100+ Latest Dissertation Topics In Marketing

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    100+ Latest Dissertation Topics In Marketing

    Post By Admin On 24, Mar

    The field of marketing is expanding daily with the development of dimensions resulting from technological advancements. In this article, we will provide you with a list of diverse marketing dissertation topics for free, which you can use for writing your thesis or dissertation. While selecting these topics, we have considered the effectiveness and relevance of these marketing dissertation topics to your field of study. These topics are the ones which will help you contribute greatly to your field of research.

    100+ Latest Dissertation Topics In Marketing

    Marketing itself is a vast field so, we asked our pro writers at the dissertation writing services department to suggest topics in the most common subdomain of marketing where students need topics most commonly such as Influencer marketing, Social Media Marketing, Consumer Behavior marketing, International Marketing, Digital Marketing And B2B marketing.

    Read on; you may find the most suitable dissertation topic in your specific area of interest in Marketing.

    Best 20+ Free Influencer Marketing Dissertation Topics in 2023

    Dissertation Topics In Marketing

    1. We carefully handpicked the following marketing dissertation topics to assist you in picking the appropriate one for your thesis. The list of the topics is mentioned below:
    2. To study the effect and implications of social media campaigns on consumer attitudes toward the brand
    3. To analyse the success of the Black Friday sale strategy to drive and enhance sales
    4. To what extent and limit does influencer marketing facilitate the increase in sales?
    5. A systematic literature review on factors influencing and impacting the buying decisions of Generation Z
    6. Effect and Implications of E-marketing on consumer decisions in the Case of the luxury industry in the Middle East
    7. A comparison of traditional vs digital marketing taking consumer's perspectives into consideration
    8. Effect and Implications of technological disruption on marketing activities and Processes
    9. How are search engines contributing to the success and development of e-commerce?
    10. Effect and Implications of relationship marketing on consumer memberships and Loyalty
    11. The extent and limit to which loyalty schemes influence customer satisfaction in the retail industry
    12. Does technology-driven customer engagement result in better customer satisfaction?
    13. How do the latest companies build brand equity through celebrity endorsement in the fashion industry?
    14. Do customers respond differently to digital and direct marketing?
    15. The extent and limit to which belief, religion, and values have an effect and impact on marketing in the world
    16. Effect and Implications of customer-centric marketing strategies in achieving sustainable growth
    17. How does integrating the automated services facilitate interactions and the Internet of Things to create optimal value?
    18. The study of the relationship between innovation, creativity, and strong brand image
    19. Examining and studying the importance of social marketing for youngsters
    20. The study of the implementation of game theory in successful branding
    21. The leading role of social networking sites in redeveloping the brand image
    22. Is it mandatory to use influencer marketing to achieve marketing goals?
    23. The leading concept of colour psychology and its effect and implications on marketing
    24. The study of key factors to achieve sustainability differentiation in the Zero-zero-zero world. In the case of automobiles.
    25. Discussing the role of culture in the relationship between consumer purchasing behaviour and celebrity endorsements.
    26. An evaluation and analysis of consumer preference trends in purchasing plant-based meat among non-vegans

    A list of 23 Social Media Marketing Dissertation Topics In 2023:

    Dissertation Topics In Marketing

    Are you on the quest to find the best social media marketing dissertation topics you are your thesis? Finding relevant topics is difficult, but we have made it easy. Following is a list of 23 social media marketing dissertation topics in 2023:

    1. How has social media changed and altered branding techniques?
    2. Do brand popularity and fame on social media translate into real customers?
    3. Developing an effective and efficient social media marketing strategy
    4. How is a product/service consumer turned into a product by marketers?
    5. Discussing the role of social media - A boon for young start-ups
    6. An analysis of Traditional marketing vs New age marketing
    7. How is customers' personal information used to serve targeted ads on social media platforms?
    8. A discussion about whether social media makes companies more responsible for customers or not.
    9. How can available resources be used to influence trends?
    10. How are the current companies that don't use social media marketing surviving?
    11. Effect and Implications of social media on a young mind
    12. How does trending syndrome affect and impact the self-esteem of users?
    13. Why is securing validation on social media so important for the young generation?
    14. Do social media successfully create a false sense of fame?
    15. Why are social media and suicide being linked increasingly in today's world?
    16. Social media helped in reducing the stigma attached to depression: an analysis.
    17. How did social media provide mental support to people stuck alone during the COVID-19 lockdown?
    18. How does cyberbullying affect and impact the confidence of young people?
    19. Social media can induce an inferiority complex among people: a discussion.
    20. Can television news survive the YouTube storm?
    21. How do the current subscription-based media models get boosted by social media?
    22. Social media has reduced the cost of news gathering: an extensive discussion.
    23. How is social media making people more opinionated and less informed in this age?

    A List of 11 Marketing Dissertation Topics in Consumer Behaviour:

    These consumer behaviour dissertation topics are innovative, fresh and original. You can use any of the below marketing dissertation topics to write a thesis:

    1. What could be the requirement and needs of people in different geographical areas?
    2. How do the people of one region vary from that of others in their product and services requirement?
    3. What should be considered while analysing consumer behaviour about a particular service or product based on geographical conditions?
    4. How geographical variations change the needs and wants of people.
    5. Why is it crucial to analyse public interest in your product based on the topography of their regions?
    6. How far has consumer behaviour analysis helped people in business flourish and prosper their business?
    7. What are the basic needs and data that a person must consider to analyse a consumer's behaviour?
    8. What difficulties do linguistic barriers have during consumer behaviour analysis?
    9. Discuss the basic principles of consumer behaviour based on their location on the physical map.
    10. Can we operate a successful business without analysing the needs of our consumers?
    11. How does the customer activities tracker play a substantial role in knowing the interest of your consumers?

