How to Use ChatGPT to Write an Essay? 10 Useful Tips

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How to Use ChatGPT to Write an Essay? 10 Useful Tips
Post By The Academic Papers On 17, Aug

Need to write an essay with ChatGPT, and now you are sitting there mindlessly, having no idea how to do that? No worries, you are yet to use it – and consider yourself in for a treat now. ChatGPT essay writing has become extremely popular among students.

In a BestColleges survey report, it was revealed that around 51% of the students use ChatGPT to write their essays. They said that they use these AI tools in a responsible and ethical manner to help them complete their work.

So, while you can use ChatGPT to write college essays, we would advise you to do so at the starting point of your work. That is to say; you should use this AI chatbot to get past the writing block and enhance the quality of your writing style.

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Note: When you use ChatGPT to write your essay, the AI-detecting tools might catch your paper. We suggest you get help from an essay writing service for better results. 

How to Get ChatGPT to Write an Essay?

So, if you have been putting off writing your essay just because you do not know how to begin, you can get help from ChatGPT to accomplish your writing tasks. The fact that this artificial intelligence tool had gained over 100 million users within 2 months of its launching speaks a lot about its popularity.

Coming to the basic definition of ChatGPT, it can be described as a powerful language model that you can use to generate text, particularly high-quality essays. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use ChatGPT to write an essay.

1. Log In to Access ChatGPT

The very first thing that you got to do is to get access to the OpenAI API – it shall help you approach ChatGPT and start generating your essay. What’s more? You can also choose to sign up for an account at this point, as the registration is completely free. Also, there is no cost for using this platform at this moment.

If you have been using ChatGPT regularly and want to enjoy a smooth experience with it, you can also buy the Plus version. What is best is that it costs no more than $20 per month and is worth it. Needless to say that it shall produce better results when you want to create essays or social media blog posts using ChatGPT.

2. Provide ChatGPT with a Prompt

Want to generate a long-form essay? Provide ChatGPT with a prompt first. Also, create an outline of the topic and describe the structure of your essay in that prompt. If your prompt is not providing you with the desired results, do not give up and try writing the prompt differently.

Do you know that ChatGPT prompts work best when you write them in short batches? That’s exactly the reason why it has become the most efficient of all AI tools. So, if you want to get better results, provide separate prompts to ChatGPT for each paragraph of your essay. Although it makes the process more time-consuming, it increases the quality of your essay!

Example of a ChatGPT Prompt:

A prompt can be written as ‘write a persuasive essay highlighting the advantages of renewable energy’. Now, if you want it to generate specific results, break down your prompt into smaller sections and then enter it. For example, you can ask it first to highlight the importance of renewable energy.

Then, you can highlight the benefits of the same type of energy. Needless to say that it shall enhance the quality of your work.

3. Enhance the Quality

Want to improve the text quality you want to generate using ChatGPT? Based on the quality of your desired texts and the toughness of the topic, you may feel the need to fine-tune your model. The good thing is that you can do so by providing it with a dataset of the same kind of text.

What’s more? You can ask the model to craft this paper in the style of a specific writer. There is no limitation on the length of the instructions you can give to ChatGPT.  Even you can compose a prompt containing hundreds or thousands of words.

Don’t want to add certain things to your essay? Simply add ‘Don’t mention (abc)’ or ‘Don’t say (xyz)’, and you will be good to go.

4. Generate the Text

Once you finish setting up your model, you can start generating your model via the prompts. Ensure to set the relevant parameters, for example, deciding the length of your essay and the way in which you want it to be written. Also, you will need to be careful with the facts.

If you ask ChatGPT to provide you with the facts for your essays, it will oblige you, but you shouldn’t trust them completely. You must not forget to cross-check the accuracy and validity of such facts and figures. Despite all the advancements, you cannot totally rely on the service provided by this platform.

5. Revise the Generated Essay

At this point, most of your work would already have been done – just a little would remain. The essay generated by ChatGPT always needs to be edited and checked to ensure that it is written in the best manner. So, it includes efficiently checking the text’s punctuation, grammar, spelling and logical flow.

Also, you must not forget to fact-check the stats incorporated in your essay by ChatGPT. Edit the essay thoroughly and remove all kinds of errors from the generated text. Also, you can ask it to rephrase some paragraphs you feel are not up to the mark.

6. Finalise the Produced Draft

Now, when you have edited the generated essay text, you can also add your thoughts. Treat the generated text as a rough draft and add a personal touch by sharing your thoughts. Particularly, it is important when you are writing an essay for your college.

