Top 8 World History Research Paper Topics To Start Research

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Top 8 World History Research Paper Topics To Start Research
Post By tapaflcouk On 23, Jun

History is a broad subject, and the scope of world history is vast. Choosing history research paper topics to start research is difficult for students. Sometimes the instructors assign the research topics to students, making it easier for them to start research. However, the instructors often expect the students to find an appropriate topic. It is difficult for many students to start from grand ideas and narrow down the topics by themselves. There is nothing to worry about because here, the best researchers of The Academic Papers UK have compiled a list of top 8 world history research paper topics for you.

The Role Of Religion In Greek Life

The role of religion in Greek life is at the top of our list of world history research paper topics. Religion had crucial importance for the Greeks, and it had a significant impact on the social and political life of people. The Ancient Greeks valued religion highly and thought it would protect them and contribute to a richer, happier life. Ancient Greeks held the belief that if they treated the gods with the proper respect and appreciation, the gods would look after them when they passed away. You can further narrow down this scope to assess the following aims and objectives:

  • The impact of religion on the social life of Greeks
  • The impact of religion on the political affairs of the Greeks
  • The impact of religion on arts and literature in the Greek society

Roman History

You can select numerous history research topics from Roman History since roman History is quite broad. You can focus on Roman History's social, political, legal, and economic aspects. Also, you can discuss the war expeditions led by Romans against the barbarians. Furthermore, you can analyse the role of Roman emperors and senators in Roman society. Here is how you can narrow down the roman history research topic to the following sub-components:

  • How did Rome become an empire? (Rome was a republic in the beginning, and it became an empire in 27 BC when Augustus Caesar declared himself the emperor)
  • What were the greatest contributions of Romans? You can discuss the legacy of Romans, such as law, architecture, democracy, sanitation, aqueducts, road networks and warfare.

English History

English History can provide you with a list of world history research topics. The History of Anglo-Saxons is quite rich and varied. You can discuss the historical events, personalities, and social and political life of English society. Here is a list of potential world history research topics you can choose from English History:

  • Tudor History: The achievements of Henry VII
  • Tudor History: Reformation of Church under Henry VIII
  • The rise of Protestantism in England: Causes and Origins
  • The reign of Edward VI: A divided empire over religious issues
  • The economic and social transformation of England under Queen Elizabeth I

US History

Students can select a wide range of history research paper topics from US history. US history encompasses major events and transformations you can study for your research. The History of the United States is shorter than English History and much more interesting. You can analyse the following US history research paper topics for your research:

  • What was Boston Tea Party, and what were its causes?
  • What were the implications of Jacksonian democracy on American society?
  • The cause of the American civil war and its effects on the eradication of slavery in America
  • What were the experiences of African Americans in the years 1890 to 1920?
  • What was the foreign policy of the United States during the years 1867-1902?
  • American involvement in the Second World War: Causes and Implications
  • The role of the United States in global politics after the end of the Second World War
  • The role of the United States in ushering the Atomic Age
  • The origins of Cold War: Role of Harry S. Truman and Stalin
  • What were the characteristics of Eisenhower's foreign policy?
  • The economic boom and its impact on consumerism in American society during Eisenhower's Presidency
  • The rise of the New Left in the 1960s and its impact on the civil rights movement in the United States

Modernity in Europe

Modernity in Europe dates to Renaissance, the Scientific revolution, and industrialisation in Europe. You can analyse a wide range of history research paper topics. Here are the potential research paper topics that you can choose for your research:

  • The impact of the Italian Renaissance on the revival of Greek ideas in European society
  • The role of writers in bringing a social and political change in Europe
  • Printing Age and its impact on the Reformation in Europe
  • Scientific Revolution was a prelude to industrialisation

Chinese History

You can find an interesting range of history research paper topics on Chinese History. Chinese History is rich and varied, and you can choose the following topics for your research:

  • Confucianism in Chinese Society
  • The early scientific discoveries in China
  • Maoist Revolution in China
  • How did China become an industrial economy?

History of Sub-Continent

The History of the sub-continent is rich and complex. You can choose interesting history research paper topics and analyse South Asian History. Here is a list of interesting topics that you can choose for your research:

  • The Aryan dynasty in India: Social and Political Structure
  • The impact of Upanishads and Mahabharata on Indian Society
  • The caste system in India: A historical analysis
  • Indus Valley Civilisation: Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro
  • The Freedom Movement in the Sub-Continent: Role of Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Mahatma Gandhi

Japanese History

Japanese History traces back to pre-historic times, and you can find several interesting topics for your research. Here is a list of some interesting topics on Japanese History:

  • The social and political structure of pre-historic Japan
  • A critical analysis of the Nara period from 710-794
  • The social structure of feudal Japan between 1185-1600
  • Modern Japan and the lessons learned from Second World War
  • The impact of Buddhism and Shinto practices on Japanese Culture

Depending upon your interests, you can select the history paper research topics from the above-mentioned list. World history provides a varied perspective to students, and they can examine the world events to gain a comprehensive understanding. Students can understand the contributions of different civilisations toward humanity.

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