Bard High School Admission Essay Writing Tips and Tricks

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Bard High School Admission Essay Writing Tips and Tricks
Post By The Academic Papers On 6, Feb

Have you ever wished to study under the roof of great Nobel Prize winners and communicate with them? If so, it might be the right time to make those dreams come true! Bard High School is the dream of various high school students. But there is one obstacle to overcome before taking a step towards it, which is the Bard High School admission essay. But don't worry about it! This easy guide will transform you from an essay beginner to an exceptional Bard candidate.

Bard High School Early College (BHSEC) started back in 2001 as an international public college. It was initially made with the collaboration of Bard College and NY Department. It receives about 5000 applications for high school study like 9th grade and each campus accepts only 150 students in class 9. It is estimated that over 95% of BHSEC students get 4 years of education from their school as well as college.

However, students have to write a perfect essay to get enrolled in this high school or college. But the major issue that students face here is not having enough skills to make their essays outstanding, so, they get assistance from external sources. The most authentic and reliable option in this situation is to get custom essay writing services from the experts. They will not only assist you in writing your essay but also make it stand out from the crowd!

Here, we will provide a guide to help you navigate through this tough journey of writing a Bard High School admission essay. We will explore the basic structure and steps of writing and also share useful tips and strategies to make your essay excellent.

Top 8 Tips and Tricks for Writing Bard High School Admission Essay Perfectly

Wondering how to write a perfect essay for Bard High School admissions? Worry not when our expert guidance is right before you. We understand the value of your admission essay, which is your only chance to introduce yourself to Bard. So, our experts presented some practical and convenient strategies to help you in this critical situation.

1. Getting Started with Essay Questions

Teachers frequently provide essay questions to get students thinking about certain subjects. The twist is that sometimes, they encourage pupils to formulate their own inquiries. Let's break it into two parts:

Prompts from Professors

  • When you get a prompt, evaluate the following: What aspects of the issue does the professor find significant?
  • Which sections of the query are important to you? What is unclear? What should be the main focus of your essay for Bard College admissions?
  • Which resources will aid in providing an answer?

Formulating an Original Prompt

  • If your instructor requests that you provide a question of your own:
  • Look for a genuine issue that interests you in the book or the outside world.
  • Ignore questions for which you already have an answer.
  • When your cue is sufficient to direct your investigation, stop improving it.

2. Choosing the Right Essay Topics

Let's start by talking about prompts for your Bard High School admission essay! Bard gives you some essay topics to think about each year. We'll break them down gradually, so don't worry. Let go of the urge to choose the "ideal" prompt. Rather, see them as launching pads to reveal your own narrative.

Every prompt has a key, but only you know which door to open to let Bard see your actual potential. Go through the instructions at your own pace. Choose one that complements your experiences and strong points, like a comfortable pair of shoes.

3. Researching and Identifying Sources

Whether you are a national or international student, you have to go through a proper research phase to find credible sources. Knowing your situation, let's find out the most reliable sources:

  1. When using primary sources, concentrate on the passages or information that answer your query directly.
  2. When using secondary sources, seek authors who are covering related topics. What distinguishes your strategy from theirs, you ask?

4. Building Your Argument

Various writers formulate their arguments in various ways, primarily in response to time. Mostly, they follow the following two strategies in their Bard High School admission essays:

  • Build your argument after stating your thesis statement. It helps you navigate your content with clarity. It also serves as a point of reference for all writing tasks.
  • Start with a rough thesis statement and expand on it as you write. Your thesis is probably a "placeholder" thesis if it begins with the words "this essay will discuss..." or anything similar. It's helpful to start, but as you write more, consider the outcome of the conversation or exploration. Update your thesis statement to reflect the true direction of your argument.

5. Sharing Your Story

Assume you are sharing your life story with a friend. Just like that, you have to write about your experiences, your goals, and what makes you, well, you in the essay! It enables the admissions staff to learn more about your background and aspirations.