Remember that ChatGPT is not a tool to help you cheat on your essays; it is just an application to help you write otherwise boring essays. When you write an essay with ChatGPT, take it as an initial draft and edit it to suit your needs accordingly.

With the right editing, you can transform your essay into a top-class piece of writing. Needless to say that your supervisor shall be glad to award you with the best grades among all.

Tips for Writing a Good Essay Using ChatGPT

Want some good tips to help you craft your essay in the best manner? Here are the ten top-tier tips to assist you in writing the best essays using ChatGPT.

Tips for Writing an Essay Using ChatGPT

1) Generating the Right Prompt

First of all, you should carefully understand the essay prompt that you craft. Also, you must analyse it to comprehend the purpose of your essay. It shall enhance the quality and value of your essay.

Try using shorter prompts to get better results. When you use suitable prompts, you shall get focused results.

2) Researching the Topic

The next thing to keep in consideration is researching the topic enough. It shall help you collect the relevant information and find the sources on your essay topic. Want to increase the worth of your essay? Use relevant sources such as books and academic journals.

Also, remember that the data you find as a result of the research work is directly linked to the topic of your essay. What’s more? Use descriptive language to bring the essay to life.

3) Creating an Outline

Want to make your essay the best of all? Do it by presenting your thoughts in an organised manner. Particularly, you should create an outline for the essay if you want to meet your objectives. It shall help you stay on track and ensure that the essay is divided into well-defined parts.

Further, it makes your thoughts more organised and gives you a sense of clarity. You can easily decide the direction of your essay via an outline.

4) Using a Thesis Statement

Want to leave a sound impression on the reader’s mind? Construct the thesis statement in the perfect manner. A thesis statement is the main argument or the point of the essay. Further, you should ensure that the thesis statement is concise and clear.

Wondering how you can achieve this? Read your topic and research it well enough. Only after that, you will be able to craft a good thesis statement.

5) Collecting the Right Evidence

The next important tip to strengthen your essay is to collect the right evidence to support the main points of your essay. You must use all the statistics, expert opinions, and examples to support your claims. It shall impress your supervisor and make you confident of the value of your academic work.

Ensure that the evidence you collect is relevant to the topic and directly linked to it. Adding irrelevant data reduces the credibility of your work.

6) The Right Transition Words

The transition words are those that help you connect the ideas and make the transition between the sentences smoother. If you add the appropriate number of transition words in your work, it shall give a human touch to your work. Also, it shall make your custom essay flow smoothly.

Also, take care not to add too many transition words in your essay; otherwise, it will disturb the natural flow of your essay.

7) Zero Plagiarism

What do you think kills the spirit of an otherwise well-written essay? It’s nothing other than plagiarism. Keep in mind to always give credit to the original authors of the sources you use in your custom essay. Cite all the sources in the citation style recommended by your university.

Run the essays through a plagiarism checker and ensure there is no copied content in your work before the final submission. The originality of your work builds the trust of your supervisor and gives credibility to your work.

8) Revising and Proofreading the Essay

Before the final submission of your essay, you must proofread it for spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors. Further, you must revise it as concise and clear as possible. Revising the essay shall clarify all potential mistakes and make it easier to read and understand its content.

Also, you can hire an essay editing agency if you find it difficult to revise and proofread your essay on your own.

9) Usage of Proper Formatting

Using proper formatting rules while writing your essay makes it comprehensible for the readers. When you write an essay with ChatGPT, you got to take care of all the formatting requirements manually. You must check all the margins, spacing, and font requirements while working on your essays.

Further, if you are unsure about fulfilling the formatting requirements, you should hire an essay writing service to help you with it. Whatever you do, ensure you are fulfilling all the formatting needs of your work.

10) Getting the Relevant Feedback

Last but certainly not least, after you finish editing your essay, you should consider getting the appropriate feedback from any of your peers. It is helpful to do so because another pair of eyes review your work, and they provide you with valuable insight on the ways to improve your essay.

What’s more? You can further choose to improve the quality of your essay in light of such feedback. Also, add personal reflections on the subject matter, making it more engaging for readers. What’s more? It also makes your essay even more credible.


We are sure that this article will surely address your concerns if you are wondering how to write an essay with ChatGPT. Say goodbye to your thought, ‘Can ChatGPT write essays?’ and start generating your essays using this tool. Additionally, you can make your ChatGPT essay writing even more engaging by using descriptive language and sharing your anecdotes.

It is also important to note that as a Legit Academic Help Firm, we don't support AI as it will affect your grades and Turnitin now can detect AI. So, it is wise to get personalised essay writing help instead of putting your grades at risk!