    A List of 10 Researchable International Marketing Dissertation Topics 2023:

    Do you need the best international marketing dissertation topic to write a dissertation? Here is an extensive list of the ten best researchable international marketing dissertation topics in 2023:

    1. What are the incentives and intentions behind support programs for corporations to keep the customers engaged in the long series?
    2. To what degree does Caffe Nero's app help develop consumer allegiance?
    3. How and why can communication marketing be used to entice new clients through social elements?
    4. How does production variety impact policy patriotism among high and low-contact producers?
    5. Can leisure goods merchants avoid obstacles and barriers by replacing bolt-in clients with different benefits and products?
    6. How do entrepreneurs deal with polygamous behaviour among users?
    7. Computerised communication economics in the age of COVID-19: Analyse the magnitude of personalisation and customisation.
    8. Investigating and studying the relationship between observed risk and brand investment: A study of correlation of department store retailers in the UK.
    9. How does modernisation affect and impact customer brand resonance? A detailed process study of reception brands forced to innovate due to COVID-19.
    10. Do buyers figure out a company's brand benefits and advantages? The process study of Starbucks vs McDonald's.

    A List of 17 Best And Genuine Digital Marketing Dissertation Topics In 2023:

    Dissertation Topics In Marketing


    Here is a list of the 17 best and most genuine digital marketing dissertation topics in 2023:

    1. How does the value of things that impact wire trade differ, corresponding to the amount type in the works trade in the UK?
    2. Do consumers respond negatively to low and high-term actions in an aggressive networked status? The process study of wire record deals.
    3. In what aspects do available wire conversation areas affect users' return to direct selling promotions in civil form sets?
    4. The analysis of the power of vision brands' direct selling via YouTube
    5. How does the telemarketers' community (tone) impact consumer feedback in a more diversified global business situation?
    6. Do users learn how to care for themselves from dishonest direct selling ploys used by civil forms advertising firms?
    7. How do smart evinces help companies increase sales?
    8. Can social media affect and impact consumer behaviour? If so, how?
    9. Why are pop-up advertisements important to increase reach?
    10. How the internet is playing a significant role in identifying the heavier consumer
    11. How are influencers altering the scenario of online marketing?
    12. What is the best possible way to maximise the ratio of the rate?
    13. How automated service interaction impacts small and big companies?
    14. How is the psychology of the customer impacting digital marketing?
    15. Discuss some of the common blunders with email marketing.
    16. How do landing pages impact marketing? What needs to be considered, and what needs to be rejected?
    17. A detailed study on evaluating the belief of marketers in online marketing to draw customers

    List of 19 B2B Marketing Dissertation Topics That You Can Use In 2023:

    Dissertation Topics In Marketing

    Are you stuck in finding the best b2b marketing dissertation topic to write a dissertation on? Worry no more; we will provide you with a list of b2b marketing dissertation topics with a broader research scope in 2023. Here is the list of such topics:

    1. Study of altering Marketing Management: what are the new models, functions, techniques and processes?
    2. Making the Idea Organisation: Using anticipated control to set up brand advantage, develop leads, and interest clients.
    3. Getting to Adore the Data Burst. Carrying out the potential of analytics for enhanced planning, margin control, and outcome.
    4. Establishing the B2B Social Buyer. Drawing up the appropriate commerce difference between conventional customs and the new civil user.
    5. Study of Sales Channel Enablement. Increasing the effect and impact of your portfolio of enablement movements across direct and ancillary demand channels.
    6. Review of Next Generation Account-Paltry Commerce. Developing and establishing the model, mix, and workforce across the full businesses and distribution cycle.
    7. Influence and impact of Digital Marketing on Brand Promotion and Positioning.
    8. Study of the innovation of digital marketing management in B2B markets.
    9. The Effect and impact of social media and its influence on Consumers' buying behaviour in the UK
    10. The significance and value of pop-up ads in increasing the online sales of eCommerce stores in the UK
    11. A comprehensive analysis of the consumer purchase decision and identifying the effect and impact of the internet in bringing a dynamic shift
    12. The emerging role of celebrities and influencers in changing the online marketing world
    13. The effect and implications of mobile NFC and smart payment options on the enhancement of digital marketing sales in the UK
    14. How do popular landing pages convert visitors into customers? A detailed and extensive study of landing page management.
    15. A deep investigation of the 4 P's of marketing and how they help the branding process
    16. The Significance and importance of colour psychology in Affecting the purchase decision of online consumers in the UK
    17. An extensive analysis of consumer psychology and its role in digital marketing
    18. An in-depth and detailed study of the factors in purchasing an online store. An evaluation of the human trust mechanism.
    19. The effect of email marketing in creating new customers for B2C businesses in the UK


    In this article, we have provided you with an extensive list of marketing dissertation topics in various domains of study. These dissertation topics are original, unique and fresh for thesis writing in 2023. However, our dissertation topics help will be happy to assist you in finding a dissertation customized to your interests and requirements.

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