Keep in mind that your story should be unique and captivating enough to make your Bard High School admission essay shine bright among all.

6. Polishing Your Words by Editing and Proofreading

Editing and proofreading are essential in every academic writing. After drafting your first draft of the essay, revise it many times. Make sure every word has a function and adds to a compelling, understandable story.

You should make it completely error-free to give your writing a more polished look. Verify that your phrases are understandable and that your personality easily comes through this essay on Bard High School admissions.

7. Verifying Specifics and Due Dates

Before going to start writing, you must carefully go through the guidelines provided. It mostly includes the word count limits, submission deadlines, formatting instructions and many more.

It will help you plan your time accordingly and spend enough time writing your Bard High School admission essay effectively. It is just like completing all the ingredients before making a recipe. So, always check out these specifications before, during and after completing the writing process.

8. Making it Different and Unique

So, the key to successful essay writing is that your work should be 100% original and unique from others. Resemblance with other applicants leaves a negative impression on the reader. You should always try to attempt your essay in a more unique way.

You should invest your time in creating captivating stories out of your experiences instead of just copying others. You have to add some emotions to your Bard High School admission essay through sensual language to attract your reader towards it.

Remember that your choices, actions, and responses should be enough to convey your message well. So, be brave and show your critical thinking and best writing skills to showcase your talents with engaging stories instead of just stating them.

Bard High School Admission Essay Topics

Bard opens an entrance examination system for high school seniors and juniors. It usually consists of mainly 16 essay questions in 4 different fields. Bard wants to know more about you through your admission essay. That’s why they ask students to write 3 different essays from the given 4 categories to complete a word count of 2500 words in total.

Students have the option to apply directly through the immediate decision plan or through this examination system. In one of their essay prompts, you have to describe why you are choosing Bard Public School for your further studies.

You have to make the reader comfortable through your admission essay. So, always make sure your answers are well-organised and clear and show creative thinking. The following are three Bard High School admission essay examples from which you have to select one to work on as your admission essay topic. You have to explain the meaning of that selected quotation and why you agree or disagree with that statement.

  • “Education, enlarging as it does our horizon and perspective, is a means of multiplying our ideals, of bringing new ones into view.”

__William James - Here, you can describe your educational journey.

  • “Each age must write its own books; or rather, each generation for the next succeeding. The books of an older period will not fit this.”

__Waldo Emerson - Here, you should discuss the hardest and most demanding task of yours and how you did that.

  • “Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less.”

__Marie Curie - You should discuss a tradition or concept that is old but still very valuable and should be re-evaluated.

Choose a quote that you think you can clearly explain and then write about what makes you unique something others might not always notice.

So, think about your special qualities and let your creativity shine in your answers!

How Do You Write Bard High School Admission Essay?

So, if you want to get admission to Bard High School then it is the right time to start working on the admission essay. Fear not—we've got you covered! Although the process is tough, we will break it into the most simple and easy steps. However, students mostly prefer to seek help with admission essay writing to save themselves from this essay writing trouble. That’s also a good way because it guarantees their success, so why take a chance?

The basic structure to write your essays for Bard High School Admissions is as follows:

How to Start Your Essay?

Make sure you carefully read what Bard demands before you begin typing. For this purpose, you should read the Bard High School admission essay questions and the task many times. It ensures that you remember the assignment and essay questions while writing and reviewing them again and again.

During this step, you should make a list of all the relevant quotations you want to include, as it is an excellent way to start writing. Additionally, note down any questions you have about the text or texts and any links you see. It will help you to create a strong foundation to build your arguments well.

Crafting a Thesis Statement

A clear and compelling thesis statement is the base of your Bard High School admission essay. A solid statement of your essay addresses an issue that you can even address throughout the length of an essay.

Here, you should stay away from ambiguous thesis statements that restate the obvious or present an issue without providing a solution. And when you finish writing your essay and have a strong argument, go back and refine your basic idea.

