APA Assignment Format - A Comprehensive Guide (Examples Included)

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APA Assignment Format - A Comprehensive Guide (Examples Included)
Post By The Academic Papers On 27, Mar

This article elaborates on the precise details of APA formatting rules for academic assignments. You can also review the relevant examples provided by the expert writers of The Academic Papers UK. Keep reading to get acquainted with the basics of APA referencing style.

An APA assignment format uses the documentation style of the American Psychological Association and is mainly used in papers related to social sciences. APA formatting is important because it simplifies the work of editors and helps the reader comprehend assignment text much better. It also helps you write your assignments in a certain way and assists you in keeping track of the sources and information you used in your assignment.

Students often face difficulties in accurately stating and paraphrasing the information when working on APA referencing. Formatting holds a significant value when it comes to marking student papers. You can gauge its value by the fact that your grades will go down, and marks will be deducted if you do not follow the formatting rules in your papers.

This guide benefits researchers and students equally whenever they need help with their APA assignments. When you are confused about the formatting guidelines, seek help from an expert assignment writer.

We have also added examples of APA-formatted papers to this article, but before proceeding, let us review the definition of this citation style.

What Is the APA Format?

When writing academic papers or assignments, it is considered mandatory for students to add a bibliography at the end of their documents. The bibliography is a document that helps you keep track of the cited information during the research and writing process of your assignments. In an APA-style assignment format, you list your sources alphabetically.

In short words, you can call APA the official style of the American Psychological Association and it is most commonly used by psychology researchers, students and professors. It is much easier to create a final reference page in the APA citation style and you can master it with a little practice.

APA Format Assignment Basics

The basics of this citation format are listed below:

APA Format Assignment Basics

  • All the text used in the paper should be in the double-spacing format.
  • All the paragraphs that you have added to your assignment should be indented.
  • The title of your academic paper should be centred on the page. Mention your name and the name of your institution or school underneath it.
  • The font that you use throughout your assignment is none other than a 12-point font.
  • Number all the pages in the right-hand corner of your APA assignment format.
  • After you use a punctuation mark in your assignment, use at least one space after that.
  • In the upper left-hand corner, place the running head which you can also call as a shorter version of the title of your assignment.

The best people who can assist you in following the requirements of your APA assignment formats are experienced writers who have spent years crafting papers in this documentation style.

What Is an APA Format Research Assignment?

An academic assignment or any other paper that is formatted in the APA citation style can be termed as the APA format research assignment. In such assignments, you shall have to format the entire layout and style of your paper in the APA format. The following section deals with the basic requirements of this citation style.

Tips to Write an Assignment in APA Format

In this section, we are going to discuss tips for accurately following the APA format for assignments. We shall start with the basics and provide details for each section. Here, we are going to start with the basic assignment guidelines:

Basic Guidelines:

  • Go for a standard-sized paper having these dimensions (8.5" x 11").
  • Your assignment shall have 1" margins on all sides of the paper.
  • If you have to publish your assignment in some source, ensure that you include the running head on the top of your assignment page.
  • If you include a running head, make sure that it does not exceed 50 characters (including the punctuation and spacing).

Font Details:

The 7th edition of the American Psychological Association Publication Manual specifies the following details for the fonts of academic assignments:

  • The font you choose should be used consistently in your assignment.
  • Your chosen font should be legible for the audience of your work.
  • Check with your instructors or publishers for guidance regarding fonts if you feel uncertain about them.

Some sans serif fonts that you can use in your papers are the following:

  • 11-point Arial
  • 11-point Calibri
  • 10-point Lucida Sans Unicode

Similarly, some of the serif fonts that you can use for your custom assignments are the following:

  • 11-point Georgia
  • 10-point Computer Modern
  • 12-point Times New Roman

How Do You Format an Assignment in APA 7th Edition?

The 7th edition of the American Psychological Association Publication Manual, per Liverpool Hope University, says that students do not need to include running heads in their papers unless they come across the following two conditions:

  1. Either they are writing professional papers.
  2. The instructors specifically request them to include running heads in their assignments.

In simple words, a running head is a page header which appears at the top of every page that you have written. Since a running head is not required in an APA assignment format template, we shall start our instructions from the title page section.

1. The Title Page

For a student paper, a title page shall have the title of your assignment, the name of the writer and the institutional affiliation. Next to it, you include the course name and number, the name of your instructor, and the due date for your assignment. The tips for this section of APA assignment format are mentioned here:

  • Keep the title bolded and centred.
  • All the text on the title page shall be double-spaced.
  • The page number for your title page shall appear at the top of the page, flush right.

Here is an example from Purdue University for a student assignment title page in APA 7 style:

APA format title page

2. APA Format for Outline

Outlines are very beneficial for your assignments because they help you stay organised when crafting your papers and they also determine the scope of your research. Although there is no official structure format for an outline, the student may determine the characters to be included in the assignment he is writing. You can mix a couple of numerals, and upper or lower case letters to format your outline in the APA assignment format.

