Top 10 Dissertation Topics in Management in 2023

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Top 10 Dissertation Topics in Management in 2023
Post By tapaflcouk On 3, Aug

Looking for the best dissertation topics in Management? We got you. Did you know that the Journal Acceptance Rate (per the facts and figures provided by the Academic Accelerator) for Management Sciences in 2023 is 33.3%? Hence, it is needless to say that you need to write a first-class dissertation to succeed remarkably in these situations.

Now, the need for choosing the best dissertation topics in Management magnifies due to the increased competition for dissertation acceptance. What makes a good topic? There are different aspects of the topic that make it unique and best for you. Further, a dissertation is a serious academic work. Students exert a great deal of effort that they come up with the best dissertation topic.

In this article, we will shed light on the pointers that you should follow when looking for the best dissertation topics in Management. Let’s dive deep into the details.

Writing Dissertation Topics in Management

Per the guidelines issued by the Journal of Management Studies, the dissertation topic must be research-specific. So, when choosing such a topic, remember to brainstorm about the topics that explore the practical and theoretical aspects of your work. Also, do consult dissertation writing services online if you feel stuck at some point.

What’s more? We understand that getting your dissertation topics in Management approved will be tough. Besides, it becomes difficult to meet the expectations of your supervisors. Further, almost every supervisor wants the students to present a unique research case.

So, let your creative juices flow and follow these guidelines to come up with the best dissertation topics in Management:

  1. Ensure that you have a genuine interest in the topic you are considering.
  2. Also, do consider the time limitation for your dissertation to be completed.
  3. Make sure that the topic is directly linked to your field of study.
  4. Lastly, the topic must have greater scope and significance in the research world.

Wondering how to write a dissertation title? Read our guidelines and review the topics we have provided. Needless to say that you will develop a better understanding of the subject at hand!

10 Dissertation Topics in Management in 2023:

So, we have carefully shortlisted the top 10 best dissertation topics in Management to help you. Moreover, we have kept all the parameters in mind while formulating these topics. Please review these topics and do not hesitate to contact The Academic Papers UK if you need any help.

Topic 1: An Investigation of the Impactfulness of Customer Relationship Management in International Airlines

Research Aim:

So, the research aim of the study is to analyse the efficiency of CRM in airlines. Besides, CRM has evolved into a significant technique in the latest year. So, you will shed light on the effectiveness of customer relationship management in the background of airlines.

Topic 2: Analysing the Trends in Public Administration and Management in Post-WW2 Europe

Research Aim:

Lately, it has been one of the highly researched dissertation topics in Management. The purpose of this study is to shed light on the features of national and cultural communities. Further, you will discuss the effect of such communities on public administration policies in Europe in the 70s and 80s.

Topic 3: Analysing the Effect of Silence and Voice in the Context of Destructive Leadership

Research Aim:

Again, the study sheds light on the biased analysis of silence in the management literature. Further, it analyses the effect of silence in a workplace in terms of functional value. Also, you can discuss the ways in which silence can be employed as a strategic response.

Topic 4: Studying the Effect of Cultural Diversity on Performance and Interaction Process

Research Aim:

Here, you will shed light on the usage of quantitative techniques. Further, you analyse the performance factors and interaction process. Also, you will examine the impact of arrangements and operations in this dissertation.

Topic 5: The Effect of Psychosocial Hazards on Workplace Risk Management

Research Aim:

Indeed, it is one of the best dissertation topics in Management. Moreover, the research analyses the workplace management rituals in the industry. Further, it focuses on the sectors where there is a high risk of MHDs and MSDs. Also, the research is easier to conduct because it involves the use of qualitative research techniques.

Topic 6: Studying the Elements that Affect International Differences in Gender Pay Gap

Research Aim:

In addition to discussing the obvious factors, you will use quantitative techniques to analyse microdata from different countries. Further, ensure to include the names of countries between the 1980s to 2010. Additionally, use net supply analyses, collective bargaining coverage, and wage structure factors to give worth and value to your research.

Topic 7: Studying the Effect of Daily Psychological Power on the Management Leaders

Research Aim:

So, you analyse the use of quantitative techniques to view the relationship between different work contexts here. Also, the study will examine the impact of regular psychological power on organisational leaders.

