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Free Resources to Get Dissertation Topics Help
Post By tapaflcouk On 26, Jan

You must prepare yourself for university in early high school life. However, the system of universities can be completely different from those of schools. High schools can teach you a lot about university life. You’ll make assignments there and submit them to your teachers. The only difference is that a dissertation is a long and detailed research work. The teachers help you in choosing a topic at school. But in universities, no one is there to guide you about the topic and you’ll need dissertation topics help. The students are supposed to choose to their research topics and area of interest on their own.

The need for help is obvious. So,  from where can students get this help? The answer is simple. They can use online free resources to get dissertation topics help. Now, you would be thinking about what those resources are and the credibility of those online websites. Today’s article is all about this. The online resources listed below will not be my recommendations. But these are the suggestions made by several graduates from MIT. Thus, to get dissertation topics help, this guide will be enough for you.

Free Online Resources

It’s much easier to work on a task when you have some great samples. The online databases will help you to find research that has been done in your area of study over the years. Reading those research papers and articles will make this easy for you to choose a dissertation topic. Also, they will help you know what has already been done in your field and what needs to be explored. So, without wasting any time further, let’s go to our main topic. A brief description of all best and top free online resources is as follows;


The first free online resource is researchgate. It has been one of the best and tested resources serving students and researchers since 2008. The two researchers Dr. Ijad Madisch and Dr. Sören Hofmayer started this database. Currently, it is among the top best dissertation and research papers databases. The number of users of researchgate is more than 20 million. Regardless of your area of research and field, you can find the best research articles here.

The database of researchgate has more than 135 million publications from all over the world. Now, think for a moment. 135 million is not a small number. The diversity and the number of online articles make it the best online free database. Another top benefit of this resource is downloading every research paper for free for later use. It is highly possible that you can get the best dissertation topics help from here.


The second online free resource to get dissertation topics help is ScienceDirect. The primary researches on this website are from the Dutch publisher Elsevier. This database was founded in 1997 and is still performing. It is the second large database after researchgate and contains scientific and medical publications. There are about 18 million pieces of content on this website from 4000 journals and 30,000 e-books.

It contains research on almost every field. From engineering to science and physics and life sciences, it covers every subject in detail. The exciting thing is that most of the content on this website is free. Sometimes, it makes demand money from you for some research articles. With an active student account, you can download them for free also. It has 1.4 million open access articles of different areas of study. In those 1.4 million, you may find 100 or 200 related to your field. Thus, this website offers you a high chance of getting dissertation topics help.

The Academic Papers UK

It is my favourite and the best free online resource to get dissertation topics help. The resources mentioned above operate worldwide but donot offer customise help. This website performs mainly from the UK and offer tailored made proposals and dissertations. It is the most trusted website that UK students have ranked. The students of MIT who gave this suggestion mainly were from the UK. This online resource has more than 1000 expert researchers who are native speakers of the English language. Moreover, this free resource has more than 2000 dissertations samples on their website. The students of any field can go to their website to choose the right topic for their dissertations.

The plus point of this resource is that they also provide dissertation help. Most students choose a topic that would impress their teachers. They may find such a topic. In the end, they couldn’t work on those topics. They seek help from outside. So, in this regard, the academic papers UK should be your topmost choice. You can select your topic from there and assign them to write your dissertation. They have the best researchers to help you.


The next free online resource is JSTOR. It is also an online database website and has published work of more than 1200 authors from 57 countries worldwide. The plus point is that it is not primarily a content resource. You can find maps, books, images, and journals there. Talking about the range of collection of research, it has research articles on almost every field. The yearly reach of JSTOR is around 81 million from 170 countries of the world. This reach makes it the number one website to read the research papers. When it comes to downloading, you may face some difficulties.

But there is another website that can unlock the paid papers for you freely. The name of that website is You need to put the paper’s link on the website. It will unlock that paper for you. After opening, you can download the research article for later use. Therefore, JSTOR and both provide the best dissertation topics help.

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Selecting a topic for your dissertation is no more a problem. The internet has made this world a global village. Anyone can access the research of any researcher sitting at his home. The online free resources mentioned above are the best to get dissertations topic help. There are some other free resources as well, like Scribbr and Academia. You can visit them too.

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