The following image by examples.com depicts the right format to craft an assignment outline:

APA format outline

3. APA Assignment Heading Format

For the APA 7th edition assignment format, there are easily 5 levels of headings and each of them differs in the formatting styles. Headings are important for your APA assignment format, as they provide the readers with a glimpse of the main contents of your work.

The 5 levels of the headings in an APA format assignment sample are given below:

● Level 1

  1. This applies to the title of your assignment.
  2. Place the title in the centre of the page.
  3. Keep the assignment title bolded
  4. Use title capitalisation rules wherever necessary in the titles of your assignment.

● Level 2

  1. You have to place this level heading against the left margin of your page.
  2. Write in bold
  3. Use the lower case and upper case letters wherever necessary in your titles.

● Level 3

  1. This heading shall be placed against the left-side margin
  2. Use the bold letters for this heading
  3. Follow the title capitalisation rules
  4. There should be a period when the heading ends

● Level 4

  1. Keep this indented in from the left margin
  2. Keep the heading bolded
  3. Title capitalisation is necessary
  4. Place a full stop where the heading ends

● Level 5

  1. Keep the heading italicised, indented and bolded
  2. Be careful about the uppercase and lowercase letters when working on your APA assignment format.
  3. Place a dot (period) at the end of your headings.

Here is an example of headings for these five levels as provided by the UAGC Writing Center:

APA format heading

The following two headings have been formatted in the APA level 4 and 5 style for you to observe and follow when writing your headings. The pictorial representation has been taken from Chegg:

APA level 4 and 5 style heading

Also, keep in mind the general formatting rules that you should maintain all the headings in double space, and there shall be no extra spaces or lines between the sections of your paper.

4. APA Assignment Format for Main Body

After the title page and headings, we move on to the main assignment body of your work. Generally, when crafting the introduction section of such an assignment, students follow these three rules:

  1. At the top corner of the assignment page, note down the page number of your work. Include the paper title page of your assignment over here.
  2. On the next line, mention the title of your assignment in the centre and make it bold. You should avoid underlining or italicising.
  3. When writing the introduction, ensure that you have indented the first line of your introductory paragraph. Make sure that all the paragraphs in your APA assignment format are indented.

This example from Purdue Global University may help you understand the points listed above in a better way:

APA Assignment Format for Main Body

5. APA Assignment Format for Graphics

The APA assignment format also provides students with guidelines on how to format tables, charts, drawings, and images in their papers. Graphics are usually added to help readers understand the information presented. If you have a large list of numbers to include in your papers, you can always organise the information in a chart or a table.

The key guidelines to follow when you are about to insert the graphics or charts in your assignment are listed here:

  • Number all the graphics that you are about to add to your assignments.
  • Follow the numerical order when inserting the subsequent graphics in your paper in APA format.
  • Add tables and charts only if you think they are necessary for readers' comprehension of the assignment content.
  • Appropriately describe the graphics, tables or charts in a few words to tell the readers about the chart or table.
  • All the figures and tables you use in your APA assignment format should be left aligned.

Putting in the tables and graphic charts is tricky. When you feel yourself in trouble while working on the APA format for an assignment, seek the valuable assistance of a professional assignment helper who is well-versed with the 6th edition or 7th edition of the APA/manual of the American Psychological Association.

6. Craft an Annotation for Each Source

Generally, the bibliography of an APA assignment format is made up of information about the references you use in your paper. Sometimes, students are asked to write an annotated bibliography. You can take an annotation as a brief evaluation or summary of the sources. You can also craft the annotations for the sources you use in your assignment in the APA citation style. It will help your readers understand the topic of your work better.

Usually, the APA format for homework assignments has Times New Roman font, but you can also use others based on the instructions of your professor. You must check the requirements of your discipline to keep yourself aware of such guidelines.

7. APA Assignment Format Punctuation

So, to follow the APA format for short assignments, you also have to take care of the punctuation requirements of your papers. Place a space after inserting the punctuation marks in your assignments, and always use an Oxford comma in the papers. When adding a possessive singular noun in your assignment paragraphs, make sure that you have placed an apostrophe before the s. Also, always use dashes in the compound adjectives for assignment APA format.

APA Assignment Format Examples

Did you know that there is a slight difference between the title page for a student paper and a professional paper? The following pictorial examples make the concept of APA assignment formatting further clear for the students. Right below is an APA format assignment example that shows the title page of a student paper formatted in APA:

APA Assignment Format Examples

Both the pictures above and below are taken from EasyBib. The picture below is a sample of a title page that belongs to a professional paper. You can examine both samples closely and find out the subtle differences between them.

APA Assignment Format Example

You can further visualise the practical implementation of the APA assignment format in this sample article written by the subject specialists of The Academic Papers UK:


In conclusion, this is how you can perfectly follow the APA assignment format in your papers on social sciences or any other kind of student paper. When you are done, check the reference page twice to ensure that you have followed all the writing instructions clearly and that nothing remains to be done. All the sources you used in your paper's main body should be listed in the APA format bibliography.

But if you still feel stuck crafting the bibliography for your APA format one-page assignments, consider seeking help from professional assignment writing services. The writers at such services are well-versed in following the requirements of the APA publication manual, and they will make the text citations in your assignments or research papers a breeze for you!