Convenience Sampling - Tips and Advantages In Quantitative Research

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Convenience Sampling - Tips and Advantages In Quantitative Research
Post By tapaflcouk On 15, Sep

If you are here reading this article, it means that you are having some issues regarding data collection for your quantitative research. You probably do not know what the method of convenience sampling is, its advantages, and how to do it right to collect data which is representative of the whole population. Let me explain one thing to you: sampling for any kind of research, whether qualitative or quantitative is not an easy task. It requires you to equip yourself with all the strategies needed. Therefore, I have decided to write about one of the sampling methods, i.e., convenience sampling.

This sampling method is a non-probability method, which involves the drawing of the samples from a close population group. How to draw such samples? To teach you this, today’s article is all about this how. There will be a description of the tips you must follow when doing this sampling, along with the advantages. But before that, let’s explain this sampling method.

What Is The Convenience Sampling Method In Quantitative Research?

Convenience sampling is defined as a data collection method where you select the samples from a conveniently available pool of participants. This sampling method is the most used due to its benefits in terms of economics and uncomplicatedness. In many cases, the respondents are easily available to take part in the research process. It is important to mention here that this sampling method is a type of non-probability sampling technique which involves no use of statistics in selecting the participants.

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Golden Tips For Performing Convenience Sampling Right

In this method, the units or research participants are selected because they are readily available. But have you ever thought about the procedure that you have to follow to select those participants? Probably not. So, now is the turn to explain that procedure in the form of some tips. Hence, a brief description of the tips is as follows:

Understand Your Target Population

First things first, in order to collect samples from a population, you need to know who is your target population. What are the characteristics of your target population? Do those characteristics match your research aims and objectives? Answer these questions so that you understand your target population fully. Aslo, when you try to understand the population, it helps you to plan out the research and plan things like how you should select the samples for better results. Hence, understand your target population first.

Take Multiple Sample Sizes

In convenience sampling, the second step tells you to select multiple sample sizes from the population. It is necessary because one large sample size has chances of errors. Taking multiple sample sizes with a limited number of participants reduces that error and allows for a better study of the research participants. Therefore, choose your sample size carefully. If you feel any difficulty in doing so, do not hesitate to contact masters dissertation help. The expert analysts there will help you select the sample sizes.

Think About The Convenient Ways

The next golden tip is that you must think about convenient ways to conduct the study. It includes brainstorming possible ideas about where you could go to speak to the selected samples in a convenient way. For example, are your research participants comfortable in face-to-face conversation or online? So, think about these ways and conduct the study as per the liking of your samples. After all, it is the participants who will answer your questions.

Prepare A Questionnaire

The last tip about performing convenience sampling right is that you should prepare a questionnaire which contains relevant questions to your research. As we are talking about quantitative research, so ensure that all your questions are quantitative in nature. Your questionnaire or survey should also be according to the convenience of the respondents.

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Advantages Of Convenience Sampling In Quantitative Research

After reading the information above, you now have got a good idea of what convenience sampling is and how to do it right. It is now time to shed some light on its advantages. There are countless advantages of using the convenience sampling method in quantitative research. A brief description of the most prominent ones is as follows:

  • Collect Data Quickly: In situations where time is short for research, you can choose this method of sampling and data collection. Due to its simplicity, it takes less time for data collection as compared to other types of sampling. Also, the rules for this method are not very complex and difficult to understand.
  • Inexpensive: As this method is based on your convenience, it is an inexpensive method. The money or investment involved in this sampling method is far less than in other methods. Therefore, you can collect as many samples as you want using this method with little or no investment at all.
  • Easy To Do Research: The name convenience sampling clarifies many things itself. As you only go for the easily available research respondents in this method, conducting research on them is also easy. You do not have to struggle a lot to collect the samples.
  • Readily Available Sample: Data collection using this sampling method is easy and accessible. Most convenient sampling techniques consider the samples which are readily available. As a researcher, you do not have to move around in collecting the data for your research study.
  • Fewer Rules To Follow: Convenience sampling does not throw a long list of rules on you to follow. Using this method, gathering data is very easy. All you need to do is select a participant who is readily available and interview him, hand in your survey to him, or use whatever your research method is.

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Convenience sampling offers a high level of ease for researchers who are short on time. Its advantages give it an upper hand over the other types of sampling methods. In addition to this, this sampling technique is simple, inexpensive, and produces more accurate results. Hence, read all the information given above and select your samples wisely.

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