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Learn Scholarship Essay Writing With Best Examples
Post By The Academic Papers On 11, Feb

One of the biggest dreams of any student is to get a full fee waiver and stipend for higher education. But winning a scholarship is not simply a walkover. It takes days to complete the application process for the scholarship. In fact, the scholarship application process comprises several steps. It starts with searching for the scholarship of interest, filling out the application form, to catering to the scholarship essay writing for submission. As per students' experiences, the most difficult or time-consuming part of the scholarship application process is scholarship essay writing.

What Are Scholarship Essays?

A scholarship essay aims to present a case before the scholarship committee to show that you are a perfect candidate. In other words, in scholarship essays, a student writes to convince the committee that he is exactly the person who deserves the announced scholarship. It is an opportunity for the students to sketch their personalities. Moreover, it is the platform to showcase academic achievements and anything that is a subject of pride in your life. Unlike other forms of writing, scholarship essay writing demands a student to become expressive and impressive at the same time.

Guide to Scholarship Essay Writing:

Apparently, the purpose of scholarship essay writing is effort to win a scholarship. But there is not a simple format to stand out. The typical structure of such essays depends greatly on the type of scholarship the students are applying for. Thus, a few things that can take your scholarship essay to the next level are as follows:

To learn the scholarship essay writing process, the better approach is to divide it into three major steps:

  1. Planning phase:
  2. Writing phase:
  3. Editing phase:

How to Outline a Scholarship Essay?

An hour of planning can save hours of doing. The same is true for scholarship essay writing as well. Planning helps you decide on a good, unique and original essay for yourself. A scholarship essay is a letter that strongly impacts the committee's decision, which ultimately decides whether to award you the scholarship or not.

Before writing a scholarship essay, students should search for specific templates. Moreover, extensive reading helps in selecting keywords and making a thesis statement. In a scholarship essay, before writing, the student should plan for a question first, 'Why do you need this scholarship?' Depending upon the answer to this question, the scholarship essay may be of two types:

  • A scholarship essay focuses on the financial aids
  • A scholarship essay focuses on the future goals

In the planning phase of the scholarship essay writing, you need to decide on any of the above writing themes. After that, you can start writing on it.

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How Do you Write a Scholarship Essay?

The chances of success of a well-planned scholarship essay are far greater than an unplanned one. After planning, the next phase is scholarship essay writing. Like other essays, the scholarship essay also has some common parts, which are mentioned below. In all these parts, the purpose of writing is to tell the committee why you need this scholarship.


As far as the writing process is concerned, scholarship essays should hold a strong and appealing introduction. The introduction should be attractive and persuasive enough to grasp the committee's attention. Hence, to make an introduction engaging, the writer should keep his tone inspiring and positive. For example, in the financial type of scholarship essay, you can show the positive impact of financial hardships on your personality.

Body of the Essay

After making a noteworthy introduction, the next step is to keep a good structure for the body paragraphs. Actually, scholarship essays do not need to have many distinctive body paragraphs. The paragraphs include technical and complex information. But a good researcher always makes the body easy to understand by interconnecting all ideas. The most important task in writing body paragraphs is to make sure that the reader can read with as much effort as possible. The planning phase will help you structure the body paragraphs properly.


The third part of a scholarship essay is the conclusion. The conclusion of scholarship essay writing is somewhat different from the conclusions of other types of essays. Typically, thinking out of the box seems awkward to the students. But this is not true; here, you can write something surprising and innovative. The typical trend to sum up all points in the conclusion does not work well in scholarship essay writing.

How Do You Edit Your Scholarship Essay?

The last part of the scholarship essay writing process is editing. Editing seems shortest, but an essential part of the scholarship essay writing process, as it helps you structure your essay perfectly. A useful tip for picking the mistakes from your essay is to read it aloud. A scholarship letter containing dozens of mistakes can irritate or have a negative effect on the committee's decisions.

The above guide explains how to construct a winning-style scholarship essay for you. In addition, in scholarship essay writing, you must not use specific heads for each part. It is time to show a few good scholarship-winning essay examples.

Winning Scholarship Essay Examples

Example #1: 500 Words Essay for Scholarship

Topic-To Focus on Your Financial Needs

Improving healthcare standards for the public is among the trendiest topics of discussion, especially in the United States. According to experts' opinions, Americans should focus on accessible health assurance so that even a common person can benefit from healthcare facilities. In contrast, I believe we should make healthcare providers access to improve healthcare standards. Often, the healthcare practitioners like nurses remain unappreciated despite their endless efforts. I want to become a nurse so that I can save humanity. I am very passionate about being a part of the US nursing community. To become a valuable healthcare practitioner or nurse, professional training is of paramount importance. After winning this scholarship, I could continue my nursing training at one of the world's best nursing communities.

I belong to a small countryside town. There is only one healthcare provider in the nearest hospital. Unfortunately, for the services, the charges vary from person to person. Sometimes, it becomes difficult to even get an appointment. I myself take online notes or search for remedies to treat some ailments. My passion for facing emergencies came from my elder brother, who is a part of a rescue team. I have the courage to know more about the nursing profession, which is why I am applying for this scholarship. Otherwise, my financial status never let me turn my dream into reality.

My Academic Perspectives:

Further, I have completed my intermediate level of education at a government college on the street corner. I was one of the most brilliant students in my class- a teacher's pet. I have good basic written and verbal communication skills because of my all-time favourite hobby- reading newspapers. In addition, I am always ready to learn new things. So I find myself the right candidate for this scholarship.

It is obvious to think that why I prefer nursing to serve humanity, though there are plenty of others too. The reason is that becoming a nurse in rural areas is more beneficial. In rural areas, there is a scarcity of hospitals and technical staff. Further, being a nurse, I will serve patients to change their fortunes. Besides, I also have many other plans to pursue my medical education after getting this scholarship. This scholarship is not an opportunity for me, but it will determine the fate of a whole town.

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Example #2: Scholarship Essay to Reflect Your Financial Needs

Facing difficulties and challenges can make us wiser, more compassionate and strong. Likewise, according to Friedrich Nietzsche, a thing that does not kill you can make you strong. I made this sentence a motivational factor to deal with hardships. In reality, I am blessed with the world's best parents, who gave me all the love, respect and courage that a child dreams of having. But the only thing they could not afford for me was pocket money. They could not earn enough to give me a luxurious life. They hardly bear my government school's fees. My father has taken extra responsibilities so that I may not deprive of basic education.

Childhood financial hardship was difficult to face. I have heard many times that after every night, the morning comes. Despite my endless courage, I am still waiting for that morning to make me financially independent. But my little sister is suffering from AA amyloidosis- a rare genetic disease. My parents are doing their best to afford the best treatment to help my sister live a normal life. In this scenario, asking for money for my higher education seems unsuitable. These hardships taught me to consolidate my willpower, but they could not teach me how to stop dreaming. I still have dreams of becoming the world's best economist. At the same time, becoming a world's renowned economist is not possible without necessary financial assistance.

I started earning in my childhood, that is, so I know the value of each penny. In short, this scholarship will be a golden opportunity for me. So, please consider me a potential candidate for this scholarship.


In general, the purpose of scholarship essay writing is to convince the committee that you are the right person to earn it. But there are different ways to do so, as explained in the above examples. On the whole, you can get clues from these examples for writing a winning scholarship essay for you.  Still, if you have any confusion about scholarship essay writing, you can get our essay help online.