Writing a Bard High School Admission Essay Introduction

Your essay's opening serves as its teaser. Your brand-new thesis statement should come here, providing an overview of the topics that you're covering. Use this opportunity to introduce the text, idea, or author that you will be concentrating on.

Your introduction serves as a kind of preface to your work, summarising your main points and providing a brief rundown of the topics you will be discussing. It also provides a little bit of background information on the given prompt. Furthermore, you should also introduce the author, idea, or text you are concentrating on in this area.

Body Paragraphs

Consider subject sentences to be the building blocks of your Bard High School admission essay. They support your thesis and provide context for the supporting details of each paragraph's minor arguments. Ensure that they relate to your primary argument. Keep in mind that:

  • Every paragraph in the body focuses on the little point you raised in your subject sentence.
  • Use textual evidence to support and defend that assertion; try to include at least one source in every paragraph.
  • Choose quotations that relate to your main idea, and be sure to analyse and clarify each quote so that it helps to prove your point.

Close It with A Conclusion

Your Bard High School admission essay should end with a compelling yet short conclusion. It should cover the following:

  • Highlight the Main Points: Give a succinct synopsis of the main ideas covered in the essay's body.
  • Ensure Fit with Bard Again: Justify your belief that Bard is the ideal match for you. Make reference to certain initiatives or ideals that support your objectives.
  • Close with a Powerful Statement: Make an impression that lasts. This might be a concluding phrase, a call to action, or a strong thesis statement that connects the whole essay.

What Are the Entry Requirements for Bard?

There are usually three ways to get admission to the Bard College. These include:

  1. Common Application
  2. Coalition with Scoir
  3. The Bard Entrance Essay Exam (Bard High School admission essay)

You have even two date options: by November 1 and January 1 to submit your application. You should have a basic GPA of 3.79 if you are applying for Bard, as they demand above-average high students.

However, no SAT or ACT is required for Bard admissions. You can submit its scores if you think they are good for you. In any case, when you don't submit these, there will be no penalty during the application review process.

How Do You Get into Bard High School Early College Queens?

Ready to unlock the awesome world of Bard High School Early College in Queens? According to BHSEC Queens, these are the entry requirements to get admission in the 2023-2024 course:

  • Think of it as your secret handshake with the school. Fill it out on MySchools to show them you're ready for the challenge.
  • This is your official boarding pass for the application process. Complete it on MySchools, too, and rank BHSEC Queens High!
  • Only true New Yorkers can join the fun! So, if you live in one of the five boroughs, you're good to go. ️

What is the Acceptance Rate at Bard College?

According to the US News, the acceptance rate at Bard College is about 60% as stated at 59.9% in 2021. So, you have a great chance as a high school student to get admission and start your study there before the application deadline.

Is it Hard to Get into Bard College?

Getting into Bard College can be challenging for average and below-average students, as the difficulty depends upon your educational background. If you have secured a good GPA then be sure that it will strengthen your application further.

But if you don't have a high GPA, you still have a chance through the Bard High School admission essay. However, it is also not an easy step to take as many students struggle and fail in the end. So, to avoid any drastic situation, you should ask for assistance with Bard High School admission essays from The Academic Papers UK. They not only help you to make your essay unique and perfect but also deliver all the essential data that you need for this essay.

In short, competitiveness, uniqueness, a holistic review of your test scores, GPA, essay results, and an interview will decide your fate.

How Many Students Are in Bard High School Early College Queens?

The number of students in BHSEC Queens may vary each year. But to give you a rough estimate, Niche presented a report showing that it is one of the highly-ranked schools in NY. And when it comes to the number of students there, it is 675 of 9-12 classes, having 12:1 of a student and teacher.


Writing a Bard High School admission essay is a journey that goes beyond simply explaining your curriculum. It should be highly competitive showing what makes you special, and why you should be a part of their learning community. It paves a clear path to get admission to your dreamland where every high school student wishes to go!

So, follow the essay writing tips to make this journey streamlined. Remember that it's your chance to shine through your excellent essay writing.