent System (IS) and the Role of Deep Learning in AI Marketing.

    Research Aims:

    Deep learning is the sub-branch of AI. It usually accesses various factors to complete a task. It might access factors like the human neuro system that is intelligent enough. This research topic aims to discuss the role of deep learning in developing SI. In this regard, you can also develop deep learning algorithms. It will also help you in understanding the SI along with AI. You can also discuss the role of deep learning while developing new machines.

    Topic 7:

    AI and the role of Natural Language Processing (NLP)

    Research Aims:

    NLP is another important aspect of AI. It gives machines the ability to read and understand the human language. It also helps them in interpreting the human language. With the help of NLP, it helps machines analyse human sentiments. The prime focus of this research topic is to analyse the role of NLP in AI.

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    Topic 8:

    Application of Computer Vision and Role of AI.

    Research Aims:

    Another important sub-field of AI marketing is computer vision. With the help of this, systems become more intelligent. Later on, it also helps them analyse pictures, and other visuals. This research topic aims to research different parts. First, it will analyse the role of computer vision with AI. Later on, this research will present a framework. It will help the readers understand how computer vision works with AI.

    Topic 9:

    Role of Recommender in E-commerce.

    Research Aims:

    Recommender is another useful application of AI. It uses algorithms for making relevant suggestions to its users. It can use algorithms for a product, service, or a movie search. Once the user searches, he will receive a lot of recommendations. So this research topic aims to analyse the role of a recommender in the e-commerce business. It will also highlight how a businessman can implement it for his business.

    Topic 10:

    The use of the Internet of Things (IoT) in AI.

    Research Aims:

    IoT and AI are two separate tools but at the same time, they are both very powerful. IoT helps you in connecting your devices wirelessly. It will help them perform different tasks without human intervention. When you combine these two tools, it will help in analysing human behavior. In short, this research topic aims to discuss the use of IoT with AI.


    Nowadays, technology is changing at a much faster rate. With the advancement in technology, there is a clear difference in human lives. The best use of technology in modern times is gained through artificial intelligence. It helps develop the machines, software, and robots. These are capable of performing any task just like the humans. There is a saying that in the future, it will replace humans as well. This article discussed few dissertation topics. These topics will help you in better understanding the role of AI, and how you can communicate this through your research.

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