How to Start a College Essay - Complete Guide by UK Academic Essayist

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How to Start a College Essay - Complete Guide by UK Academic Essayist
Post By Sean On 23, Apr

Most degree programs require students to write a college essay to confirm the admission process. An essay is an academic document of a specified length that generally responds to different questions or aims to prove something. Some essays are for the students to introduce themselves personally to readers; however, in many cases, essay writing involves getting evidence from different sources and building a narrative your readers can understand.

At university, students are expected to read widely and extensively to support their essay arguments. Sometimes, they don’t have the time to do the required reading and then craft their papers, so they get help from experienced essay writers online. This helps to minimise the risk of errors in the custom papers.

This blog explores in detail the effective tips to start and end a college essay, structure guidelines, and editing instructions. The answer to ‘How to format a college essay?’ is also hidden in this blog. Let’s explore further about the topic.

How to Start a College Essay? 8 Tips by UK Academic Essayists

This section of our blog provides an answer to the query, ‘How to start a college application essay?’ These college essay tips have been taken by the experts of The Academic Papers UK. They are seasoned UK academic essayists who can make your college papers shine. Paying attention to these instructions is necessary if you want to achieve good grades and impress the admissions committee.

Here are the best tips to ensure that your work goes well and appeals to the readers:

College essay writing tips

1. Identify the College Essay Research Questions

Ideally, you should choose one of the college essay topic ideas that portray your background identity, interest or talent to the readers. You can also reflect on a time when someone challenged a belief that was so deeply rooted in your mind or a sophomore-year story about how gratitude affected or motivated you in many eyes. Once you have finalised your topic, identify the key trends and craft the research questions related to the paper theme.

As per the Oxford Royale, when you don’t understand the research questions for your papers, you put yourself at risk of choosing the wrong direction for research. So, read the questions several times and figure out what it is asking you to do.

2. Develop Your Initial Arguments

After clearly defining the research questions while writing your college homework, you are going to get a direction for your work. Keep the college essay word count in your mind and start working on your initial arguments. Start the research by brainstorming what you already know about the topic. Be aware of the gaps in knowledge and try to be specific in your work. It will put you in the right frame of mind to comprehend the topic at hand. When developing your arguments, look up some good vocabulary words to use in an essay.

3. Stay Flexible about Your Perspective

When crafting a college essay outline, avoid becoming too rigid about your perspectives. Stay as open-minded as possible. Start drafting your work early, and as you progress, you may consider changing your perspectives. Exploring different college essay prompts during the writing process broadens your thinking sphere and enables you to be creative in essay writing. Use contractions and transition words in your work to make it sound more appealing.

Can you use contractions in college essays?

As per College Vine, it is acceptable to use contractions like ‘I’m’ and ‘they’re’ in your essay. These essays are generally meant to showcase your personality, and it’s important for your work to sound genuine and natural. Contractions make your essay more conversational and unique.

4. Consider the Counterarguments

In this step, you must ponder how you can defend your arguments from different positions in a college paper. The best way to achieve your desired success in your papers is to provide the answers to counterarguments and support your stance. If you are unsure about the curation of sources for your counterarguments, you should consider asking for assistance from a native UK college essay helper. They are best at providing tailored help to students in any facet of academic essay writing.

5. Write the First Draft

After you have considered the counterarguments, you should start thinking about your college assignment essay format. Finalise the sequence in which you have to introduce the main points in your work. Sketch out an outline of how you can link the points together and pen down the first draft of your work. Don’t worry about the mistakes in the essay draft as you will have plenty of time to review and fix the mistakes later.

6. Format and Review Your College Essay

The formatting of your papers depends on the nature of your essay. As a standard formatting guide by Immerse Education, you should have a line spacing 2.0. and should use a 12-point Serif Typeface. When redrafting the homework, go through the process of continually editing your work. Your essay should have a well-structured intro, body, conclusion and linked thoughts.

How to format a college essay?

Here is an example of an academic essay formatted in the MLA style by Ocean Country College. The formatting guidelines for your college paper essays are here:

Margins: 1 inch from all sides

Heading: Yes, see the instructions in the visual image

Title Page: Generally, no (better to ask your professor)

Font: Times New Roman with 11 or 12-point

Page Number: In the upper left hand

How to format a college essay

7. Final Editing of College Essay Paper

When you are done writing a well-organised college paper, do a final editing check. Revise the sentences, pay attention to the transition words and phrases, and check if the readers will be able to follow the sequence of ideas or not. The grammar of your paper should be on-point and there should be a natural link between the paragraphs. A college essay editor is the best person to help you with the editing of your work.

8. Seek Professional Help Wherever Needed

Still confused about the process? Wondering what to write a college essay about? Instead of risking your grades, you should ask for assistance from professional experts. If you are looking for ‘someone who can write my essay for me’, the best you can do is to seek urgent help from The Academic Papers UK as this company delivers the papers which are fundamental to later success in academia. The writers of this platform possess a talent that is meaningful enough to produce a high-quality supplemental essay.

