10 Best Paid Dissertation Writing Tools

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    10 Best Paid Dissertation Writing Tools

    Post By Admin On 4, Aug

    The popularity of paid dissertation writing tools has kicked off a new wave of interest in students worldwide. Writing your dissertation is no longer tougher because there are several tools for writing which reduce our time and energy to find and compile research material.

    Statistics taken from Alostath (Graduates Students’ Challenges in Academic Writing, 2021) show that, at this age, almost 85.7% of students take help from journals and books for academic writing. The remaining 15% of students, whose work is equally well-crafted, take help from management tools and quicken their writing speed.

    Which category of students do you belong to? If you belong to the first one, it is the right time to educate yourself about online dissertation help platforms.

    The Age of Paid Dissertation Writing Tools

    It’s a fact now: the rise of tech-based tools has officially changed the landscape of academic writing. Particularly, with the advent of paid dissertation writing tools, students are prone to taking help from such platforms.

    Further, the press release reports of a survey conducted by PebbledPad in collaboration with Students Pages, dated March 13, 2023, verify our stance. You will be stunned to know that 62% of students believe that digital and AI-based tools can help them write their dissertations flawlessly.

    Since the usage of paid dissertation writing tools isn’t prohibited, you should not feel any kind of remorse while taking help from such dissertation writing software. So, browse the list of these best apps for dissertation writing and streamline the writing process.

    Top 10 Best Dissertation Writing Apps and Tools in 2023

    Now that we have talked about the writer’s nightmare, it is necessary to tell you that you can counter this all. Everyone knows about the AI bots that have caused uproar in the world of students. Ever considered you can still stand on top of these threats by adopting a workable strategy?

    If so, what is the strategy you have come up with? If there isn’t any, do not worry. We tell you about the best possible solution – and that is the use of thesis writing tools. Now, you can adorn your writing by taking help from these best writing apps online.

    The list begins here.


    Scrivener is the go-to app for hundreds of doctoral students around the globe. Wondering why that is so. It is because Scrivener is a powerful tool for organising long documents, such as a dissertation. Want to stitch together large piles of data? Use this tool to integrate the outlines and structure your work. Whenever you use this platform, you will feel that it is no less than a ring binder for all your work.

    What’s more? It helps you write and research the individual dissertation chapters. Furthermore, it also manages the references and citations that you include in your dissertation.


    • Provides you with different formatting pre-sets
    • Allows you to import the files in real-time
    • Helps you export, print, and publish files
    • Supports auto-saving of files and backup creation
    • Also allows you to do full-screen writing
    • Helps you get help from versatile in-built tools


    The Standard License for macOS/Windows starts from $49.00. Similarly, the Educational License for macOS/Windows costs around $41.65.


    If you want us to define Mendeley in a single phrase, we will term it as a research paper helper tool. It is so because Mendeley effortlessly helps the researchers to share and organise their research papers. Facing a shortage of data on a given topic? Use Mendeley. Want to store your notes? Take help from it.

    What’s more? Mendeley also helps you see the cross-publisher articles and import the files in real time. Further, you can get help in reference management from this tool.


    • Provides you with free online storage of up to 1GB
    • Allows you to see the notifications and alerts
    • Helps you see the activity dashboard
    • Supports multi-device functioning
    • Facilitates file sharing for all users
    • Gives you access to different online collaboration tools


    If you want to purchase the additional storage on this platform, it will cost you $55 per year for a storage space of 2GB.


    Want to collect the required dissertation data in one click and collaborate with your fellows? Try no other tool than Zotero. Why so? Because it is an open-source project that allows you to collect, organise, cite, and share the research data. Not only this, but it also allows you to collaborate remotely with your friends.

    What’s more? The tool also enables you to make web-based bibliographies for your dissertation. Furthermore, it can also be operated with Mac, Windows, and Linux.


    • Facilitates the streamlined saving of files
    • It can be integrated with Google Docs for easy bibliography creation
    • Allows you to do one-click PDF saving
    • Supports the automatic file import
    • Provides you with 300 MB of free file storage
    • Allows you to use secondary translators and helps in saving books online


    If you want to upgrade the file storage for your account, the prices will be calculated at $20/year for 2 GB, $60/year for 6 GB, and $120/year for limitless storage.


    Want to combine reference management with note-taking organisation? Citavi, as the best word processing tool, helps researchers effectively manage their data. Want to manage your citations and take notes? Try Citavi. What’s more? It also acts as a word processor, helping you draft outlines and write faster.

    What makes Citavi increasingly popular is the fact that both teams and separate individuals can use this tool. It boosts their work efficiency and helps them secure their data.


    • Helps you in efficient content management
    • Supports data import and export
    • User friendly and gives access controls
    • Provides you with real-time notifications
    • Allows the users to see statistics and reports
    • Helps you set different filters and search the data effectively


    You can access the free version of this platform for 30 days. After that, you will have to pay $44.50 for the student bundle.


