Accounting & Finance Dissertation Topics & Ideas List for 2023

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Accounting & Finance Dissertation Topics & Ideas List for 2023
Post By tapaflcouk On 20, Dec

Accounting is a very vast subject that encompasses many sub-topics. Choosing a great dissertation topic in accounting and finance is incredibly challenging. However, choosing the best topic among all the given accounting dissertation topics is the most crucial aspect of writing an accounting dissertation. Finding a topic that represents your research interests and passion is important. But your presence here shows that you are searching for help. Well, your search is going to end here.

Today's article will discuss the top accounting dissertation topics trending in 2023. The topics we will list are the best and top in the accounting field. So, without wasting any time further, let's get to the list of topics. Note that we are going to discuss the topics category by category. Thus, let's get started. 

List of the top accounting dissertation topics & ideas in 2023

Whether you are pursuing an undergraduate degree in accounting or a master's degree, writing a dissertation is compulsory. To write a flawless accounting dissertation, you must have access to the top accounting dissertation topics. To help you in this regard, we have prepared a list of the top research ideas. Thus, the dissertation topics category by category in accounting are given as follows: 

Microfinance accounting dissertation topics

Microfinance is the field of accounting that deals with the budgetary administration of low-pay individuals. It is about making the low-salaried individuals independent by giving them credits at a smaller level. This kind of accounting is very much in these days. Introduced beneath are a few topics that you can choose from: 

  • Understanding the conflicts of interest (COIs) among microfinance commercial banks 
  • Analyzing the regulations and ethical standards of microfinance banking 
  • The role of microfinance accounting in lifting the economy of a country 
  • A study of the challenges associated with the advancement of microfinance banking 
  • Identifying the potential threats and challenges to the stability of microfinance baking 

Commercial banking accounting dissertation topics 

If you look at the accounting field, commercial banking is one of the most important topics. It deals with the arrangement of bank administrations with singular shoppers and organizations. Below are some of the top accounting dissertation topics that you can explore in this zone: 

  • A discussion on the monetary administration given to the commercial banks in the UK 
  • Analysis of the ideal capital structure for a commercial bank 
  • A detailed look at the conveyance channels of the commercial banks in the UK 
  • A study of the connection to value cost and execution for businesses in the UK 
  • Analyzing the retail banking exchange conveyance channels 

Internet banking dissertation topics 

Internet banking is rising with each passing day. It allows business owners and individuals to transfer and receive money from different people from the comfort of their homes or office. This type of banking has become a lifeline for those who want to avoid walking out and going to banks. Referenced below are some accounting dissertation topics in this field: 

  • A detailed look at the developments in internet banking in the UK 
  • Analyzing the security challenges in electronic banking transactions 
  • Is there a relationship between physical banking services and internet banking? 
  • Analyzing the impact of digitalization on the banking sector 
  • A study of the best security practices for internet banking and online transactions 

Accounting standards dissertation topics 

The importance of maintaining a standard procedure for accounting is growing with each passing day. Organizations are worried about the current accounting standards that differ in different regions. This field or the accounting dissertation topics related to this field will be hot in 2023. Hence, the topics that fall under this category are as follows: 

  • A detailed analysis of the potential impacts of Brexit on the accounting standards and regime in the UK 
  • An analysis of the current international accounting standards. Is there a need for change? 
  • Should fair value remain the primary factor of measurement in global accounting standards 
  • A detailed investigation into outsourcing accounting overseas from an EU perspective 

Auditing dissertation topics in the accounting field 

Auditing is an integral part of the field of accounting. This field of study deals with the analysis of the financial statements of the company. A third-party company usually performs it. This field will also be hot in 2023, as there has been an increase in the demand for auditors. The accounting dissertation topics in this field are as follows: 

  • An investigation into the global auditing standards 
  • Comparing the quality of the audit in the developed and emerging countries 
  • A detailed look at the challenges faced while auditing a company's financial statements 
  • Analyzing the impact of continuous auditing on the functioning of a company 
  • A study of the differences between a private and public audit enterprise 

Top tips on choosing the best accounting dissertation topics

Some of the top accounting dissertation topics are mentioned above. However, if you are eager to make your topic, you should know the tips for doing this. You must know the tip to choose the best accounting dissertation topic. Thus, introduced beneath are the top tips in this regard: 

Know your research interests 

The first and foremost thing you need to do is unlock your research interests. As the researcher, you should know your research interests and which aspect of your course piques your interest. To know about your research interests, you can go through your class lecture notes and other material your teacher provided you throughout the semester. If one thing piques your interest, go for that and select it as your topic. 

Narrow down its focus 

The next tip is to narrow down your topic's focus. When you first select the topic, it is broad and contains many things. As you cannot study this broad topic, therefore, you need to make it focused on one thing. It could be any sub-field or sub-section of your broadly selected topic. To narrow down the scope of the selected topic, you should read the relevant literature published in your field. 

Go through previously published dissertations

The 3rd tip for selecting a topic on your own is to go through the previously published dissertations in your field. This practice of reading old dissertations gives birth to new ideas in your mind and allows you to select the best topic in your field. Another benefit of this practice is that you learn about the current trends in your field and work on the dissertation with an improved approach. 

Discuss with your supervisor 

The 4th tip for selecting a topic from the available accounting dissertation topics is that you discuss the topics with your supervisor. A research supervisor is a guiding star who guides you at each stage of your accounting dissertation. You should get the most out of him by asking him about the topics and questioning him about the viability of the topics. 

Take help from outside

Lastly, it would be best if you thought of taking help from outside. What does it mean? It would be best if you talked to your friends who have already passed their dissertations regarding available accounting dissertation topics. They can help you a lot in choosing the best topic. However, if you do not find friends to help you, you do not need to worry. In this scenario, go online and get help from the best dissertation writing services in the UK. Their writers can provide you with great assistance in choosing a good topic.

How do dissertation writing services help in selecting a topic? 

Like many other students, we know this question pierces your mind. The answer to this question is very simple. Dissertation writing services have experienced writers who can help you select accounting dissertation topics. Some other reasons to hire them for help are as follows: 

  • The writers of such services know the requirements of the university dissertations. Therefore, they suggest topics as per those requirements. 
  • Also, the writers of the dissertation writing services are experts in the accounting field. Those writers know exactly what is trending in the field right now. 
  • Most writing services have experienced writers with tons of knowledge about accounting dissertation topics.

Final Thoughts 

In summary, selecting a dissertation topic in the accounting field is challenging. This challenge comes from the vastness of this field. It is so vast that it deals with all kinds of accounting. However, in this guidepost, we have listed the top 25 accounting dissertation topics category by category. Based on your interest, you can choose any topic from the topics given above.

Furthermore, we have also discussed the top tips for selecting accounting dissertation topics. Thus, make sure that you go through all the tips mentioned above. These tips are the keys to the door to your success.

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