Structuring Your Essay

Your college essay structure embodies a defined format, including the introduction, main body paragraphs, and conclusion. Beyond this basic structure, your school may also provide you with detailed guidance on the format of your college papers. The details of your personal statement essay structure are shared below:

● Introduction

Most students stay confused about how to start a college essay. The introduction of your essay acts as a roadmap for your readers. They usually identify the specific research questions you are going to address in the main project body. The introduction also indicates your strategy to answer the questions (any kind of specific theory or method that you may apply).

Wondering how long should an essay intro be? Generally, per the instructions of the University of Northampton, the introduction of a college application essay makes up 5 - 10% of the total word count. If you are writing a 1500-word long essay, the introduction may be just 75-150 words long. If your paper is longer, you will need to set the scene for the college essay topics first, which means your introduction shall be 2-3 paragraphs long in length.

How to begin an essay?

The University of Hull advises the students to start their essays with a thesis statement that relates to the essay topic and describes the context of the work to readers. In the intro paragraphs of the college essays that worked, you will only find relevant background information.

● Main Body

The main body of your essay develops your arguments or responses to the essay title. You should review several college essay examples to find out the best way to articulate your thoughts in the main sections. Start by thinking about how you can build your arguments by connecting phrases and words and linking together several paragraphs.

As per the University of Evansville, you can order your ideas in the following three ways:

  1. Spatial Order – in the order of location
  2. Chronological Order – in the order of time
  3. Emphatic Order – in the order from least important to most important

In some departments, students are advised to use different headings for different sections. You should check this with your tutors or read the assignment guidelines carefully. If you are still confused, you can get help with a college essay from professional sources, such as The Academic Papers UK.

● Conclusion

In the conclusion section, indicate the overall theme and summarise the key points that you have raised in your essay. Identify how your research work has addressed the research questions and relate it to the thesis statement of the project. It might be helpful for you to know that a conclusion, as per the University of Northampton,  is around 5-10% of the total word count of your papers. For a shorter essay, it may be one paragraph. But for a college paper with a higher word count, the conclusion may be 2-3 paragraphs long.

Here, you synthesise the importance of your paper and show readers why your work is important. Remember not to include any new information in the conclusion part.

How to end a college essay?

Per the instructions of The Harvard College Writing Center, the end of a college essay should convey a sense of completeness to students. The concluding paragraph of your work should close the discussion appropriately. Summarise the key arguments and relate the conclusion to your essay’s thesis statement.

Proofreading Tips for Your College Essay

Many students generally find it hard to proofread their work on their own. The ideal thing to do to overcome this hesitation is to give it due time. Walk away from your papers when you have finished writing them and return to them when you have a fresh mind.

When doing the editing and proofreading of your work, ensure that you have taken the following points in your consideration:

  • Check the length of paragraphs and the transition words you used for linking them. There must be an internal coherence in your work.
  • Use a dictionary to check the accurate meanings of your word choice.
  • You must ensure clarity in your writing style. Reading aloud helps to refine your style.
  • Run a grammar checker on the completed document and address all the grammatical issues in your essay homework.
  • Also, do the mandatory spelling and typing checks to detect all kinds of possible errors. You can consider running a spell-checker for your project.

Evaluating Your College Essay

Now that you are about to complete your essay in all aspects, you should check it against the marking criteria provided by your school. When evaluating your essay, you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • Did you provide the readers with a brief introduction? Does the introduction relate to the overall flow of your essay?
  • Is there any logical progression of college essay ideas in your work? Have the headings and subheadings been used appropriately?
  • Did you include appropriate or too little information? If the information is too little, consider adding more details in the best college essays/papers.
  • Have you included too much information in your college admission essay? If yes, cut the unnecessary examples and summarise the theories you have stated.
  • Is your writing clear and unambiguous? Your work must be punctuated and on point.
  • Have you added a brief conclusion paragraph to round off your paper?
  • Did you include the appropriate referencing system in your work?

What is the purpose of essay writing?

As per Western Sydney University, the purpose of an essay assignment is to present a coherent argument while responding to a question or stimulus and to persuade the readers that you have a credible and reasonable position. College essays present varying arguments about different kinds of topics.

How long should a college essay be?

As per the Big Future College Board, the average length of a personal essay for college should not exceed 400-600 words. When writing your college essay, it’s advisable to read the prompt and follow the instructions.

College Essay Topic Ideas

Thinking, ‘’How can I write my college essay on the best topic?’ Well, we are here to help. Here are some of the college essay ideas that you can pick and explore to get the best out of your writing project:

  • Please Share Your Story About How High School Hobbies Changed You.
  • Tell Us About a Facet of Your Story That Is Essential to Who You Are.
  • Write About the Time When You Failed at Something and the Impact It Had on You.
  • Describe Your Favourite Movie Where You Feel That You Relate With the Main Character.

Furthermore, here is a personal essay example by the University of North Texas, published on Clastify, which you can review to get an idea about how to draft your work:

College essay example


In a nutshell, the quality of your college essay depends greatly on a clear writing style, easy-to-understand expression of thoughts, and accurate proofreading. You can make your writing project acquire the perfect academic tone by proofreading multiple times, even by employing editing services.

Before the final submission, each section of your essay must go through diligent review to ensure correct word choice, researched data, and correct citations. If you need more time for this or have other problems, seek professional help from college essay writing services. This way, you will have an amazing opportunity to get your essay accepted and admission into your desired college.

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