Topic 8: The Effect of Organisational Aims on Organisation Behaviour

Research Aim:

Primarily, the research will be focused on combining the theories of action to reach a conclusion. Further, you can use mixed methods of research techniques to give more worth and value to your work.

Topic 9: A Detailed Analysis of Knowledge Management Research

Research Aim:

Again, this is another popular one among the best dissertation topics in Management. Here, the research will be focussed on using systematic literature review techniques for research. Also, you will explain the knowledge integration by using different processes.

Topic 10: Analysing the Managerial Problems in Knowledge Management and the Effect on Organisations

Research Aim:

So, the research on this dissertation topic shall be focused on managerial concerns. Also, you will discuss the issues and problems related to knowledge management. Furthermore, it will be an evidence-based study.

How to Plan a Dissertation?

Needless to say, the search for the best dissertation topics also boils down to the availability of research content. Also, you will consider the factors like ‘how long it takes to write a dissertation’ and ‘how many words in a dissertation’ while formulating your research topic.

6 Steps In Dissertation Writing

Here is how you can plan your dissertation based on the chapters of your work.

1. Introduction

The introduction of your dissertation must be compelling enough for the readers. The dissertation title page also called the dissertation cover page, will come before this section. Also, you can see several dissertation acknowledgements examples in extraordinary dissertations by students.

2. Literature Review

Here, you will briefly explain the literature review strategy to the readers. Also, you will research and look for the work previous researchers have done on your topic. Similarly, you inform the readers about your work plan based on the points taken from the previous research work.

3. Methodology

Wondering what entails a methodology chapter? Here, you tell the audience about the research methodologies you used to arrive at conclusions. Furthermore, you can also summarise these points on a dissertation poster, such as a dissertation Gantt chart.

4. Results

In this chapter, you tell the readers about the results you derive. However, remember to keep your results section as short as you can. So, keep it precise and focused on the topic. Also, do not start discussing the results because you will do it in the next chapter. If you want to know further about how to write the results section of a dissertation, take help from The Academic Papers UK.

5. Discussion

Wondering how to write the discussion section of a dissertation? Suppose you are looking for law dissertation writing help. Now, the discussion section will have a detailed analysis of your results. Further, you will shed light on the importance of the results on the future of research in your field.

6. Conclusion

In this chapter of your dissertation, you restate the main points of your work. However, keep in mind that there should be no repetition in your work. So, just state the conclusions, align them with the research questions, and wrap up your dissertation.

Bottom Line:

So, here you got the 10 best dissertation topics in Management in 2023. You can also formulate your own dissertation topic by analysing ours. Ensure to get the topic approved by your professor. Further, research the topic well before you start writing on it. Also, do not forget to get your dissertation proofread by experts before the final submission.

If you want to get personalised dissertation help online, hire dissertation writing services online in the UK. The Academic Papers UK will be an excellent choice in this manner.


How Long Does It Take To Write A Dissertation?

As a rough estimate, a full-fledged dissertation can take up to 10-12 months. However, if you have to write a postgraduate dissertation, it can take anywhere from 13 -24 months. It will be best to use a dissertation planner to plan your work.

How Long Is A Dissertation UK?

The length of your doctoral dissertation work depends on the topic and your degree level. Dissertations at the undergraduate level are typically shorter than the ones at higher degree levels.

Can You Write A Dissertation In A Week?

Writing dissertation in a week is a challenging task, but it is not entirely impossible. If you have completed the research work beforehand, you can manage to write a dissertation in one week.

How to Formulate My Research Questions For My Geography Dissertation?

You can get help from a dissertation layout template provided by your university for formulating such questions. Also, you need to research the topic well to come up with the best research questions for your geography dissertation.

Is It Hard To Get A First In Your Dissertation?

Given the fact that you put effort into your work through research and writing, achieving higher grades in the dissertation won’t be tough. Also, if you find it difficult, hire an undergraduate dissertation writing service.

Where can I find dissertation topics?

Suppose you are looking for dissertation topics in international relations. You can either take your supervisor’s help or take help from an academic writing service to get such topics.

At Academic Papers UK, we provide instant quote for custom dissertation writing. Our services for customized writing include legal writing, college essays, assignments, and academic advising case studies.


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