How is bestbritishessays-com misleading our clients

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    How is bestbritishessays-com misleading our clients

    Post By Admin On 14, Feb

    Most students worldwide often require a helping hand to get their assignments done on time. They hire essay services for their tasks and pay them to do so. Due to advancements in advertisement technology, every scammer and fraudulent service can advertise its services. On the internet, they portray themselves as the best. But in reality, they have nothing to do with writing and such services. The sole purpose of such websites is only to mislead customers of authentic websites and attract them towards their services. Therefore, students need to know who is right and wrong in this global jungle of writing services.

    Keeping this in view, our today’s article is on the such website that posts negative comments about our authentic writing services. The name of that website is This website is misleading the customers of by posting fake reviews.

    How Is It Misleading and Promoting Its Own Businesses?

    Having understood that this website is misleading our customers, let’s unveil their way of doing so. It uses several tricks to divert the attention of our customers from our authentic service. We will explain all its tricks and a logical explanation of each ploy.

    Not Approving the Positive Reviews

    Every individual has a right to expression, and he can post his unbiased reviews on anything anywhere. A personal review is a thing that many students read to evaluate a service. This website does not let others post positive reviews about the website, which is very wrong. Whenever someone posts a positive review about, they immediately disapprove of it. This unethical activity of this website clearly tells everything about its purpose. Their sole purpose is to destroy our reputation.

    Also, this website uses a fake review system. When you go to the comment section to write a comment about our website, it simply blocks the comment. In fact, no one can publish a review on the website. It clearly tells the reviewers that the comment window is fake. The only publisher of negative comments about our website is Thus, it proves that it only promotes its own business by defaming other authentic websites.

    Fake Ratings

    The ratings on about are also fake. When we look into the website, there is no rating system. The question is, without any rating system in the comment section, how do they rate the website? A logical thinker can readily observe the fakeness of this website. It is very immoral and unethical behaviour of this website to mislead our customers using such unethical means.

    On the other hand, when we look at their websites, they have a rating of 9 stars out of 10. Think for a moment; a website that does not have a rating system in its system gets nine stars; what do you think about this? Yes, you are right. It is a totally fake website with no agenda other than defaming our legitimate and authentic service.

    Other Websites

    Some other businesses are also pulling the legs of our veritable service. Their only purpose is to promote their own business by defaming others with fake reviews. A few of them are listed below.

    Along with, also posts fake reviews and ratings against our website. The system of this website does not allow others to post any reviews. The creators of the website have all the control over the reviews. Whenever we try to post a comment, they say we have saved your comment. After seeing that the comment is in support of, they disapprove of it and do not post on the website.

    It is the hypocrisy of this business, and it is misleading our customers by posting fake comments. There are only three comments on the site about our service whenever we see them. For months, there have been only three reviews. The logic says that if our rating is as bad as they claim, why are there only three comments? The fact is that those three negative comments are fake and auto-generated. This website is just trying to mislead our valuable customers.

    This fake website also publishes fake reviews about our genuine and authentic services as well as our writers. Being a company that has been serving students for the past ten years, all our writers are UK based. Talking about qualifications, not a single writer is having Masters’ qualification. But this website claims that we only have unqualified and non-native writers. This is very wrong for this website, and it is just misleading our loyal customers.

    Moreover, even though it does not have a rating-based review system, the reviews are in the form of ratings. The evaluation system is the same as, which does not let others post comments or reviews. These things point to one common thing: misleading our customers and promoting their own businesses.

    Again another website with the name is defaming our most trusted and reliable services. Quality is something that we have never compromised on. This website states that we failed to deliver quality work which is totally fake. The reviews and rating system is also not authentic. Although there is a star-based rating system in the comment section, it is still fake. There are the names of reviewers that have never ever taken our services. How can a person review who has never taken our service before? It surely indicates that the reviews are fake and auto-generated.

    Moreover, this site promotes its own websites and gives higher ratings to those websites. Just think for a moment, how can a site have a rating of 4.8 out of 5? To infer, it is pretty simple to figure out. It uses a tailored rating system to give itself fake ratings.


    All in all, the rating and review systems of the sites mentioned above are considered as forgery. They are just trying to defame the UK’s best writing service provider and mislead its customers.