Top 5 Resources Where You Can Get Free Dissertation Proposal Template

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Top 5 Resources Where You Can Get Free Dissertation Proposal Template
Post By tapaflcouk On 13, Jan

Considering already published work is helpful in making a dissertation proposal template. Not only in dissertation writing proposal but reading data from credible resources will also help your manuscript stand out. Reading will add new words to your vocabulary as well. It will enhance your potential in terms of finding target-oriented keywords for your discipline. It’s worth appreciating that many universities have made their databases for the sake of convenience. Because exploring such databases will help you in making a research map. These databases also contain data about who had worked on a similar topic, and what were the ways through which he/she got the results.

In many universities, these databases are accessible only for their students. But many other universities make it accessible for the general public too. In short, universities’ databases are, to some extent, difficult to access for the general public. So this article highlights the top five resources that may help you in getting a free dissertation proposal template.

Academia is one of the most reputable solutions to all academic issues. It is a legit organisation that has more than 150 million users across the world. It is a registered company that is working in collaboration with the US educational sector’s regulation. For those who’re afraid of scammers, it should be highlighted that Academia publishes all contact details for better traceability. So you can trust the claims on, which is its official page. Further, you can go through the academic services of academia too that are given as follows;

  • Academia allowed its users to share their work with a community of about 172 million researchers. In dissertation proposal writing, Academia’s robust analytics services can help in defining the research path. Further, once you sign in to the official page, you can find a reputed person with the same research interest for free.
  • Moreover, Academia is a way to streamline the relevant research discovery. Here, you can get access to about more than 18 million academic research papers. These papers can direct you to compelling research topics, and dissertation proposal templates as well.
  • The most convenient service provided by Academia is that it will unlock the most powerful tool for your research tasks.

Above all, academia is available for all. You too can get the benefits of its services. This is made easier since it’s a trustworthy, and user-friendly website. If you don’t want to sign in to due to any reason, don’t worry. You can explore the other options too.


For a person who aims to stay connected with scientific knowledge of the world, ResearchGate is the best option. ResearchGate is fascinating as by using it, you can access over 135 million publications. It is the best platform if you want to upgrade your scientific library. It can help researchers in researching the world’s latest trends as well. Visiting topic pages option at ResearchGate’s website facilitates can provide its users with field-specific research. Moreover, the most prominent reason for its popularity is its collaboration facilities.

ResearchGate is moving with a motto that ‘in order to better the world, science has to better itself’. They are doing so by connecting you with a non-stop social research network. It also provides a self-evaluation platform. At ResearchGate, you can track your own impact factor. This reports how many people like, share, cite, or consider your research work. It’s published articles, or papers can also help you in getting dissertation proposal templates for free.

MyScienceWork: The Global Scientific Platform

MyScienceWork was established in 2010 by Virginie Simon (a PhD biotech engineer), and Tristan Davaille (a financial engineer). It is a community of about 120 million patents, which promotes easy access to the scientific world. It offers unrestricted/non-stop diffusion of knowledge to science as well.

MyScienceWork creates a community of professional scientists from all around the world. A user can deposit, or discover recent research related to any discipline through this website. For research institutes, students, and publishers, MyScienceWork provides a data-driven solution which enhances their work in this domain.

In the near future, MyScienceWork wants to empower the research industries, and institutes with the following aspects;

  • More transparency.
  • Knowledge gap bridging abilities.
  • Improvement regarding research funding abilities.
  • Better searching, and publishing tools.

In other words, MyScienceWork’s vision is increasing science accessibility. This is because more accessibility will improve data sharing among the research institutes.


If you’re seeking resources for getting dissertation proposal templates, Mendeley can help you. For those who don’t know what Mendeley is, let’s introduce it first. Mendeley is a free reference managing tool. It helps the researchers in sorting, storing, citing, and sharing research references, as well as scientific data. It is as famous as an automated bibliographies generator due to this facility that it provides. Also, it offers free online collaboration with other praiseworthy publishers as well. Further, it can facilitate its users in importing papers from other research software too.

Mendeley community is inspiring people with a unique motto. They claim that Mendeley brings research to the researcher’s life. They do this to assist you in making your impact tomorrow. Through Mendeley, you can reach over 100 million cross-published articles. Your entry to the world’s largest research communities will be a trouble-free way of getting a free dissertation proposal template.

Till now, we’ve discussed four resources through which you can get a free dissertation proposal template. I hope that you find these services both promising, and exciting. But if you still want to explore other options, then may help you. This is because their experts are experienced within this domain of dissertation proposal writing.

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