What is Convenience Sampling: Advantages & Disadvantages

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    What is Convenience Sampling: Advantages & Disadvantages

    Post By Admin On 27, Dec

    The process of collecting data for research by making samples is called convenience sampling. This process involves a subjective method to make a sample from a large population. Because of this, it does not require conducting a whole survey. It is the fast and best method of collecting data about the topic. Many researchers consider this sampling as an accidental, non-probability, or capture sampling.

    Data collection for your research is very convenient using this type of sampling. In this sampling, you can collect data from those people that are easiest to contact. Suppose you are shopping in a mall. Suddenly someone came and asked for a survey. That survey was a form of convenience sampling.

    The major benefit of this sampling is that you don’t need to make a research plan. However, this sampling type also has some disadvantages.

    This article will discuss the major advantages and disadvantages of convenience sampling.

    Advantages of Convenience Sampling

    1. You can collect a variety of qualitative information using this sampling method

    You can collect different points of view from multiple people using convenience sampling. With the help of this method, you can approach different people in a couple of minutes to collect data about the topic. Using this survey, you can develop assumptions applicable to the broader population. In this type of survey, you can also use any other person to obtain detailed information about people’s ideas.

    Because of this, many will suggest that accurate correlation benefits this sampling strategy. It collects data on particular people while analyzing the link between variables.

    2. It is the easiest method for collecting data and information about the topic

    You don’t need to do much effort while researching using convenience sampling. It provides very simple ways to collect data and information about the topic.

    For example, you want to conduct a survey on any topic. Make a questionnaire and post it on different social media pages like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. In a short time, you will get a large amount of information about the topic.

    Because of this, it is one of the most convenient ways to collect data and information. As well as, you don’t need any money to conduct this type of research.

    3. This sampling method saves your time in collecting data and information

    The process of collecting data and information using this sampling is very fast. Using convenience sampling, you don’t need to find or generate any groups of people for your research. You can use random people in this sampling technique to collect their ideas about the topic. This type of research is also used to take feedback on any product or service of different companies. This information plays a huge role in the conclusion of your research. However, obtaining results from this sampling method can’t apply on a large scale. But information is considered necessary, and any company's product and service may change according to their results.

    4. The research becomes easier with the use of this sampling

    Most of the time, you don’t have time to collect data and information using different techniques. These techniques involve the process of creating a group from the population. After that, you need to make a questionnaire and distribute it among the people. All of these things require time and concentration.

    Because of the shortage of time, you can use convenience sampling and collect data randomly to complete your research. In this sampling technique, you don’t need to make groups or questionnaires in a good presentation. You can upload it to any social media page or post it as a WhatsApp status to collect information and data. Due to this advantage, you don’t need to worry about interviews or people selection. Just relax and save a lot of time on your research using this strategy.

    5. You can collect the data in a couple of minutes using this sampling strategy

    Data collection from the people in the surrounding area is the major component of convenience sampling. This demonstrates that the researcher can easily acquire the information. You can collect the data using this technique by sitting at your home. For collecting information and data about the topic, you don’t need to travel long. You need to select the interested people for your research. For this sake, you can choose them from the nearest physical area or online.

    Because of this, convenience sampling provides an opportunity to efficiently collect data about the topic. Using this technique, you can also complete different types of studies at a time.

    6. It provides ease in collecting data because of their limited rules

    Most researchers find it simple to do convenience sampling. However, there may be restrictions placed on this process to obtain information from various categories. There are only some rules that explain the process of collecting information. That makes it much simpler for someone to agree to participate in the task.

    Using this strategy, you can gather a variety of information about the topic in a short period of time. Therefore, it is frequently chosen to collect data and information while conducting scientific studies. This technique was supplemented with probability sampling in only 5% of the journal articles over the previous ten years.

    7. It is effective as a method of dealing with anxiety

    When a person has a negative interaction with a service, convenience sampling is the best method to deal with that situation. People find it difficult to complain about bad service face-to-face. But they commonly participate in surveys or respond to share their feedback. Positive energy can be generated by maintaining confidentiality while offering a significant reward, such as a contest for a gift voucher.

    Most companies use the feedback they get from surveys to improve their product or writing services. It will help to enhance future customer experiences and prevent more issues.

    Disadvantages of Convenience Sampling

    1. It can’t provide an ideal result

    It is not specific that the ideas and opinions of those people from which you conduct the survey are the same as other people’s opinions. Hence, the data you gathered using this survey does not generalize to everyone. Even if you conduct a large-scale survey, you may not be able to apply the results obtained from this survey to the overall population. Because of this disadvantage, you can’t collect the information, ideas, or opinions of the entire public on any topic.

    2. High risk of collecting inaccurate data

    Convenience sampling allows you to gather data using easily assessable people. So you mostly conduct surveys from people when they are shopping, eating, or making fun with their families. Due to this, when people are busy with other activities, they may distract from your survey and provide inaccurate data. Hence, you can’t obtain accurate information on your topic, resulting in interpreting the wrong results.

    3. It isn't easy to reproduce the results using convenience sampling

    It isn't easy to recreate the results of each question. It is because a convenience sample essentially selects willing people from the surrounding area. Because of this, even when researchers ask identical questions, previous survey answers can vary considerably. Since there is no need for participation other than acceptance of this method, each person has a unique set of ideas and opinions that can’t be predicted.

    This disadvantage might be prevalent if the same researchers get in touch with the same individual on a different day and ask the same questions. A person's current environment has an impact on how they think and feel. They will act differently than they would on a day because of those things that are happening in everyone’s life.


    Convenience sampling is used when a business needs to get opinions on its products or services. It is a simple survey method rather than other methods.