20 Thesis Topics for HRM Dissertation by UK Writers

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    20 Thesis Topics for HRM Dissertation by UK Writers

    Post By Admin On 30, Dec

    There are thousands of students enrolled in the degrees of Human Resource and Business Management across the UK. Different teachers are teaching them different subjects. Do you know what the common thing is between these courses? Yes, it is thesis writing and selecting a topic from the best thesis topics. Writing a thesis is compulsory whether you are enrolled in a human resource degree or a business management course. Without submitting the thesis, as a student, you cannot grab the degree.

    To write a thesis, first of all, you need to select a topic. It is the most important step, and at the same time, it is the most arduous task. Students who have not worked on a human resource and business management thesis before find this step really difficult. So, keeping this in mind, in today’s article, our experts have listed the top 20 thesis topics for human resource and business management students. However, before listing the topics down, let’s discuss the tips for selecting a topic.

    Top Tips For Selecting A Thesis Topic In HRM And Business Management

    Selecting a topic in human resource and business management degrees is really a challenging task. Sometimes, it looks narrowly focused on one side, but when you look at it from the other side, it looks broad. In this case, you are not sure whether that particular topic is good or not. Therefore, you need to learn the tips for selecting a good topic from all the available thesis topics. A brief description of the top tips is as follows:

    • Explore Your Research Interest: First of all, you should find out what area of human resources and business management excites you. It means you should explore your research interests. To identify your interest, go through all class lecture notes.
    • Enough Information Is Available. Secondly, you need to make sure that enough information is available on your topic. To know this, copy and paste the topic into the Google search window. Evaluate the top 4 to 5 search results.
    • Discuss With Your Teacher. Your teacher or research supervisor is your guide throughout the research study. He knows the best and knows current research trends. Therefore, engage in a healthy discussion with him and discuss different topics.
    • Read Old Documents. Another great tip in this regard is to read previously published theses in your field. Analyse the previously published thesis topics and see the trends. By seeing those trends, craft a topic for yourself.
    • Get Help From Pupils. The senior students enrolled in human resources and business management degrees can also help you choose a topic. As they have already passed through this process or passing, they can help you a lot in this matter.

    Human Resources Thesis Topics

    Human resource management is a very vast subject. It revolves around the different functions of human resource managers in a business and their duties. Therefore, students have a lot of choices in the case of this subject. However, a list of the top 10 sample research proposal topics in human resource management is as follows:

    1. A study of the relationship between employee loyalty and reward techniques
    2. An investigative study on the effect of employee training on economic crisis
    3. A detailed look at employee training strategies leading to enhanced productivity
    4. Studying the impact of rewards on the motivation of the workforce
    5. Crucial aspects of employee performance appraisal in a business
    6. How does employee motivation enhance the creativity and innovation in a company
    7. Reasons why human resource manager should always keep employees motivated
    8. Analysing and comparing the motivation levels of private and public employees
    9. A detailed study of the conflicts that arise due to annual leaves and ways to solve them
    10. The relationship between workplace environment and employee satisfaction

    Thesis Topics For Business Management Students

    The business management field is all about managing different operations of a business. For example, it includes managing the supply and chain sector or operations sector. It is also a very vast topic, and selecting a thesis topic on this subject is not easy. To lessen your workload a bit, below is a list of the top 10 business management thesis ideas:

    1. The importance of RFID in Toyota’s Inventory Management
    2. The impact of Big Data Analytics on effective Inventory Management
    3. A study of the strategies employed for scheduling production in the automobile industry
    4. The growing concept of remote working and its impact on business management
    5. Strategies for communicating with remote workers effectively
    6. The growing importance of work-life balance in multinational organisations
    7. A review of current and emerging trends in business management
    8. An explorative study on different management tools being used in the tourism industry
    9. How can workplace ethics improve the productivity of employees?
    10. Impact of gender quality on business management

    Human Resource And Business Management Thesis Writing Guidelines

    After reading the information above, you now have the list of thesis topics you can choose from. However, having a good topic is not a guarantee that your thesis will also be perfect. Crafting a perfect human resource management dissertation requires some skills and knowledge of the guidelines. Do you know the guidelines for writing a human resource and business management dissertation? Probably not. Therefore, a brief description of the top guidelines is as follows:

    Know The Thesis Requirements

    Every thesis comes with a bundle of writing requirements. Those requirements are usually about the minimum word count of the thesis, the format of the thesis, and the style in which you have to craft the human resource and business management thesis. By knowing the requirements, you can craft your thesis up to the standards and grab an A+ grade in it. Thus, first of all, have an idea of what is required from you and how you can achieve it.

    Research The Chosen Thesis Topic

    Research is the most important aspect of writing a good dissertation. Conducting effective research is an essential task once you have selected a topic from available thesis topics. Make sure that you research your chosen topic properly and go to credible and authentic websites online to collect relevant information. The most authentic sources in this context are Jstor, ScienceDirect, ResearchGate, and Google Scholar. These platforms are home to millions of theses, research papers, and articles from almost every scientific field.

    Plan Your Thesis Writing

    The next most important guideline is that you should create a plan for your HRM and business management thesis. A plan is about creating an outline of your thesis writing. It means you should know what sections and subsections you have to include in your thesis. A perfect plan also serves as a hypothetical table of contents for your thesis writing task. Therefore, make a plan for your thesis, as a plan does not allow you to get off track when the actual task begins.

    Know The Structure Of The Thesis

    The structure of a human resource and business management thesis is the same as other theses. It includes admin sections like title page, abstract, acknowledgement, and table of contents. After the admin sections, the chapters of the thesis start. Usually, a thesis written in business studies has five chapters, which are as follows:

    Chapter 1: Introduction

    Chapter 2: Literature Review

    Chapter 3: Research Methodology

    Chapter 4: Results & Discussion

    Chapter 5: Conclusion

    After the chapters, there comes the ending sections. Those include a referencing list of the sources used and appendices. Appendices are not compulsory, but they are often given at the end. Thus, this is the structure of a thesis.

    Do Not Copy And Paste Information

    Copying the information from another source and pasting it into your thesis fall under plagiarism. As a student, you would already have an idea of the consequences of plagiarism. Therefore, you must not copy and paste the information directly into your thesis. Instead, take some reading on that particular information that you want to use and then try to paraphrase it into your own words. Also, related to your thesis topics, add proper references.

    Edit And Proofread The Thesis

    Lastly, you should edit and proofread your human resource and business management dissertation before submission. Editing and proofreading are different from each other. During editing, you look for major issues in your thesis. For example, you look for structural issues in your thesis as well as sentence structure mistakes. However, proofreading is about correcting minor mistakes like spelling, punctuation marks, and word choice errors. Correct all kinds of mistakes in your thesis and deliver a completely neat and clean thesis.

    Final Thoughts

    To sum up, selecting a topic for a human resource and business thesis is an extremely challenging task. It takes time and a lot of expertise to choose a researchable topic. However, after reading this post, all your problems will be solved. In this guidepost, we have discussed the top 20 thesis topics for the human resource and business management thesis. Along with this, we have also discussed the top 6 writing guidelines. Thus, this article is complete for novice students like you. Go through it and work on your thesis accordingly.