What Is Figurative Writing? Types and Importance in Academic Writing

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What Is Figurative Writing? Types and Importance in Academic Writing
Post By tapaflcouk On 1, Jul

Writing has different forms. We hope you all agree to this. Among those different forms, there is a writing form called figurative writing. What? Have you heard it for the first time? Then you are too behind the world, dear student. Well, there is no need to worry because today, we are going to dedicate this article to figurative language. Students must learn this important language and learn how to use different words out of their literal meaning. Therefore, in today’s article, we will describe the types and importance of this writing style. Do not worry; everything will be with examples. Hence, let’s start by defining this type of writing.

What Does It Mean By Figurative Writing?

What comes to your mind when you listen to the word figurative language? Yes, you are right. It is related to the figure of speech. Figurative writing is writing in which a word departs from its original literal meaning to produce more interesting writing. The use of metaphors and personifications in different types of academic writing are examples of this language.

Importance Of Figurative Language In Academic Writing

Sometimes, to emphasize something, it is mandatory to use words and phrases out of context. This is what makes the figurative language so important. You use metaphors and personification types of figures of speech to heighten the emphasis. Some other points that make this writing important are as follows:

  • Transforms ordinary descriptions into evocative events and compares the things to emphasize them
  • Enhances the emotional significance of the passages by using different types of this language
  • It turns your academic writing into a form of poetry that readers love to read

What Are Different Types Of Figurative Writing?

From the discussion above, you know what it means by this writing. You also know the importance of this writing after reading the bulleted points above. Now, let’s discuss the types of figurative language. However, there are many types of this language that students use in their writings. Here, we will only list the major types along with some examples. Hence, a brief description of those types is as follows:

Simile – The Most Common Figure Of Speech

The first and the most commonly used figure of speech is a simile. This type compares two different things. It connects the words using a clear connecting word. The connecting words are mostly “like” or “as.” It is important to note here that the characteristics of the two different things are the same on the basis of which they are connected.


“He is clever as a fox.” The word “as” is the connecting word, and cleverness is the common thing due to which both are related.

Metaphor – Similar To Simile But

Metaphor is the second most used type of figurative writing. It is the same as a simile but with a difference in connecting words. Yes, you have heard it right. The writer compares two things that have the same properties but without using connecting words. In simple words, you can say it is the direct comparison between two different things.


“She cried a river of tears on her mother’s death.” Here, the river and tear are two different things that are connected without connecting words.

Metonymy and Synecdoche

It is the third type of figurative writing and is often used in academic writing. This type is used to describe a person using a place, object, or image. The important thing is that the place, object or image you use to describe the person are commonly associated with each other.


“10 Downing Street”: The office and residence of the UK’s Prime Minister. Here, 10 Downing Street is the place representing the UK’s PM.

Hyperbole – Related To Exaggeration

It is also a very common type of figurative language in which the writer exaggerates something to emphasise it. The cause of using this figure of speech can also be humour or effect. It is very common in everyday conversations. Mostly people use this to state their position without looking too direct.


“I have told you a million times that I do not have that Pendrive.” Here, I have not told him million times. This set of two words is just reporting the emphasis.

Understatement – An Opposite Of Hyperbole

As stated above, it is the opposite of hyperbole. Understatement is when a writer deliberately downplays the importance of something. The thing is important in reality, but the writer does not give much credit to it in writing.


“It is only a scratch, Piya; why are you crying loud?” the boy’s wife named Piya got wounded, but he is just downplaying the wound by saying it is a scratch.

Personification – Relating To Nonhumans

It is one of the most commonly used figures of speech. In this type, the writer gives human qualities to nonhumans. It adds too much interest to academic writing. The use of personification can bring your descriptions to life when used in writing.


“June and July are the cruellest months of every year.” As you all know, being cruel or barbaric is a human trait, but the writer has joined them with June and July months. He has joined them just to depict the hotness in these months.

Puns – Play On Words

A pun is not common in figurative writing but is used sometimes. It is a form of wordplay that takes advantage of words that have similar pronunciations. Basically, it uses words that have multiple meanings. Samuel Johnson has called this figure of speech, called puns, the lowest of the wit.


“Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana.” The word “flies” is used two times, but each time for a different meaning.


Conclusively, figurative writing is more dramatic than the direct use of literary words, as you have seen in the above examples. Sometimes, it emphasises the things and sometimes relates to nonhuman things. All in all, it is important to use such kind of writing in academic writing. It is because it can hook your reader better. However, still, if you are confused for figurative writing, you can hire the best academic writers by clicking here.

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