7 Ways Mixed Method Approach Is Helpful In Dissertation Research

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7 Ways Mixed Method Approach Is Helpful In Dissertation Research
Post By tapaflcouk On 9, Jul

The first and most important step in dissertation research is selecting the right research method. In this way, you identify the research question and the purpose of your study. When you identify, the next step is to consider which method is appropriate for your dissertation research work. There are 3 methods for your dissertation research: quantitative, qualitative, and mixed-method. The most effective of all of these is the mixed method approach. Through this method, you can use both kinds of data that are: quantitative and qualitative, in your research work.

This way, you will connect the quantitative and qualitative and impressively explain your point of view. A mixed method approach is most appropriate to provide the solution or answer to the research question. It can strengthen your writing and research study. After knowing what about the mixed method, what are you searching for? This article will teach you the best ways to employ a mixed-method approach and attract the audience, scholars, and professors to your dissertation research.

7 Ways to Employ Mixed Method Approach in Your Dissertation Research:

Conducting a mixed method approach is not easy when doing a dissertation task. You need to broaden your skills to gather quantitative and qualitative data sets. Implementing the quantitative and qualitative data in your dissertation takes much time. However, this approach will explain your research study more broadly. There are some ways through which you can easily employ mixed method approach in your dissertation.

Triangulation Design:

It is one of the best ways to implement a mixed-method approach in your study. In this approach, you need to collect complementary data by keeping in mind your research topic. Triangulation design requires collecting or analyzing the quantitative and qualitative data separately to understand the research question easily. A researcher uses multiple research techniques or approaches to analyze or gather the relevant data or information to enhance the understanding of the research topic.

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Exploratory Design for Research Phenomena:

In exploratory design, you observe the result of the first data set (qualitative) to develop the result of the second (quantitative). It is appropriate when a researcher wants to generalize the results of different parts of the research question. Sometimes the research question is not based on one type of data. When such a situation occurs, you can use the exploratory design to conduct a mixed method approach. It is known as exploratory as it explores the phenomena of the research.

Embedded Quantitative And Qualitative Data:

Embedded design is used in a mixed method approach when one data set is supportive and plays a secondary role on other data sets. This design is used when the single data set is insufficient to provide the answer or solution to the research question. It would help if you embed the quantitative and qualitative data types to provide an effective answer. In embedded design, you need to do a broad study. This approach is mostly conducted when doing the experimental or correlational research design.

Explanatory Design:

You can also conduct a mixed method approach by explanatory. It is a two-way mixed method design in which the researcher first analyses or collects the quantitative and then the qualitative data. The researcher conducts surveys to gather the quantitative data and then explains why these results occurred by focusing on the qualitative study.

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By Providing Participant’s Experiences:

You can also conduct a mixed method approach by providing the participants or author experiences in the dissertation research. You can explain the point of view of the participants by the mixed method. It is a great way to ensure that the individuals will naturally collect the information or data (quantitative and qualitative).

By Creating Solid Foundation for the Conclusion:

You can conduct the mixed method when creating a solid foundation for the research question’s answer. In this way, you will discuss the conclusion you found from both quantitative and qualitative data types.

By Expanding The Results:

Expanding is the best way to design a mixed method in your dissertation study. It also provides a positive impression of your work. This way, you will explain your results and the variables used. Expanding your results meant providing one or more results or findings by using both qualitative and quantitative data. You can also show how one result or finding depends on the other.

If you want to see more strategies to apply the mixed method in your work, consider dissertation writing services in the UK. Here you will see amazing more tips that teach you how to provide an excellent look to your dissertation.

Advantages of Using a Mixed Method Approach in Your Dissertation Research:

The mixed method approach has advantages to your research work. You need to understand its importance. Let’s discuss the advantages in detail:

  • Collect or analyze both types of data for your research work.
  • Provide an appropriate sample size for quantitative and qualitative analysis.
  • Integrating both types of data, quantitative and qualitative, in your dissertation research.
  • It provides a strong voice to explain your thoughts.
  • Understand the answer from multiple perspectives on a single research question.
  • You can explain the experiences which you face through the research process.
  • Answered the research question more deeply.
  • Provide the supporting evidence (qualitative data) with your conclusions that might be quantitative.
  • Illuminate the topic of the research and issues.
  • Balance the data sets (quantitative and qualitative).
  • Provide a strong image of your findings.
  • Effective and valuable results are generated through a mixed method approach.

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If you are a doctoral student, you will write a dissertation in your last year to complete your degree program. It can take 8-12 months to complete your task. Before starting working on your dissertation, you must understand which method makes your dissertation more effective. The only method is a mixed method approach that makes your dissertation prominent in the eyes of the readers. Readers will also appreciate and want to read more about your research paper. Do you want to gain these benefits? If yes, then the above study describes the top 7 ways in which you can employ a mixed methods in your dissertation. Best of Luck!

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