    So, do you want to better focus on your research? EndNote will make this thing seamlessly easier for you. It is an efficient citation manager that enlists all your citations in a database. What’s the best thing about it? You can search your citations anytime you want. Further, it can also format your footnotes and endnotes in any citation style that you want.

    What’s even more interesting is the fact that you can format your annotated bibliography using this tool.


    • Allows one-click access to the full text of documents
    • Automatically updates the references
    • Allows you to share your library
    • Helps you do multi-tasking because of tabs
    • Supports you in building your own bibliography
    • Also, matches you to the relevant journals and facilitates a large-scale review of the literature.


    For a one-time purchase, the student license costs around $115.95. For a full license, it costs around $249.95 for a one-time purchase.

    6.Nuance Dragon Anywhere

    If you are a mobile professional, it goes without saying that Nuance Dragon Anywhere will be the best dictation tool for you. It is so because the tool helps you customise the words and edit the documents.

    The best feature of this tool is that it is a cloud-based service and lets you do your work anywhere. Want to edit a document while doing mind mapping when writing a dissertation or thesis? Take help from this platform, and you will ace your work!


    • Syncs the content with Dropbox and Evernote
    • Allows you to import important documents
    • Can help you customising the vocabulary
    • Supports multi-window workflow
    • Helps you in document management
    • Also helps you customise the vocabulary per your choice and supports auto-texting


    The annual subscription charges for this tool are $150 for all.


    Maintaining content originality in academic writing cannot be emphasised enough. Copyscape is reliable plagiarism detection software that lets users steer clear of copied content in their work. Use this tool, and it will ensure that there is not even an iota of copied data in your dissertation.

    What’s more? The tool allows the user to identify the sites that quote their work without taking prior permission. So, if you see any similarities in your work, you can instantly make changes and make your documents completely original.


    • Helps you do a batch search
    • Supports the WordPress integration
    • Also removes the websites that are owned by subscribers.
    • Acts as a free tool for comparing different articles
    • Helps you do the case-tracking
    • Also provides you with a detailed and elaborate guide on plagiarism


    The standard price for a monthly subscription for almost 10 pages is $4.95 monthly. Also, it is $19.95 monthly for up to 10 pages when you subscribe to Copysentry Professional.


    Want to discover scientific knowledge while sitting in the comfort of your home? There is no other tool than SciSpace that lets you do this job. Further, it helps you format, publish, and find different research papers online. What’s more? You can also access free PDF files of different scientific articles using this platform.

    Often, students feel difficulty in finding the relevant literature per their topic. So, whenever you feel yourself stuck in the search for data, try SciSpace. This platform shall instantly help you access the required content and incorporate it into your dissertation.


    • 100,000+ journal templates
    • It can be integrated with Endnote, Zotero, and Mendeley
    • Can generate bibliographies with one click
    • Helps you check plagiarism with Turnitin
    • Supports reference automation
    • Also facilitates the direct submission of different formatted manuscripts


    The prices for the paid version start at $8 annually when you opt for the Researcher plan. If you go for the Team plan, the prices will start from $6 annually.


    So, do you need a grammar and spelling checking tool that can detect all common and uncommon mistakes in your dissertation? No other tool than Ginger can be beneficial for this purpose. When you start using this tool, you will observe gradually, your academic writing skills are being polished.

    Why worry over something when paid dissertation writing tools can do the work for you? So, instantly take help from this platform and make your dissertation papers free of all kinds of errors. Ginger will make your life enormously easier than ever – and that’s guaranteed.


    • Text reading and sentence rephrasing
    • Acts as a personal trainer
    • Efficient grammar checking
    • Compatible with Microsoft, Mac, IOS and others
    • Facilitates cloud-based storage
    • Also allows you to change the colours and themes in the software


    The subscription price of this tool starts from $7.49 per month.

    10. Check-Plagiarism

    Don’t look for another plagiarism checker when you can get authentic results from Check-Plagiarism. As a writer, you would inevitably have to ensure originality in your work before the final submission. Check-Plagiarism is a versatile tool that makes it a good fit for both academic and non-academic writers.

    All that you need to do is to run your dissertation on this platform and make your life easy. Checking your work earlier is better than making revisions once your supervisor sends it back to you. Also, the originality of the content increases the worth and value of your research.


    • Allows copy-pasting of content for checking
    • Supports docx, doc, PDF, Microsoft Word files, and txt formats
    • Automatically excludes URLs from the check
    • Helps you in deep searching the content
    • Also helps you with the citations in real-time
    • Allows you to download the originality report and excludes quotes from the check


    The charges for using this app start from $4.99 per week to $135 per year.


    Nobody can deny that every professional and amateur pen needs external help at times. Now, you can use these paid dissertation writing tools to make the creative work effortless. Needless to say that these gadgets have made writing a thesis exceptionally easy for students. Use the tools wisely and make your writing flawless.

    Want to take help from a professional dissertation writing service in the UK? Contact The Academic Papers UK and upgrade your grades.